7 Signs He Wants To Break Up But Is Scared

7 Signs He Wants To Break Up But Is Scared

Signs He Wants To Break Up But Is Scared

How good is communication in your relationship? Do you think your boyfriend will find it easy to break up with you? Or will he feel scared about the prospect?

Often in relationships, when your partner has lost interest and wants to move on, he will postpone the breakup because he is terrified of confrontation. He wants to break up but is scared. He isn’t sure how you will react to the news. He would rather put up with the annoyance or inconvenience of being in the relationship rather than come out and say the dreaded words “It’s over”. 

In the process, he will be unhappy and discontent, which is not good for him as well as for both of you as a couple. So, what is the solution?

The best way out of this situation is to ensure an open atmosphere in the relationship where both of you will feel free to air your views and opinions. At the same time, you can also watch out for warning signs he wants to break up but is scared to say so. 

This article deals with the dilemma of a partner when he wants to break up but is scared to reveal his feelings. Here you will find the subtle signs that may come out in his behavior even if he is trying his best to hide them.

Things guys do when they want to break up

Let’s first consider your feelings before figuring his out. Are you happy in the relationship? How well do you know your partner? Do you communicate well with each other?

If you connect and communicate well with your partner and you feel all is fine in the relationship, it probably is. Because it won’t be easy for your partner to hide his unhappiness and dissatisfaction from you. You cannot be completely oblivious to the downward slide.

On the other hand, if you feel in your bones that there is something wrong, again, it probably is. Maybe you can sense something odd going on but can’t figure out the details. Naturally, you want to know how serious the situation is. If this is the case, the best you can do is to look out for warning signs  – signs he wants to break up but is scared to blurt out the dreaded words.

Without further ado, let’s see if your relationship is on the verge of collapse.

1. Going has not been great recently

Nothing drastic to speak about but small things have been adding up, making you feel jittery. Your intuition is telling you that your relationship may be on the deathbed.

Small conflicts, inconsequential disagreements, and minor fights. These have been happening way too often for comfort nowadays. You too have been feeling unhappy and considering calling it quits. But you feel you should hold out for longer to see if you can overcome this difficult phase. 

In the meanwhile, you may want to know whether your partner has already made up his mind. If you can spot more than one red flag in these troubled times, maybe he wants to end the relationship but doesn’t dare to approach you.

2. He is absent most of the time

Things have cooled down after the initial euphoria. But this is not the same. You feel as if he is avoiding being with you. He is finding ways to stay away from you. He takes on extra work at the office or goes on weekend trips with his friends. 

He indeed should have a life of his own. That is what makes a relationship a happy and healthy one. But this is taking it too far. His only purpose seems to be avoiding being alone with you. Maybe he wants to break up. That is definitely not a good sign for a healthy relationship.

3. He is less caring and affectionate

Again, things are bound to plateau after the heady days of the beginning. There was a time when he couldn’t get enough of you or do enough for you. He used to find anything about you fascinating and always showered praises on you. 

But nowadays all these have vanished. Even when you make his favorite dish or do something you know he loves, he is just ignoring you. It seems he is preoccupied and isn’t paying attention to you anymore. Probably he is unhappy. He wants to end the relationship. He is trying to find a way to break the news of the breakup to you.

4. Communication has been dwindling

This is one of the key signs of a relationship heading for a breakup. Irrespective of who feels what and does what, when you two aren’t on talking terms, there is no future for the relationship. Maybe you are still talking but only about the day-to-day essentials. That is not good enough.

A healthy relationship thrives on open and deep conversations. When this goes absent, you can count the days to the breakup. Most probably, he wants to break up but is scared.

5. He isn’t interested in sexual intimacy

This is another major element in a healthy relationship. Sexual intimacy is the thread that binds you both in a healthy relationship. When either of the partners has lost interest and isn’t attracted to their partner, this points to serious rot in the relationship. If timely measures are taken, you may be able to save your relationship from breaking up.

There can be many other reasons for his disinterest in sexual intimacy. If he is stressed, anxious, or depressed due to reasons unconnected with you, those thoughts may be occupying his mind. This will make him lose interest in anything else including sexual activities with you. 

If you notice this sign, you can do some more digging to find out if he is having any other problems. If you find nothing else, maybe it is connected to your relationship.

6. You always find him in a grouchy mood nowadays

Earlier his face used to light up on seeing you. Anything you say or do used to amuse him. You always shared inside jokes and loved to laugh together. But all this has changed for the worse recently. You always find him in deep thought. If you try to get his attention, he snaps at you.

This is bound to make you wonder what is wrong with him. As far as you know, you have done nothing wrong to offend him. If you try to get him to talk, his irritation and anger boil over. Maybe he wants to end the relationship.

7. He’s evasive in his replies

You can sense that something is wrong but can’t figure out what. You look out for a red flag and feel that he is no longer happy and content in the relationship. You want to know the reason for his behavior. Whenever you try to question him, he acts mysterious and doesn’t give you a proper answer.

This makes you wonder even more. What is going on? After all, it is your relationship as well and you have every right to know what is happening with it. But when he ignores your questions or offers only evasive replies, it is a clear sign he wants to break up but is scared.

Bottom line

He picks arguments, cancels dates, hardly calls/texts you, and stops saying “I love you”. You feel lonely even when you’re together. He is more interested in watching TV or playing games than spending time with you. Even his friends are ignoring you.

He finds everything about you irritating. You’re not good enough for him. He is being secretive and you have caught him lying too often. You no longer make plans together like you used to. It seems your position in his priority list is near the bottom. All these are warning signs he wants to break up but is scared.

When you’re the only one making an effort in the relationship, believe that it’s over. He isn’t saying it because he wants to avoid confrontation. You may find this situation hard to accept. 

But now it’s up to you to take the initiative. You just need to confront him before things get worse. When things have deteriorated beyond repair, it’s better to get it over with.

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