11 Signs He Wants to Confess His Feelings

11 Signs He Wants to Confess His Feelings

Signs He Wants to Confess His Feelings

So, you have been dating this guy for a while now and feel like “This is it! He’s the One!”

You have been trying to employ your intuitive powers to figure out what is on his mind. Does he feel the same way as you? Is he planning to confess his feelings any time soon?

As you don’t seem to get anywhere with your clairvoyance, you started wondering whether you should try crystal reading, magic 8 ball, or even try pulling off daisy petals saying “He loves me…. He loves me not.”

Is he sending mixed signals? Or are you imagining it? Maybe you’re overthinking. No matter how it is, you would be interested to know what’s on his mind. The best approach for you in this context is to look for signs he wants to confess his feelings. Once you know that he is into you, you can wait until he feels he’s ready to say the words. 

This article explores this relationship conundrum and offers you a solution. Here you will find hard-to-miss signs he is in love with you but fighting his feelings for you. This will help in reassuring your troubled mind and calm you down, leaving him time and space to gather his wits for the big move.

Why do guys hide their true feelings?

This is a mystery and an enigma – a million-dollar question. The human mind works in mysterious ways. There can be any number of reasons for a guy to act this way. While some may still be healing from a broken heart, others may be apprehensive about being rejected. 

Ego also plays a huge role in this saga. And so does the patriarchal mindset. The man will be dreading the word “no” and this will make him hide his genuine feelings for you and prevent him from revealing them. He may want to wait longer to confirm his own true feelings and yours before he takes the plunge. Fear of commitment is another aspect creating hurdles in his path.

Most guys are confused and overwhelmed by the surge in emotions. When a guy is overwhelmed by his feelings, he may need time to sort this out and be clear about what he wants. In between all these, you would be left wondering why he doesn’t want to confess his feelings for you. 

Signs and body language can help you figure out that he is fighting his feelings for you. In fact, they are more accurate than the spoken word. Look out for these signs to calm your anxious mind.

Obvious signs he wants to confess his feelings

Some men speak their minds without inhibitions, while others have a hard time revealing what is in their hearts. If your guy finds it difficult to confess his feelings, you may have to go through some anxious moments before you hear those much-anticipated words.

Instead of worrying about his intentions, you can search for these easy-to-spot signs he is fighting his feelings for you. 

1. He stares at you

He finds it hard to pry his eyes away from you. The best part is you will know about this without even looking out for it. You will feel his eyes on you.

Women usually have a well-developed sixth sense to detect someone else’s gaze. Your inner antenna will alert you to this and you will react by immediately looking in that direction. As you do this instinctively and without deliberation, there will be no time for the guy to avert his gaze. This means you will catch him red-handed staring at you. 

When caught, the natural reaction for him would be to look away, as if he is caught doing something he shouldn’t. That says it all. You don’t need any more proof that he has genuine feelings for you. He is just waiting for the right moment to blurt it out.

2. He keeps his promises

Even if he has to go into lots of trouble to honor his words. This is a sign that he wants you to think highly of him. He’s laying a strong foundation for a long-term relationship with you. Clearly, he has assigned a special place for you in his heart and he has tender feelings for you. He sees potential for a steady romantic relationship with you.

If he considers you merely as an acquaintance or a friend, he may not give so much importance to you and what you think about him. By keeping his promises, he is trying to give himself a positive image and an edge. He may have his own reasons to not confess his feelings until now, but will soon. 

3. You are his best friend and confidant

Whenever he has some news to share, good or bad, you’re the one he seeks out first. He feels troubled when he is not sharing his secrets with you. This is a good sign to know what he thinks and how he feels about you. 

This will be more evident if the guy doesn’t have too many friends or isn’t in the habit of making friends easily. His friendship with you will stick out for all to see. He may even think that you might take this as a positive sign and understand his true feelings for you.

4. He cherishes every single opportunity to interact with you

He might not be ready to confess his feelings for you but he isn’t holding back in his interactions with you. He enjoys his talks with you, even if it is about mundane matters. You may have seen his face light up when you choose to sit next to him or when you smile at him. He will willingly run errands for you just for the opportunity to be near you and talk to you.

Clearly, he is in awe of you and wants to know more about you. He doesn’t miss a single opportunity to connect with you. Unfortunately, he doesn’t feel confident enough to confess his feelings. But with each interaction with you, he is getting closer and gathering his wits to confess his feelings for you. Now, you have to content yourself with these signs.

5. He is jealous to see you with another guy

If you casually mention your date last weekend, you can sense his mood changing perceptibly. You can feel the tension in the air and he goes suddenly silent. He may continue to be grumpy and irritable and drown himself in misery until you choose to clear the air that you went out with your cousin or girlfriends.

If only you care to see it, his genuine feelings are so transparent and quite easy to detect. In fact, you can use his jealousy to your advantage if you know exactly how to navigate the tricky waters. If you make him jealous with the mention of a date, he may gather his wits to confess his feelings much before he intended.

6. He remembers even the tiniest details about you

It’s as if collecting scraps of information about you is his life’s mission. He is always willing to talk to anyone who has known you in your early days to know more about you. The interesting part about this is that he retains all bits and pieces of information and reveals them at the appropriate time.

You would be surprised at the kind of things he knows about you. You may have often wondered how he got all that information. When a guy is in love, he will go to any lengths to know the girl he is interested in. He may not be ready to confess his feelings for you but he is stopping at nothing to get to know you better. You can use this as an indication of his interest in you.

7. He is shy and tensed up when you’re around

This is exclusive to our guy. He doesn’t want anyone to know that he is in love with you for his own reasons. This includes you as well. This makes him anxious around you. It’s not just that you might guess the intentions that worry him, he is also keen on impressing you. Clearly, he wants you to reciprocate his feelings. He wants you to think highly of him.

That makes him worry about everything he says and does in your presence. He analyzes and reanalyzes his interactions with you, trying to figure out the flaws in them and understanding how he can improve. When all these thoughts and feelings are swelling in his mind, it is hard for him to be normal in your presence. You may find him distracted, nervous, and on the edge.

This is considered one of the sureshot signs of attraction. It’s clear that he wants to confess his feelings soon.

8. He often talks about hypothetical situations in which you’re his partner

He isn’t yet ready to confess his feelings for you but finds it hard to contain them either. It’s a catch-22 situation he finds himself in. Caught in emotional turmoil, he will be fighting hard to retain his composure. In this effort, he feels it’s ok to talk about you as his partner in a hypothetical situation. 

If you are wise to his situation, you will be able to see right through his tactics. In fact, it’s hilarious. He also uses this as a way to know your take on it. He may appear casual and nonchalant when he talks about this, but, rest assured, he must be so nervous and tensed up to know your reaction. These are obvious signs he is fighting his feelings for you.

9. He admires your efforts and supports your dreams

He has been soaking up information about you for some time now and he clearly likes what he sees. He was attracted to you by your fascinating personality and the way you interact with others. But now he knows more about your passions and goals, he likes you even more. He doesn’t hide his admiration for you. He is open about it to you as well as others.

Whenever and wherever he gets an opportunity, he encourages and appreciates your choices and decisions. He is especially supportive of your career and ambitions for the future. Since he isn’t ready yet to confess his feelings for you, he takes on the role of a well-wisher. Somehow you get the feeling that he really likes you and life with him will be smooth sailing.

10. He is caring and protective

Every time you need help, he is right there for you. You have often wondered how he senses your needs and seems to appear out of nowhere. If you pay attention to him, you will notice that his entire focus is on you all the time but not in a creepy way. He really cares about you and wants to protect you from the big bad world. 

This kind of guy is a rare find in this world full of selfish people who are interested only in themselves. He doesn’t even want to take credit for his help or share the limelight with you. He just wants you to be happy and safe. This is a sign he wants to confess his feelings.

11. He is all ears when you talk

Unlike most people, he doesn’t pretend to listen and fake interest in what you’re saying. He actively listens to everything you say. In fact, he is fascinated by your ideas and viewpoints. Sometimes you become aware of this when he asks you relevant questions or paraphrases what you’re saying. He is like a breath of fresh air in this world full of shallow people.

He may not want to be seen with you or want others to notice that he is taking an active interest in you. Because of this, he will stay in the background but nothing you say or do seems to escape his attention. While others call you a chatterbox, he doesn’t seem to get tired of your incessant talking. 

More signs he wants to confess his feelings over text

  • He starts his messages with longer and more intricate sentences than he usually does.
  • He takes the effort to craft the perfect response when you share something with him.
  • He starts flirting more often, sometimes out of the blue.
  • His messages become more frequent and consistent throughout the day.
  • He takes any chance to make a connection, even in passing moments.
  • He sends you longer messages and deeper questions about yourself or your opinions on certain topics.
  • You feel like there is an intense yet intangible connection between the two of you that wasn’t there before, but it’s still growing stronger by the day.

Final thoughts on a man wants to confess his feelings

When a guy is attracted to you but isn’t ready to admit his feelings for you, he will behave in a certain way that you can easily make out what is on his mind. All you need to do is pay close attention. The easiest signs to detect are his constant presence, unwavering attention, and intense devotion. These are clear indications that he wants to confess his feelings soon.

If you become aware of it, take care not to rush him. Let him take his own time to confess his feelings for you. Do you know that this is the sweetest phase of your relationship that you will cherish and remember forever? Just relax and enjoy every moment of his love, care, and attention. Don’t be a spoilsport and ruin the fun. 

If you’re wondering if your guy is slowly falling for you, don’t miss this chance to find out! Check out Signs He is Slowly Falling For You to discover all the subtle signs that can help you understand his feelings!

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