7 Signs He Cares Deeply About You More Than A Friend

7 Signs He Cares Deeply About You More Than A Friend

Signs He Cares Deeply About You More Than A Friend

This guy has been part of your friends circle for a while now. But recently you notice that he has been showing more interest in you. Is it something more serious?

Being a woman, you can sometimes be tone-deaf to the advances of your opposite sex. No wonder it is said that “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. We live in different worlds and speak different languages, especially in love and relationships. 

Understandably, you don’t want to embarrass yourself by assuming things and jumping to conclusions. You just want to make sure that he cares deeply about you more than a friend. Naturally, you don’t want to go right out and blurt out the question. The next best choice open to you is to look out for signs.

This article delves deep into the world of love and relationships and comes up with answers for you. Here you will find the best and easy-to-spot signs he likes you more than a friend.

How to confirm he cares deeply about you more than a friend?

When you’ve known this guy friend for some time and find him giving you more attention, it will leave you wondering whether you’re becoming best friends or something more than just a male friend. 

If you wait long enough, you will know for sure. His body language will reveal what is on his mind. But you may not want to do that. You want to know asap. Knowing will help you figure out how to respond to the extra attention. 

Look out for these signs to know whether he cares deeply about you more than a friend.

1. Communication with him has improved

This is happening for the first time that you’re bound to pay attention. He comes up to you in a crowd or group to talk to you exclusively. Or, calls or texts you on one pretext or another. Or he may try to connect with you on social media. He doesn’t have much to say other than “Wassup?” or “How was your day?”. 

Clearly, his reasons for contacting you are just excuses. He likes to connect with you as he is attracted to you. Check out his body language. Is he making eye contact? Men try to get closer to you when they want to know you better.  And, he definitely wants to know more about you.

2. He shows his vulnerable side

This is one of the clear-cut signs of a budding relationship. We typically show our stoic and strong side to the world. Only when you get into a more intimate relationship with someone, do you feel bold enough to reveal your vulnerabilities.

The reverse is also true. When a person divulges his vulnerabilities to you, they want to be more than your guy friend. And they expect the same from you. Exposing your innermost feelings and thoughts to each other is a sign of a healthy relationship.

3. He is jealous of your friendships

As long as jealousy remains within limits, it is a healthy sign of a strong relationship. When your male friend reveals his jealous side, he is also making clear his special interest in you. He likes you more than you think. He wants to be more than a male friend to you and expects you will feel the same way toward him.

When you talk about other men or go out with men, you can see that he is not amused. He will be on the edge and may ask innocent questions about the kind of relationship you share, even if the connection is through social media. He may also be trying to protect you from unwanted advances from other men.

4. He loves to be near you

The beginning of a romantic relationship is unmistakable with feelings of attraction, curiosity, interest, and infatuation for both partners. Once your male friend finds you attractive, he will try to grab every opportunity to spend time with you and get to know you better. At the same time, he will try to show his interest in you either openly or covertly.

Don’t mistake his covert behavior for anything dubious. He isn’t sure of how you feel or how you would respond to his advances. But he wants you to know how he feels toward you. He will find ways to reveal his feelings for you and charm you.

5. He notices and remembers everything about you

Your male friend knows that the simplest way to impress you is to pay attention to you when you talk or notice what you do. He is aware of your social media posts. Not only does he absorb every tiny bit of information about you, but he also retrieves them when the occasion is right. You would be impressed by his depth of knowledge about you.

Things that you have forgotten you said or did, he will remember and remind you. He learns to anticipate your mood changes. He never forgets to wish you on your birthday or any other special day. You could see that he is putting in considerable effort to build a relationship with you.

6. He teases or is playful with you

Most men cannot handle the high intensity of a purely romantic relationship. To lighten up the mood as well as build a better rapport with you, they will try to be playful with you. Flirting, or being funny and goofy are all part of this behavior. As the saying goes, couples that laugh together stay together.

While at this, your male friend will be cautious and constantly monitor your response to his flirting and playfulness. And all the while he will maintain eye contact with you. If you’re equally enjoying it, he will up the scale and go full out with it. When you spend time together, it will be quite enjoyable with fun, teasing, pranking, and jokes. You will be enjoying it as much as he does.

7. He is ready to do anything for you

You just need to wish for something and he will make it happen. As far as he is concerned, nothing is too much for you. He is ready to move mountains to make you feel happy and comfortable. Men will overstretch themselves to capture your attention, even if it is inconvenient to them.

In fact, your male friend cannot help himself in this regard. It’s their hero instinct at play here. When they feel attracted to you and start loving you, their hero instinct is naturally triggered. They will try their best to do whatever is necessary to make your life happier and more comfortable.

Bottom line

You may notice a change for the better in his body language. Your male friend may make constant eye contact or you may find him a bit lost or flustered around you. He may want to get involved in your activities and try to spend time with you as much as possible. 

You are the first person he calls when he has good or bad news. He answers your call on the first ring and replies to your texts instantly. It is as if he is waiting to hear from you.

Your guy friend is always appreciative of you and wants to know about your life goals. He will introduce you to his family and friends. He craves your attention and trusts you completely. Finally, he will probably be the one to initiate the “talk”. 

When a man includes you in his future plans, you can know for sure that he cares deeply about you more than a friend. For confirmation, you can check to see if he is there for you in hard times and whether he is prioritizing you.

If you find your guy friend doing at least some of these things, it is time you made some positive moves. 


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