11 Signs He Sees You As Someone Special

11 Signs He Sees You As Someone Special

Signs He Sees You As Someone Special

In general, men are simple folks. Whether they like you or not, they will let you know, leaving no room for ambiguity.

However, this is not the case with all men. Some are secretive about their feelings. When such men are genuinely attracted to you and see you as something special, they are scared to let you know how they feel about you. The reasons for this behavior are numerous. Mostly it is the fear of rejection that makes a man hide his feelings for you.

Just because a man isn’t open about his feelings for you doesn’t mean you cannot figure this out. When he is in love with you, without even him knowing about it, he will give out signs he sees you as someone special. If you know what these signs are, it is all about adding two and two together to get four. Moreover, if you are special to a guy, you can prompt him to open up about his feelings for you.

This article is about a man who is attracted to you but not ready to admit it. Here you will find signs he sees you as someone special. Before you go ahead and search for the signs in your man, a word of caution. 

One or two signs aren’t enough to confirm that he sees you as someone special and wants to have a future with you. You need to remember that these are indications of his interest in you. The more signs you spot in him, the better chances that he is attracted to you. If you want 100% confirmation, you should ask him directly.

Clear signs he sees you as someone special

When a guy is attracted to you, whether he is ready to reveal it or not, he will show signs of being in love. He can’t take his eyes off you, he wants to be with you, and he is reluctant to part with you. From his body language to his behavioral traits, you can easily know what is in his mind. In fact, these signs are better indicators than spoken words as they are involuntary and cannot be faked. 

1. He values your compliments

When you show your appreciation for something he has done or something about him, you can see his face light up like a Christmas tree. And he will take your words of praise and advice seriously. For instance, you thanked him for holding the door open for you, he will do it at every single opportunity he gets. Or if you say his new hairstyle is cool, he will continue to sport the same hairstyle.

He may not be ready yet to reveal his feelings for you but he is trying hard to impress you and get into your good books. He will try his best to capitalize on your interest in him. His entire behavior points to the fact that he is over the moon that you noticed and appreciated something about him. He is considering a future with you.

2. You can see it in his eyes

Eyes, they say, are the windows to the soul. If you want to know what a person is thinking about you, all you need to do is pay attention to his eyes when your eyes meet. Just the fact that he is making eye contact is a good sign that he is interested in you. If his eyes are lighting up when your eyes meet, it is a clear indication that he sees you as something special.

He may be reserved by nature and is not good at expressing his feelings in words. Or he may have his own reasons to be silent about his love for you. But his eyes won’t lie. He cannot hide the happiness he feels when a guy says it was nice seeing you. 

3. He tries to have closer ties with you

You may wonder what this means. What behavior of his is an indication of his deeper interest in you? Though this may vary from person to person, typically when a man tries to get to know you better by asking you personal questions, it is a sign of his more-than-usual interest in you. Mind you, this doesn’t mean he will overstep the boundaries. 

He will try to build a personal relationship and closer emotional connection by spending more alone time with you and figuring out common points of interest. Though he may sound casual, he is making it clear how much he already knows about you and may want to know more. His questions and statements are way too personal for a casual friendship.

4. He is nervous and awkward in your presence

If a guy sees you as a casual friend, there is no need for him to make a good impression or worry that things may go wrong. All this happens when he sees you as something special. Awkwardness and nervousness are usually seen at the beginning of a relationship when the two people involved aren’t familiar with each other and try hard to be on their best behavior and charm each other.

As this is not how he usually behaves, it makes him uncomfortable and edgy. The only thought on his mind when he is with you is to make you like him. He knows that he needs to be on his best behavior and that there can be no slip-ups. That is bound to make him jittery.

5. He feels deflated when you shower attention on another guy

This is understandable when he is in love. He feels that you should be devoting all your attention to him and not waste your time on some other guy. This is also true the other way around. When he feels dejected and sighs deeply when he spots you with another guy or when you talk about your date with someone else, it is a sign he sees you as someone special.

If he is just a friend, he may be curious about what happened and nothing more. He won’t be emotionally affected by your interest in others. When a guy is attracted to you, he wants to get closer to you both physically and emotionally. Just the fact that you prefer to spend time with someone else triggers his jealousy.

6. He wants your take on his personal matters

When a guy wants to be more than a friend to you, he will try to draw you towards him. In other words, he wants your relationship to be more personal. One way of doing this is to get you involved in his personal decisions. Even when he is perfectly capable of making his own decisions, he may come to you for advice.

There is also another aspect to this. He loves and admires you. He holds you in high esteem. He has a high opinion of you and your capabilities. When he approaches you for help with his personal matters, it can also be an indication of his high regard for you. He trusts your judgment and treats you much more than a friend.

7. You feel on top of the world when he is around

You don’t need to search for attraction signs in him to know how he feels about you. You can gauge it by turning inward and noting how he makes you feel. When you see him, does your heart miss a beat? Can you feel your heart pounding when he is around? Or you may be feeling happier, more beautiful, carefree, or important when he is with you.

Have you ever tried to understand why you feel this way? Why does his presence make you feel special? Even when he doesn’t say anything about his interest in you, he implies his interest and admiration for you through his body language and behavior. When you are aware of his affection, respect, and trust in you, your self-confidence gets a big boost. When a guy says you’re different, no wonder you feel joyous and invincible.

8. He is by your side at all times

You may have heard about fair-weather friends – those who are with you only in good times. He is not like that. Whether you’re happy, sad, or in deep trouble, you will always find him by your side. He’s always trying to make things easier for you and bring a smile to your lips.

Initially, you may not have noticed how he turns up by your side whenever something happens in your life. Then, you may try to pass it off as a coincidence. But when this became a regular thing, you realized how he is following what is going on in your life closely and stepping in whenever you need company. He is always there to lend a hand and you find this so comforting.

9. He keeps his promises

Whether it’s something important or not, he never breaks his promises. This is so charming in a man that you’ll notice without fail. This is a clear sign that the guy sees your dating and relationship as important. Only when someone thinks highly of you and considers it as a long-term relationship, will they make every effort to earn your trust. Keeping their word is an obvious step in his plan to have a future with you.

He shows up on time for every date. He doesn’t make promises that he can’t keep. You know that he will not deceive you and you can rely on him and his words. 

10. He doesn’t make you uncomfortable

He seems to know his limits so well when interacting with you. Whether it is with the words he uses or how far he intrudes on your personal space, he always seems to get it right. He is clearly in tune with your sensibilities and likes and dislikes. He seems to understand the significance of your consent. This is an indication that he doesn’t want to antagonize you and get it wrong.

He may hold your hands when walking together or give you a hug when you are distressed. There is nothing more to be read into these gestures other than love, compassion, and concern. In fact, you feel comforted and welcome these physical contacts.

11. You bring out the best in him

In case, you have any doubts left whether he is attracted to you, this will seal the deal. If you feel that he is his best self when he is in your presence, this means he is consciously trying to improve for your sake. He would undertake this hard task only when the guy sees that it is worth the effort. This is a clear sign he sees you as someone special.

He is caring, friendly, and empathetic. It’s not just his behavior that he is so mindful of. He pays extra attention to his physical appearance as well. He wants to project the image of a well-mannered and well-turned-out man who is a perfect fit for you as your partner. He is already in love with you and wants to impress you. You mean a lot to him.

How to know his feelings for you?

Here is a checklist of signs to know how he feels toward you.

  • Notice how his eyes are and watch out for his body language.
  • Pay attention to his texting patterns. If he texts you without purpose or reason, he is in love with you.
  • Check his social media activities. If he follows you on social media without any obvious interest in your activities, it is a clear indication.
  • He feels jealous when you are with another man. 
  • He thinks the world of you and considers you competent and efficient. He relies on you for advice and support.
  • You feel joyous and relaxed when you are with him. He affords you the top priority.

Bottom line

In this age of the internet and smartphones, it is easier to spot the signs. He is your ardent follower on social media platforms. His double texts are a sign of his eagerness to interact with you. He is happy and proud to be connected to you and seen with you. 

You need not check him for all the signs. Some signs are visible in yourself. The way you subconsciously react to his behavior says a lot about how he thinks of you. You may find yourself more relaxed and smiling and laughing more than usual in his presence.

If you know the signs, it isn’t hard to figure out what a man thinks about you. When he sees you as someone special, his behavior towards you will be different. Once you know this, you can plan your move.

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