20 Psychology Signs He is Slowly Falling For You

20 Psychology Signs He is Slowly Falling For You

20 Psychology Signs He is Slowly Falling For You

Men are known to be not eloquent about matters of the heart. They are good at keeping their emotions under control and being secretive. Neither are they big talkers.

When a man falls for you, he will keep it under wraps until he is sure of your response. He definitely doesn’t want to look foolish, just in case you are not interested or already in love with someone else. Because that would hurt his ego so badly.

So it all boils down to one thing. A man can fall for you and you know nothing about it. 

Isn’t that a stalemate? The man won’t reveal anything but you aren’t even aware of what is happening. Then how can the relationship happen?

Maybe that is why the Universe gave you extra powerful intuitive powers. Even when there is nothing suspicious or no proof, you can always feel it or smell it out. And once women get an inkling that something is up, they will not leave any stone unturned until they figure out what is behind it.

In situations like these, it is more productive to look out for obvious signs rather than go in for the direct approach. Though women are natural at reading between the lines and understanding body language, it would help to have all the relevant psychology signs ready in hand. Then, all you need to do is look out for these signs to confirm that the man in question is slowly falling for you.

This article delves deep into psychology to come up with obvious signs a guy is falling for you. The psychology signs a man is in love are unmistakable. He will be behaving so out of character that all you need to do is keep your eyes open to see it. 

So, let’s get started with the subtle signs he has fallen for you like a ton of bricks.

Psychological signs he is slowly falling for you

1. He has been a lot more attentive to you recently.

Your association with him until recently has been limited. You have been meeting him in group settings and he has always been friendly and cordial. Maybe at times, you have chatted a bit. But nothing more personal than that.

Recently you started noticing that he is paying you more attention. Even if you are in a crowd, he seeks you out and tries to have one-on-one conversations with you. The other day he casually asked you whether you would like to grab a coffee later. 

If you play along, even if you are unaware of his growing interest in you, this will lead to casual dates and later on to more serious ones. All he needs is a bit of encouragement from you, knowingly or unknowingly, to take this forward.

More than his attentiveness, what catches your attention is the extra care with which he treats you. Are you feeling comfortable? Is it too cold? Here take my jacket. Is the food spicy? Would you like to order more? Shall I drop you home?

If you are not used to this level of attention, you are sure to notice it. He is bringing you your cup of coffee exactly the way you want it. He makes sure that you are back home safely after a late-night date. He is sensitive to your moods. 

All these point to only one conclusion. That our lover boy is slowly falling for you.

2. You have been receiving too many texts from him recently.

You always had disastrous experiences while texting guys you have dated until now. You have resigned yourself to the fact that guys and texting don’t mix. Until you met this guy. At least lately. 

He starts the day with a cute good morning. Definitely not the run-of-the-mill kind. From the looks of it, some thought has gone into choosing the right message. And, throughout the day, you keep receiving thoughtful messages from him. 

Some will ask you how your day is progressing and others tell you what he is doing. Nothing too inquisitive or boring. Come to think of it, these messages are quite interesting. You seem to look forward to his next message. These are all signs he is slowly falling for you over text.

Every time you text him, he always replies quickly. Sometimes you even wonder whether he is waiting by his phone for your messages. And, to top it all, his messages seem to be genuine. This makes you think, “Oh! He is a one-of-a-kind guy!”.

3. Nothing seems to escape him.

Whether it is a new dress or hairstyle, he is the first one to notice. Or if you are feeling low or exuberant, he is always ready with the right response. He notices the way your face lights up when you are happy or how subdued or tensed you are on other occasions.

Not even your best friend has so much insight into you. In fact, you are not aware of some of the details yourself. You never gave it a thought while he seems to be aware of every last thing about you. 

Was he always like this with you? Maybe not. You never noticed that he is so kind and caring before. Come to think of it, it is only recently that his attitude towards you has changed. This will get you thinking, “Something is up”.

The truth is that he is falling in love with you and you are his sole focus.

4. His eyes do more talking.

Have you heard about the eyes that tell what words can’t? He may be reluctant to come out and admit that he is falling for you. He may not be ready to acknowledge that himself, let alone to you or the rest of the world. But his eyes say it all. He can’t hide his feelings for you.

Even when you are far apart and in different crowds, you can feel his eyes on you. You need not even look at him to confirm this. But if you decide to steal a glance at him, you will see that he is already staring at you.

From the way he looks at you, you know intuitively that his heart is full of love and warmth for you. In case you happen to make eye contact with him, he may become self-conscious and look away.

5. He is protective of you.

 He doesn’t wait for you to approach him with your problems or ask for help. He volunteers. It is as if you are already a couple. He has assumed the responsibility of keeping you safe and happy.

Whenever you find yourself in a tricky situation, he will appear out of nowhere like a knight in shining armor, ready to defend you and fight the bad guys. In the beginning, you would be naturally surprised by his behavior. Then, you learn to take it in your stride and even start enjoying the attention and protection.

When he finds you hanging out with the wrong crowd, he may offer his advice. His only motivation is to ensure your safety and happiness.

6. He is already making compromises for your sake.

Though “compromise” and “sacrifice” are dreaded words in a relationship, the truth remains that they are an inevitable part of it. When two individuals come together in a relationship, without making concessions and accommodating each other’s wishes and ambitions, the relationship will find it hard to survive. 

Just the fact that he is already making changes in his lifestyle to accommodate you is a sure sign that he is falling in love with you and seeing you as a long-term partner. It is actually not very common to find a guy who will willingly make sacrifices for you. Typically, even after demanding, guys are reluctant to relent. 

So, if this guy is making compromises for your sake without you even asking for it, the best advice would be to hold on to him and not let him go on any account. 

7. He is jealous of your male friends.

You may not think of it as a big deal. You consider them your friends and you have always been close to them. But he is not amused when you are having a fun time with your male friends. It is the same old feeling of jealousy rearing its ugly head in a relationship.

When he acts hurt for the first time, you may think of it as cute. He cares for you so much that he doesn’t want to share you with anyone else. When you appreciate your male colleagues, he will try to cast them as unimportant and inconsequential.

He may try to hide it but jealousy is hard to hide. If you keep your eyes open, it will be right there for you to see. Just the fact that he is jealous and possessive is a clear sign that he is falling for you.

8. His touch sends jolts of electricity through your body.

It is as if he is trying to pass all his feelings through his touch. When there is no love or passion behind the touch, it will remain a normal touch. However, when he touches you, it has a magical effect. All the positive energy associated with his feelings toward you seems to flow into you through this touch.

There is nothing negative or harmful about the touch. It is not meant to hurt or damage you. His touches seem to linger a tad longer than necessary as if he is reluctant to let go of you. It is all romantic and full of affection and love.

He will not let go of a chance to touch you. As he is not yet ready to reveal his feelings for you, he will ensure that these “touches” remain within the boundaries of the friendship you share.

9. He longs for time alone with you.

Maybe you meet him all the time in a group setting. But he doesn’t find this good enough. He tries to get you for himself despite all the others present. As there are limitations to this, he wants to meet you alone.

To make this possible, he will willingly cancel his time with his best buddies. Look no further. He is falling for you real hard.

His interests may not match yours but he is willing to accommodate your wishes. He will happily spend time with you listening to you talk about your day’s events or past adventures. Or watch a movie or listen to music with you. 

As long as he is with you, he is happy and content. What more proof do you want to feel convinced that he is in love with you?

10. He enjoys indulging you.

You just need to hint at what you want and he will make it happen, no matter how difficult it is. He pampers you silly in all the ways he can think of. And, the icing on the cake is he expects nothing in return from you for all the attention and affection he lavishes on you.

What more can a girl ask for?

Anyone can buy an expensive gift and call it their token of love. There is not much effort that goes into this. On the other hand, what this guy is doing is truly heroic. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t buy you presents. He is always giving you thoughtful gifts. But more than the gifts themselves, it is the thought behind them that really counts.

You may have casually mentioned some wish of yours and out of the blue, he makes it happen. He will do anything to make you happy. He is in love with you.

11. He holds you in high regard.

The value of love in a relationship is important. However, for the love to last forever, one of the vital ingredients is respect. Without mutual respect, any relationship will fall apart like a house of cards.

Even if he is not showing any outward signs of love, as long as he respects you, there is always a possibility that love will enter the equation at any time. Most people associate love with affection, care, and romance. You need to realize that all these are fleeting and may disappear someday. 

One thing that can sustain love in a relationship is respect. If the guy respects you as a person and your choices, look no further. This is the right guy for you.

12. He doesn’t have eyes for other girls.

All this focus and attention is on you and to make you happy. He doesn’t bother about the rest of the girls. He never seems to have an eye for them or care about them.

This can also be a put-on to impress you with his devotion. However, this is hard to pretend for long. If he is trying to hide his eyes straying, you can figure this out before long. As long as you have a good feeling about his intentions, it must be true. 

You should be more appreciative of his devotion to you if girls are falling over backward to please him and seduce him. He has eyes only for you and he treats you like a princess.

13. He sings paeans of you.

This is a sign that he is infatuated with you. Every conversation he has with anyone comes back to the topic of you. He is so much in love with you and awe of you that you fill up his mind entirely and he doesn’t think about anyone or anything else.

He may look and sound foolish by doing this but he is least bothered about it. Even his friends may make fun of him on this count but he doesn’t care. He is happy to be a silly romantic for you.

Generally speaking, guys are reluctant to disclose even the name of the girl they are dating, let alone talk about or praise them. While others may have a million reasons for their behavior, our guy takes pride to be linked to you and thinks that you are the best thing that ever happened to him.  

A simple piece of advice – this guy is for keeps.

14. He gives you sincere compliments.

Often guys are known to take you for granted or ignore you to show their appreciation. Those rare compliments you receive are double-edged that you wish they had kept their mouth shut. 

But this one is different. He knows how to express his feelings for you in a way that makes you happy and feel cherished. You know that every word he says about you comes directly from his heart. His love for you is so deep and intense that it comes out as heart-warming compliments.

Some people use compliments to flatter or charm you. They use it as a means to butter you up to get something out of you. But this guy has no such motivations when praising you. He genuinely loves you and just wants to let you know his feelings for you.

15. He is a man of his words.

He keeps his promises. He never betrays you. He doesn’t make false promises to you. If you are still not convinced that he is head over heels in love with you, this should be enough.

Guys are typically casual about what they say. When you try to confront them about the unkept and broken promises, you are often made fun of. How often have you heard guys say, “Promises are meant to be broken”? You have sort of started accepting this as the norm when this guy came into your life.

Whether it is showing up on time on your date or saying only things that he actually means, this man deserves a place in your heart.

16. He listens to every word you say.

Another typical problem with guys. They pay you only part attention when you are talking. They will be watching television, playing games, texting, or being distracted by something else. It is rare for a man to give you their whole attention.

This guy’s in love with you and even if he is not ready to come out and say it, he is showing that he cares with these small gestures. This is one of the least noticeable actions. While other guys make it look as if they are listening, this guy actually listens. You get to know this when he talks. 

Because he remembers everything you said. He remembers the names of everyone in your life and all those special days. He is the kind of guy every girl dreams about.

17. You are on the same wavelength.

This is a rarity. Getting a guy who thinks, acts, and speaks like you and understands you well is not common, for sure. Maybe you have heard the saying, “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus”. 

This guy may be from Mars, but he is very much in tune with those from Venus, specifically you. Once the initial euphoria of the new relationship wanes, it is usually the time for disagreements and conflicts. However, with an emotionally compatible guy by your side, you will find life smooth sailing.

From silly daily matters to more important life decisions, you often find that you are on the same side of the fence as him.

18. He is nervous around you.

You have always seen him as a confident and self-assured person. He knows exactly what to say and do. However, recently you noticed that certain things about him have changed. He is tense, anxious, and edgy when you are around. No need to take it in a negative sense though. He is too anxious to please and tensed that he will do something wrong and end up hurting you.

When a guy stops to be cool and stutters and fumbles when you are present is a clear sign that he considers you more than a friend. At times, you feel bad for him and want to tell him to chill. 

Until this phase of the relationship lasts, his behavior will continue in the same fashion. When your relationship proceeds to the next stage, he will be back to his “cool as cucumber” self.

19. He mirrors you.

Sometimes intentionally, at other times unknowingly. This is the automatic response in all humans when they are in a relationship. This is how individuals try to find common ground. Give and take. As he has not yet revealed his love for you, all he can do is embrace your mannerisms and habits. 

He gives up smoking because you cannot tolerate the smell. He starts going to the gym and turns to a healthier lifestyle as you are a fitness freak. He takes up hobbies and reads up on topics you are interested in. 

When you meet someone, it is natural to try out their interests. Just to see whether you like them or not and, in the process, expand your horizons. However, if you find him blindly following your interests, it means something is up. This guy’s in love with you.

20. You need not pretend to be someone else for him.

You can be yourself because he appreciates you for who you are. He doesn’t expect you to play out the role of some fictional character in his imagination. 

This is one of the major conflict areas in a relationship. It is not uncommon for those in relationships to have expectations about who their partner should be. When they fail to find the person of their dreams, they settle for you and expect you to act out the part. You may even go along with this for a while, but it is not feasible in the long run. 

This guy breaks the stereotype and is a rare find. He has fallen for you hard and this makes him see you as the best person in the whole wide world. He finds your unkempt look charming, your clumsiness adorable, and your innocence cute.

Commonly asked questions

Does a man change his behavior when in love?

The simple answer is yes. He changes in so many small yet significant ways. He will be alert and dreamy at the same time. He will turn softer in his approach and has more time for you. He is aware of what is happening in your life and listens to everything you say. He tries his best not to offend or hurt you and to keep you happy and content. 

He may not be ready yet to disclose his love even to you. But if you care to look for it, you would be able to see all these changes.

Can a man fall in love slowly?

Generally speaking, guys fall in love in the blink of an eye. One moment they are single and carefree and the next, they find themselves deep in love. With men, falling in love is rarely a slow process. 

But there are expectations to any rule. This means, there are at least some men who take their time to fall in love and come out with their feelings. 

How long does it take for a man to fall in love?

That is a hard question to answer. There is no fixed schedule for men to fall in love. Again, this varies from individual to individual. Some men take years to realize that they have fallen in love and to reveal their feelings, while others may take a few days or weeks.

What are the signs a man is about to confess his love for you?

He sets up a perfect scene but talks around it. He will seem as if he is gathering the courage to come out with the news. He fumbles and stumbles more than usual. He will talk about inconsequential matters to calm his nerves. Pay attention to his body language and you will know. If you are aware of what is going on, you can either sit back and enjoy his discomfort or choose to help him out.

Bottom line

It is not every day that you come across a man who is sensitive, caring, affectionate, and madly in love with you. Even if he has not revealed his feelings for you, you can still enjoy the perks without letting him know.

If he is not expressing his love for you within a reasonable time limit, you may take the initiative to get it out of him. After all, such a guy is a rare find. So, letting go of the opportunity is not recommended. You can guide him discreetly without letting him know.

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