7 Signs He Wants You To Make The First Move

7 Signs He Wants You To Make The First Move

Signs He Wants You To Make The First Move

Guys are known to take initiative when it comes to relationships. But there are times when he wants you to make the first move. 

You may have come across men who clearly want to know you but are reluctant to get serious. They are both interested and uninterested in you. Their strange behavior may make you wonder about their flirting style. 

You too are interested in him but don’t understand what to make of him or his flirting style. You’re not sure how to go ahead.

Most probably, he likes you but is scared to make a move for his own reasons. Now, the question is how to know he wants you to make the first move and that he is not trying to pull away. 

This article explores this delicate topic in relationships and comes up with a few clear signs he wants you to make the first move. Once you can read his body language and know that he wants you to chase him, you can think up strategies to make your move.

How to know he wants you to make the first move?

When a shy guy is interested in you but is reluctant to make the first move, he will give out signs encouraging you to take the initiative in the relationship. 

1. One moment he’s there with you, the next, he’s not.

When you’re together, you enjoy each other’s company. It’s as if you’ve known each other for years. You talk about the future and make grand plans. 

That’s it. Nothing ever happens. Things never go beyond this. 

He doesn’t show any inclination to kiss you or seem interested in a physical relationship. He doesn’t even make awkward moves. He seems to be content with your company.

Then, all of a sudden, he’ll act busy. He’s late for something and has to leave. Sometimes, he may disappear from your life for short periods only to spring back later. You are so confused by this change of pace. You are unsure what to make of this. Probably, you’re dealing with a shy guy.

He definitely seemed interested in you, but then he froze. You might wonder whether he is seeing someone else but this also doesn’t seem correct. All this makes you wonder about his flirting style.

2. He is casual in his expressions of love

He drops “I love you” casually now and then. From the way he says it, you know that he really means it. It’s much more than friendship. But this is the beginning and end of his show of interest in you. It never goes beyond this. 

Maybe he’s looking for a green signal from you to go ahead. He might be apprehensive that you don’t feel the same way. Have you ever expressed your love for him? 

Maybe he is a shy guy and thinks you are out of reach for him. Unless you reveal what’s on your mind, this relationship may never go anywhere. It‘ll remain where it is now. You may have to make the first move.

3. You sense jealousy in him

You enjoy each other’s company and get along well with each other. But your relationship doesn’t seem to be taking off the way you expected. He has never asked you out or made his intentions clear. This shy guy indeed has an unusual flirting style.

However, every time you go out with another guy or even mention having a good time with a guy, he seems jealous. The fact that you’re enjoying the company of another guy irritates and upsets him. He may never ask you out but he is jealous when you go out with other guys. 

Maybe he assumed that you’re as much interested in him as he is in you. Neither has he made a move nor you. Maybe you’re waiting for him to make the first move while he’s waiting for you to do the same.

4. He’s nervous

When a guy is interested in you and hasn’t yet revealed his feelings to you, he might probably be nervous when he is with you. When a guy loves you, he wants to impress you. He wants you to notice him and wants to present the best version of himself to you. He doesn’t want to do anything wrong or make any missteps so you will lose your interest in him.

Sometimes, the shy guy is overwhelmed by the emotions he feels for you. Despite keeping it hidden from you, he finds it hard to ignore.  Though you’re totally unaware of it, he puts himself under tremendous pressure in this situation. This makes you wonder about his flirting style.

Moreover, he knows that if he continues to keep his love for you hidden, you may move on. You may even dislike him for not revealing his true feelings to you. 

All these thoughts make him nervous. His body language may come out as antsy and jumpy, or he’ll indulge you with bad jokes.

5. He seeks your advice

Whether it is a personal matter or professional, he constantly comes to you for your opinion. 

In his mind, he has assigned you the role of his partner. He is planning to spend the rest of his life with you even though he hasn’t yet breathed a word about it to you. 

So, he feels that he should consult you before making decisions that have long-term implications. Moreover, he thinks that you are smart and intelligent and care about him enough to guide him in the right direction. Clearly, he trusts your judgment and by seeking your advice, he wants you to know how much he values you.

Something is obviously preventing him from making the first move. Maybe he’s a shy guy. But he would welcome it if you take the lead in the relationship.

6. He wants to make a move but can’t

A shy guy will try to overcome his inhibitions and get closer to you. He sits close enough to you so that your bodies are brushing against each other. His hands seem to linger longer than needed when he passes something to you. He leans forward when talking to you. You sense his eyes are on you when you aren’t watching. 

He even attempts to kiss or hug you but it ends up awkwardly. His kiss may end up on the cheek. He definitely wants to show his love for you but something seems to be holding him back. His flirty style is definitely weird. Maybe it’s your consent that he is seeking. If you make the first move, things will fall into place.

7. He tries to be your hero

Whenever you need help, you always find him nearby, ready to help. Initially, you thought it was a coincidence but when you started paying more attention, you noticed that he is always hovering in the background looking for opportunities to be of service to you.

Hero instinct is a typical male character trait that comes out when men are in the presence of their loved ones. They feel the urge to protect and provide for the people they love, even if he is a shy guy. This is more pronounced in a romantic setup.

After a late night out, your guy will insist on dropping you back home. When walking on the street, they instinctively walk on the traffic side to shield you. In an argument, he always takes your side. If anyone badmouths you, it’s their funeral. Like a lioness protecting her cubs, he will jump to your defense whether you ask for it or not.

Final thought on a guy who wants you to make the first move

You may not have noticed it, but he seems to be always close at hand. He’s clear about how much he values and respects you. But he may find it hard to say aloud how he feels about you. Though he doesn’t ask you out on a date, he often asks what you are doing for the weekend.

To know how you feel about him, he might even try to make you jealous by talking about other women. He may tease you to get your reaction. When it gets too much, he may even tell you how much he cares for you but doesn’t go beyond that. His flirting style is unique.

Hero instinct is a clear sign that your guy is in love with you. When combined with other signs of reluctance on his part, you can easily conclude that he isn’t ready to make the move and would be happy if you do that.

If you can make sure of his intentions, this is not a bad situation to be in. You are more in control of the pace of the relationship. All you need to do is look for the signs he wants you to make a move, know the right moves, and how to make them. Then, you are home safe with your guy in your pocket.


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