15 Signs of a Female Narcissistic Sociopath

15 Signs of a Female Narcissistic Sociopath

Signs of a Female Narcissistic Sociopath

The expression “narcissistic sociopath” evokes a sense of fear in us even if we don’t know exactly what it means. For all you know, you may have already met a few and know them well.

Some people in our lives are difficult to handle. We may not know what their problems are or why we find them to be difficult. One such personality type is a narcissistic sociopath. 

When you understand their basic character traits and how they manipulate others, you may recognize them among your family, friends, and acquaintances. Narcissistic sociopath personality is not uncommon among the female gender.

This article focuses on the female narcissistic sociopath. Here you will find the signs of a narcissistic sociopath listed for reference. Only if you can identify the personality type of that difficult person in your life, can you figure out the proper action to protect yourself from their exploitation.

Who is a Narcissistic Sociopath?

A narcissistic sociopath is a term used to denote a person who has the character traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder or NPD And Antisocial Personality Disorder or APD. The most typical traits of a narcissistic sociopath are manipulation and harming and abusing others for personal gain. 

Though APD and NPD are recognized by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), a narcissistic sociopath is not identified as a personality disorder. DSM-5 doesn’t list any symptoms or diagnostic protocols for this either. 

This is not easily identifiable due to a lack of awareness and proper diagnostic tools. When the behavioral patterns of a narcissistic sociopath affect the lives of others severely, they may be considered to suffer from a personality disorder. Otherwise, it will remain undiagnosed their entire life.

Narcissists vs Sociopaths

The ego is the main culprit in the behavior of a narcissistic woman. This is the root cause for most of the abnormalities in their behavior. However, this is replaced by self-interest for a sociopath. A female sociopath is least interested in their image or keeping up with appearances. A sociopathic woman will do anything to get what they want.

Though both manipulate, lie, and try to gain control over others, narcissists and sociopaths do these for different reasons and outcomes. Sociopaths are con artists, duping and cheating others to gain an advantage. Female narcissists are more interested in donning fake personas to make them appear superior and in control.

Signs of a Female Narcissistic Sociopath

Narcissistic sociopathic tendencies are commonly seen among women. We come across many female narcissistic sociopaths in our daily life but rarely manage to identify them as such. We may know them as difficult and toxic women and try our best to avoid contact with them.

To diagnose someone as a narcissistic sociopath, they should display the traits of both APD and NPD. You can find more details about Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD) by clicking the respective links. 

However, for a common person, this is too hard to comprehend and use to identify a female narcissistic sociopath. It is much easier to look for these signs.

1. They are power hungry

Power-hungry female narcissists will attain whatever they desire, regardless of the cost. Manipulation has become an art to many sociopaths who use it as a tool for control – often climbing their way up to positions of authority and influence by exploiting those around them with adept precision.

2. They are manipulative

This is one of the most prominent traits of both personality disorders. As such, it will be overwhelmingly evident in a narcissistic sociopath. They have no guilt or remorse for exploiting others for their gain. They actually think so lowly about others and think that if a person is not resisting their exploitation, they deserve what is coming to them.

Triangulation is a manipulative technique common among female narcissistic sociopaths. This involves a third party getting involved in the relationship of two people who are not communicating directly. The third party indirectly conveys messages between them and misuses their position for selfish gains.

3. They are not empathetic

Female sociopaths have an unquenchable appetite for power and control, caring little about the consequences of their actions on others. It’s as though those unfortunate enough to cross paths with them are merely stepping stones in a merciless quest for personal gain – without remorse or empathy towards anyone else along the way.

Remorse and guilt are alien concepts to narcissistic sociopaths. They are capable of taking advantage of others and causing harm to others as long as they get what they want out of it. 

4. They are attention seekers

Narcissists are constantly searching for and devouring attention, admiration, and even worship. A farce of self-importance masks their desperate search to be loved – a feat that’s near impossible when it comes from someone they’ve manipulated or hurt by way of their crippling insecurities.

Their sociopathic traits make them cold and insensitive. The combination of these two traits can be deadly. Even when they seek love and admiration, they are cruel and uncaring towards their victims. They justify their method and action by telling themselves that their victims deserve every bit of what they got.

5. They are abusive

Narcissistic sociopaths have a penchant for using psychological abuse to get their own way. For them, it’s not just about getting what they want – but also ensuring that those around them stay firmly in line by dominating and controlling behavior. 

After all, no one is allowed to stand up or oppose the mighty narcissist; doing so puts you squarely on the receiving end of violent anger, threats, and even hostility from this manipulative type as an effective form of punishment.

6. They make you believe that you’re the problem and not themselves

Female narcissistic sociopaths are the ultimate master manipulators, skilled in shifting blame and re-writing history to make themselves look blameless for any misdeeds.

Through twisted tactics of guilt tripping and framing themselves as victims, they deceive those around them into thinking that every problem is entirely their fault rather than theirs – absolving them from responsibility or accepting criticism with ease.

7. They force you to take on the responsibility for their mistakes.

A female narcissistic sociopath is a master of manipulation – they use psychological coercion to make their victims take responsibility for something that wasn’t even their fault.

This makes it easy for them to avoid any criticism or consequences while ensuring the victim feels guilty and powerless in order to maintain control over them.

8. They control you and treat you as if you are a child

The female narcissistic sociopath is a master of manipulation. She will use her manipulative tactics such as gaslighting, shaming, and intimidation to keep you right where she wants you: under her control.

Not only that, but they’ll also try to take ownership over your life – who you see, what activities bring pleasure in your life, and even how *you* think or feel; All so their warped ambitions can be fulfilled at the expense of yours!

9. They make excuses for their behavior

The female narcissistic sociopath is adept at making excuses for her bad behaviors. She may say that she was “just kidding” or that she “wasn’t thinking”. She will also try to blame her victims for her bad behavior and make them feel guilty for making her act that way.

The female narcissistic sociopath refuses to take responsibility for her actions and will never admit to being wrong – no matter how much damage she has caused.

10. They shame you for being too sensitive but continue to abuse you

Female narcissists are well-versed in the art of manipulation, often using an “it’s all your fault” approach to control their victims. They show no remorse for any form of abuse and cast blame elsewhere as a means to avoid criticism or consequences.

By stating that her victim is “too sensitive,” she can effectively shame them into submission without taking responsibility for her own actions – allowing this twisted cycle of emotional cruelty to continue uninterruptedly.

11. They don’t give you the freedom to make your own decisions

The female narcissistic sociopath is a commanding presence, always setting the agenda and leaving little room for those around her to make their own decisions.

She will stop at nothing to demean or intimidate anyone who opposes what she decrees – making them feel helpless against her tyrannical reign.

12. They have a manipulative charm that is hard to resist

The female narcissistic sociopath can be a dangerous and manipulative individual, disguising her darker personality under the veil of an angelic charm.

She will use false compliments to ensnare victims in her web before subjecting them to relentless mind games, gaslighting, and shaming – all forms of psychological abuse meant only for control.

Escaping these individuals is not easy, but if you are aware of their insidious behavior, you may protect yourself from being exploited by such dark forces.

13. They are reluctant to offer apologies

The female narcissistic sociopath will never apologize for her wrongdoings, no matter how much damage she has caused. Instead, she is more likely to accuse the victim of being too sensitive or overreacting – invalidating their feelings and avoiding any form of accountability.

No apology can undo the hurt they have inflicted, and it is important to remember that no matter how convincing their facade may be, female narcissists cannot be reasoned with and must instead be avoided for your own safety.

14. They devalue others as a way of boosting their own self-esteem

The female narcissistic sociopath will use insults and criticism to put down those around her to boost her fragile self-esteem. She will manipulate and shatter the confidence of those in her path, leaving them feeling powerless and weak.

It is important to remember that female narcissists are always looking out for their own interests above all else – so never trust a female narcissistic sociopath with your emotions or well-being.

15. They correct, criticize, and reprimand you for your actions and behavior

Manipulative and cunning, the female narcissistic sociopath will use any situation to her advantage. She is a master of criticism that skillfully employs sarcasm, belittlement, and humiliation to feed her insatiable need for superiority over those around them.

Don’t be fooled into thinking she’s looking for cooperation – this type of narcissist seeks only domination at all costs!

With insight into the tell-tale signs of female narcissistic sociopaths, there is hope for those bullied by these emotionally manipulative predators. Arm yourself with the knowledge to prevent exploitation and harm – recognizing their behaviors can be your best form of protection against psychological abuse.

Some more signs of a narcissistic sociopath

  1. They give you punishment when you disobey them. This may be severe criticism or silent treatment.
  2. They pamper you with love and attention in one moment, only to withdraw it without a valid reason later.
  3. They are obsessed with how they look and need to be reassured and complimented.
  4. They humiliate, make fun of, and pull you down for their own gains.
  5. They ridicule and disregard your ideas, suggestions, opinions, and needs. 
  6. They insist that you need their permission.
  7. They deride and trivialize you and your accomplishments, hopes, and desires.
  8. They make you feel as if you are always wrong and they’re always right.
  9. They put you down with their scornful look and contemptuous body language.
  10. They constantly highlight your flaws and mistakes.
  11. They reproach you for things that aren’t true.
  12. They will not tolerate disrespect to themselves.
  13. They make you feel responsible for their happiness and well-being.
  14. They use disparaging words and remarks to pull you down.
  15. They are emotionally unavailable and disconnected most of the time.
  16. They use neglect, indifference, and abandonment as punishment methods. 
  17. They fail to recognize you as an individual and do not care about your feelings.
  18. They withhold sex to control, manipulate, and punish you. 
  19. They refuse to acknowledge and accept their abusive behavior.
  20. They are excessively jealous.
  21. They use the tone of their voice to keep you under their control.
  22. They use withdrawal of attention and affection as punishment.

Final thoughts on signs of a female narcissistic sociopath

You may wonder why anyone would allow themselves to be manipulated and controlled by a female narcissistic sociopath. Even when they are good at making others dance to their tune, they are good at finding their victims as well. 

If you are a victim of a female narcissistic sociopath, you may not find it easy to identify them or escape from their clutches. If you suspect that there is something wrong with someone in your life, as a first step listen to your gut feeling. Check out the signs listed above.

If this woman is indeed a narcissistic sociopath, you need to seriously consider leaving them or at least keeping a distance from them. They may not let you go that easily. Take baby steps to a free life.


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