14 Signs He Secretly Wants You Pregnant

14 Signs He Secretly Wants You Pregnant

Signs He Secretly Wants You Pregnant

You have been in a relationship with him for some time now. And, you are pretty sure that he is Mr. Perfect – the man you want to grow old with and have children with.

It can be really scary to bring up the topic of having kids with your partner – especially if they don’t seem too keen on the idea. What if they reject you?

Don’t worry, We’ll show you some signs he secretly wants you pregnant so that you can make an informed decision about your future together.

Clear signs he secretly wants you pregnant

Look out for these obvious signs to know whether he is ready to be a parent.

1. He plans for the future

If he is ready to expand the family, he knows that he needs to plan for it. A stable environment is the first thing to take care of when planning for a baby. 

What are his plans for you and the relationship? Where is his career headed? Is he planning to buy a home anytime soon? Has he saved enough to afford a baby?

He will have to consider so many aspects before he can afford to think of having a bay. This means he will have plans ready for all these things. You need to pay attention to his casual conversations to figure out what he is planning. 

Whether intentionally or otherwise, he is sure to drop hints. All you need to do is listen attentively when he is making plans for the future. Does it involve you? Is he talking about settling down in his career? Does he have plans to buy a home? Will it have a kids’ room?

He will reveal more than he intends to when he talks about the future.

2. He talks about financial stability

Whether he is planning to commit to your relationship or wants to have a baby with you, one primary requirement is financial security. He will not expect you to settle down with him if his finances are not good. Neither would he ask you to have a baby with him.

Love and compatibility indeed play a huge role in the success of relationships. But you cannot survive on them alone. After all, money makes the world go around. You need money to pay the bills and buy yourself the things you want. He knows how expensive it is to raise a child.

So, if he is planning for a child with you, he will let you know that he has the financial backing for it. He may tell you how great his career is progressing and how he is planning to buy a home in a kid-friendly neighborhood.

None of these are meant to be boastful or attempts at showing off. He is merely trying to tell you the facts. He wants you to know that he is ready for the baby and wants you pregnant.

3. He is aware of your ovulation period

All this while, he was treating sex merely as a means of pleasure and nothing more. The two of you had sex whenever you were in the mood for it, not bothering about the day or the week. Of late, you witness a change in him.

He is clearly aware of your menstrual cycle and ovulation period. It seems like he is planning sex nowadays to get you pregnant. Not that this made any difference to you. You are enjoying it like always. In fact, you never noticed his intentions until recently. 

By timing your sex according to your menstrual cycle around your ovulating period, it looks like he is hoping for a happy accident.

4. He asks you to stop birth control

He knows that you are taking birth control pills. He naturally assumes that your aim is not to get pregnant. If he wants you to get pregnant, he may suggest that you go off pills or ask you outright. 

Most men don’t understand that women take contraceptive pills for other reasons as well. Such as regulating the menstrual cycle, easing up menstrual pain, reducing hormonal fluctuations, managing endometriosis, and reducing the risk of ovarian cysts and uterine cancer.

For a woman, being on the pill does not necessarily mean avoiding unwanted pregnancies. As he may not be aware of the other benefits of birth control pills, he may suggest that you stop taking them. 

If you use other means of birth control, he may pitch for unprotected sex. In effect, he is saying, “Let’s make a baby.” 

5. He is excited when you miss your periods

If he isn’t keen on having a baby, this news will surely make him panic. Men dread this in relationships, at least the ones that don’t want kids. They don’t want you to know how much they are against the idea, but they don’t want kids either. This dilemma makes them anxious and drives them into a frenzy.

This is understandable. It isn’t fair to expect men to welcome kids into their lives when they are not ready or sure about the suitability of their partners. 

But your guy is happy and excited when you broke the news to him. He may not want to show his excitement openly until the good news is confirmed. He will ask you whether you got your period every single day. When the excitement turns to anxiety, he may even suggest that you take a pregnancy test. 

He will be more anxious than you to check the results of your pregnancy test. From his reaction to the pregnancy test result, you can easily deduce what is on his mind.

6. He offers to babysit for a family member

This is a clear sign that he is okay with the idea of children. He knows that babysitting is not an easy job. It requires a lot of patience and energy, which he may not have. But he does it anyway because he loves kids and wants to be around them.

You may think that he is merely trying to help out a family member in need. But he is actually trying to get some hands-on experience with kids. He wants to see if he can handle them before taking the plunge into fatherhood.

7. He talks about baby names

This is another clear sign that he wants to have a baby with you. When he brings up the topic of baby names, he is subtly hinting that he would like to start a family with you. He is planting the seed in your mind so that you can start thinking about it too.

He may even have a few names in mind that he would like to use for his future child. He will want to know your opinion on them and if you have any suggestions. This is his way of trying to gauge your thoughts on the matter.

8. He starts collecting things for the baby

If he has started buying things for the baby, it is a clear sign that he wants to have one with you. He may not go out and buy everything at once. But he will start collecting things like clothes, toys, and other essentials.

This is his way of preparing for the arrival of the baby. He wants to be ready for when the time comes. He may even start setting up a nursery in his home.

9. He gets jealous when you talk about other babies

He gets jealous when you talk about other babies because he wants to have a baby with you. He knows that he can’t have a baby if you’re not pregnant, so he’s trying to subconsciously convince you to get pregnant.

He may not say anything about it, but he’s definitely feeling it inside. This is his way of showing you that he’s ready to be a father. He wants to have a baby with you so that he can raise it as his own.

So, if he starts getting jealous when you talk about other babies, it’s because he’s secretly hoping that you’ll get pregnant soon.

10. He gets excited when he sees babies

Babies are a source of joy for many people. For men, they can be a sign that they want to start a family. 

When a man sees a baby, it can make him excited because he may see it as a sign that he is ready to become a father.

This can be an exciting prospect for him and may make him want to spend more time with you. He may start to see you as his child’s mother, which can bring you closer together. 

If he starts getting excited when he sees babies, it clearly signifies he wants to have one with you.

11. He starts dropping hints

If he starts dropping hints, it can be a clear sign that he wants to have a baby with you. He may talk about how he would like to start a family. He may even ask you if you would like to have children one day.

These are all subtle ways of him trying to gauge your thoughts on the matter. If he starts dropping hints, it definitely means he is interested in the idea of having a baby with you.

12. He volunteers to hold babies

When he volunteers to hold babies, it’s a sure sign he secretly wants you to get pregnant. He knows that babies need a lot of love and care and that you can’t do it all by yourself.

He wants to help you out and take on some of the responsibilities of fatherhood. Plus, he loves holding babies! They’re so cute and cuddly, and he can’t resist their adorable little faces.

So if he’s offering to babysit or help out with diaper duty, it’s because he’s hoping (and praying) that you’ll soon be pregnant.

13. He starts taking good care of himself

If he starts taking good care of himself all of a sudden, it could be a sign that he secretly wants you to get pregnant.

He knows that he needs to be in good health for the sake of the child, and he also wants to be attractive to you.

If he’s been neglecting his appearance or his health lately, and then he starts making an effort to take care of himself, it’s a pretty big clue that he’s interested in starting a family with you.

Of course, there could be other reasons for his change in behavior, but if you suspect that he wants you to get pregnant, this is definitely one possibility to consider.

14. He tries to improve his ties with your family

If he’s been trying to improve his relationship with your family, it may be because he wants to get closer to them – and you.

He may want your family’s approval before he asks you to have a baby with him. Or he may want to get to know them better so he can be a part of your life more meaningfully.

In any case, if he’s been making an effort to connect with your family, it could be a sign that he wants to have a baby with you.


There are many signs that he secretly wants you to get pregnant. Pay attention to his behavior and see if he is exhibiting any of these behaviors. He may be ready to start a family with you if he is. 

Talk to him about your thoughts on the matter and see where he stands. If you’re both on the same page, then you can start planning for a baby!


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