11 Signs from The Universe That Someone Is Thinking of You

11 Signs from The Universe That Someone Is Thinking of You

Signs from The Universe That Someone Is Thinking of You

In your idle moments, you may have noticed your mind wandering at will and find yourself thinking about random people in your past or present life. Have you ever wondered whether these people in your thoughts know that you are thinking about them?

And, have you felt curious as to whether you come up in the thoughts of others? Wouldn’t it be interesting to be aware that someone is thinking of you? Look out for these signs from the Universe that tells you that you are being remembered by someone. Signs that someone is talking about you or someone is missing you.

How much ever you would like to think that the people remembering you are your well-wishers; the truth is some among them may be people who are jealous of you or dislike you.

Do you know that the Universe is constantly trying to keep you in the loop about what is happening in your life? If you pay attention to the physical reactions of your own body and interpret them correctly, you will be able to understand these hidden messages conveyed by the Universe.

Here are 11 common physical signs telling you that someone is thinking about you.

1. Impulsive smile

Have you found yourself smiling impulsively for no apparent reason? It may be because of something good happening to you that you are not aware of and the Universe is trying to communicate this piece of good news to you. The happy tidings can be someone thinking about you as well.

2. Unexplained mood swing

In the middle of a good day, you experience a sudden mood swing for the worse. This can go the other way as well. You are feeling low and all of a sudden you feel peppy and ready to party. Or, when you are angry, you feel a sense of calm.

These sudden changes in your attitude may be explained as the message someone is sending while thinking about you. When your mood swings from negative to positive, it means the person is having good thoughts about you. And vice versa.

3. Sneeze

In many Asian cultures, it is believed that when someone is thinking about you, your nose will start itching and you will start an uncontrollable bout of sneezing. This sneezing is not related to sickness or any triggers in the environment.

This belief goes deeper and has ways to tell the kind of thoughts. Two sneezes in a row mean bad thoughts and three consecutive sneezes indicate positive ones.

There is a method to identify a person who is thinking of you. You ask anyone around you to pick a random 3-digit number. Add up the digits and find the corresponding letter in the alphabet. You get the first letter of the person. The rest is your guess.

4. Hiccups

Hiccups are common occurrences when you overeat, gulp down food, or drink in excess. When you get random hiccups out of the blue, the general belief is that someone is speaking ill or complaining about you.
And, there is a way to identify this person. You tend to hiccup when you are near this person.

5. Cheeks/ears burning/blushing

Have you experienced a tingling, burning sensation on your cheeks or ears without any apparent reason? As if someone has slapped you in the face? It is believed that this happens when someone is speaking or thinking ill about you.

An unexplained blush is considered a sign of someone having good or romantic thoughts about you. It may include a burning sensation or even some redness. This is unrelated to embarrassing situations and feeling too warm.

6. Goosebumps

When you have goosebumps unrelated to your thoughts or environment like a draft of cold wind, it means someone is thinking of you with intense passion.

7. Dreams

When someone you are not regularly in touch with is featuring repeatedly in your dreams, it could be that you are in their thoughts. There is no way to ascertain whether the thoughts are good or bad unless the dream has more details and reveals this. Or, you can reach out to the person.

8. Eye itch or twitch

If you are experiencing itching or twitching of an eye when there is no other external trigger such as allergy, stress, tiredness, or an eye problem, it means someone is thinking of you.

It is believed that the itch or twitch in the right eye is a positive omen, one in the left eye is considered negative for men. In women, this is reversed.

9. Experience the sensation of touch

Have you ever felt that someone is touching you with no one anywhere near you? You may think of it as paranormal. This happens when you receive strong signs from the Universe as a result of someone is having warm and intense thoughts about you. The passion behind the thoughts is so powerful that the message manifests as physical touch. This can also happen with negative thoughts.

10. Seeing white feather or butterfly

A white feather is believed to be a message from a departed loved one. As you are finding it hard to come to terms with the loss, a white feather brings a consoling message from your loved one that they are in a better place and thinking of you. And, you should stop mourning for them and move on with your life.

Butterflies, again, symbolizes a message from someone who has passed away. It is considered a reassuring message.

11. Sudden urge to be with someone

When you have an impulsive feeling to reach out to someone or be with someone, it means they are thinking of you. The strong signals they are sending with their emotions are pulling you towards them.

It is hard to believe that when someone far away is thinking about you or missing you, you experience physical reactions. Like a psychic or telepathy. Since most of the workings of the Universe is still a mystery to mankind, it is not possible to rule this out entirely. Next time when you experience one of the signs from the Universe that someone is thinking of you, consider this as a possibility. You may reach out to the person and verify the same.

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