8 Signs of a False Twin Flame & The Hidden Mystery Behind

Signs of a false twin flame

Signs of a false twin flame

As far as similes go, they say something is as pure or as white as milk. But nowadays milk is one of the most adulterated foods.

The same is true for twin flame connections as well. It is indeed one of the purest forms of relationships but it can also get corrupted. You may come across a false twin flame. 

The worst part about meeting a false twin flame is the difficulty you may face in letting them go. They look and feel so real that you have a hard time convincing yourself that this is fake and not a real twin flame.

To let go of a false twin flame and move on in life, you will need all the inner strength and guidance that you can muster. Societal norms also play a huge role in preventing you from leaving the false twin flame you got yourself entangled with.

If you are the more spiritually aware twin flame in the relationship, you will be able to detect the imposter twin right away. On the other hand, if you come into a twin flame relationship with past karma, you may recognize that something is wrong but are unsure of what to do. 

Irrespective of the situation you find yourself in, if you are unlucky enough to get into a relationship with a false twin flame, you have no other option but to let them go. In case you are facing trouble with a false twin flame and are looking for guidance, you have come to the right place. The first step in this process is to identify the imposter twin. In this article, you will find the common signs of false twin flames.

Let’s get started by understanding who qualifies for a false twin flame.

Who is a false twin flame?

To understand this, you need to know the basics about twin flames. 

When a soul splits into two and inhabits two individuals, they are called twin flames. As this is a soul connection, it transcends lifetimes. They come together after every rebirth and part ways at the end. The Universe also plays a big role in bringing them together. 

Now that you know about twin flames, you might be able to guess who are false twin flames. If the person you are in a twin flame relationship with doesn’t possess the other half of your soul, they are not your true twin flame. It is as simple as that. 

The question of false twins comes up because you might find partners who imitate some of the qualities of a twin but not the vital ones. For instance, they may love you and care for you unconditionally, be willing to push you to greater heights, and make sacrifices for your sake. But when it comes to a do-or-die situation, they would be the first ones to bolt and leave you holding the sack.

There would be some sort of connection of souls between the two of you. Or else, you won’t think of it as a twin flame relationship at all. But the connection is not all there; it is not as perfect as it should be.

You may have heard about the runner and chaser in a twin flame relationship. The turbulent nature of the relationship leads to frequent breakups and reunions. The role of the runner and chaser can get reversed in the course of a lifetime. Sometimes you chase and at other times, you are being chased. 

One of the easiest ways to identify a false twin is when you are always the chaser. You will always find your partner running away from you and you in hot pursuit. 

A false twin always takes from you and never gives back. They can be best described as sponges and parasites.

In simple terms, this relationship tends to be one-sided and not in balance. As a result, you will suffer from emotional and physical health issues. You always feel exhausted, confused, and unsure of what is happening and what is going to happen. 

Signs of a false twin flame

When you are in a twin flame relationship but feel that something is off and not perfect, you should look out for these signs to check whether your twin flame is an imposter.

This is not an easy job. It is not easy to convince yourself that your twin flame is not the right one. It is not just you, most people struggle in your position. Unfortunately, you are in an incredibly challenging situation. 

They say love is blind. When you are in love, you throw away your natural tendency to rely on logic and reasoning. This in itself is a clear sign that you are associating yourself with a false twin.

If you are exceptionally unlucky, you may come across more than one fake twin in your lifetime. However, the second time around, you would be better equipped to deal with the situation. And, you may spot them straight away and don’t have to suffer for long.

Look out for these signs to spot the fake twin.

1. They often cause your downfall.

This twin may be a fake one but they also mirror your personality so convincingly that you will have a hard time believing them as the wrong one. 

As they are your mirror soul, you will be made aware of your flaws and weaknesses at all times. This can bring down your confidence level and self-belief. And the natural consequence of low self-worth is the inability to succeed. You end up failing in attempt after attempt.

2. They keep your emotional wounds open.

A true twin flame will help you to express your sorrow and worries and help you overcome them. They help in healing your old wounds.

With a fake twin, the old wounds would open up but neither do they heal nor do they close. The whole setup would make you feel worse than ever before. Some false twins even take pleasure in seeing you in pain and won’t do anything to comfort you.

Unfortunately, you cannot heal those on your own, as your fake twin will keep it open and festering. With so much negativity present in your environment, no wonder you are finding it hard to move forward in life. 

3. They give up so easily.

A true twin flame would fight till the last breath for you and your welfare. However, this fake twin is just the opposite. When the going gets tough for you, they desert you without a second thought.

This is one of the sure-fire tests to identify a true twin flame from a fake. Whenever you are going through difficult times, this fake twin will make it worse with their confusing/wrong advice. 

They make you feel inferior and unworthy and make it a point to rub it in that you will amount to nothing. The only time you will find them helping and supporting you is when they want something from you.

4. They create roadblocks in your spiritual journey.

Twin flames, being connected at the soul level, help each other make progress in their spiritual quest and their search for enlightenment. Attaining spiritual awakening is no easy task. It involves the hard work of cleansing one’s soul of the spiritual and emotional baggage. This is something that has a higher rate of success if done together as a couple.

However, if the twin is a fake one, none of this is possible. Instead of clearing the existing baggage, they will add some more by making your life miserable. Instead of helping you find solutions to the existing problems, they will create some more in your life.

All these will lead to stagnation in your spiritual journey.

5. They are reluctant to commit to the relationship.

Love, faith, trust, and open communication are the essential requirements for commitment in a relationship. A false flame doesn’t possess any of these qualities, turning them into commitment-phobes. 

You may find it weird that despite being your twin flame, they aren’t ready or willing to make the relationship official. False twin flames can’t find true connections with anyone, not just with you alone. Some say that their soul comes with a basic defect. They can never be genuine or form pure relationships with anyone. They endlessly drift from one failed relationship to another all their lives.

6. They never let you get closer. 

This works either way. When you need them, they are never there for you. And, when they need help, they will not let you get closer to them. It is as if they are afraid of letting anyone see them for who they are. And, keeping others at arm’s length is the only tactic they know to deal with the situation.

To keep you away, they come up with all kinds of excuses. They never keep their promises and often leave you holding the sack, looking foolish. One of the most obvious things about a false twin is their unreliability. You can never count on them.

7. Your relationship stagnates.

As you can see, a false twin will hamper your progress on all fronts and make your life miserable. As a result, you will be exactly in the same stage in life as you were when you met your twin flame. 

A false flame is known to keep you in a constant state of delays and waits all through your time together. During the runner-chaser phase of your twin flame journey, this will be more evident. 

In a true twin flame relationship, this stage is marked by perpetual motion and there is no question of stagnation. However, with a false twin, it is just the opposite. You will begin to feel so frustrated about not making any progress in life.

8. They contaminate your mind with negativity.

A false twin comes with their own set of troubles and issues. Such as insecurity, anger, jealousy, and fear. These are the dominant emotions in their mindset and override everything else. When you are with this false flame, you feel as if you need to force yourself to feel happy. Harmony and peace seem forced on you.

While a true twin flame will bring out the best in you, a fake one will bring out the worst. Though this is not very helpful in the positive sense, it can help you to purge your mind of its negative elements. If you are willing to put in the extra effort, you can use this opportunity to heal the wounds and raise your energy vibrations.

By doing this, you are improving your chances of getting rid of this false flame and connecting with the true twin flame.

Bottom line

Once you accept this false twin into your life, you will find it hard to let them go and to get rid of them. Even in a normal relationship, breakups are not easy. The expectations from society are the main culprits. Involvement of children and the family, reluctance to let go of the familiarity of the comfortable environment, and doubts about your own ability to survive and succeed alone all play a part. Another important reason for the hesitation is your reluctance to admit defeat. 

This doesn’t mean it is impossible to break free from false twin flames. The best way forward for you would be to realize that letting go of the false flame will lead you to the real twin flame. That alone can motivate you into action.

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