10 Signs of Disrespect from a Man in a Relationship

10 Signs of Disrespect from a Man in a Relationship

Signs of Disrespect from a Man in a Relationship

It’s important to be able to identify disrespectful behaviors from a man in a relationship so that you can address them as soon as possible. Disrespectful behaviors can lead to the demise of a relationship, so it’s important to be able to identify them early on.

This article will discuss the most common signs of disrespect from a man in a relationship. Once you spot a sign, you can pay more attention, make sure it is a real instance of disrespectful behavior, and then decide on the action you want to take.

Common signs of disrespect from a man

When your partner shows disrespect towards you, he harms the foundation of your relationship. If you allow this to continue, your relationship is likely to turn abusive and may even harm your mental health.

Disrespect from a man can take different forms. It can be verbal, emotional, or physical. Verbal disrespect may involve name-calling, insults, or making fun of your partner.

Emotional disrespect includes ignoring your partner’s feelings, refusing to talk to them, or giving them silent treatment. Physical disrespect may involve pushing, shoving, slapping, or hitting.

There is no reason why you should tolerate disrespectful behavior. Look out for these signs of disrespect from a man and take immediate action.

1. He yells at you.

This typical reaction in a man is to show his superiority and authority. Men disrespect women by raising their voices. He will try to browbeat you into agreeing with him by drowning out your voice. 

However, it is a clear sign of his lack of control. In an argument, when his position is weak, he raises his voice to intimidate you and force you to comply. A disrespectful partner neither has the command nor patience to resolve disagreements amicably.

By yelling, he is showing his frustration as well as disrespecting you. This can also be a sign of anger issues he may be hiding from you.

2. He tunes you out when you’re talking.

This isn’t as evident as the first sign but is noticeable only if you care to pay attention. 

Your partner should give you his full attention when you are saying something. Instead, you find him checking his phone, watching TV, or appearing to look busy with something else. From the blank expression on his face and his lack of response, you will know that he is not listening to you. 

In a relationship, mutual support is vital. Your partner is your advisor, confidant, as well as a sounding board. All these mean he has to listen to what you’re saying. If this is not the case, your relationship is not fulfilling its function. This is disrespectful behavior.

3. He mocks your ideas and dreams.

Are you reluctant to speak freely with your partner? Is it because of the fear of being ridiculed?

In a healthy relationship, your partner should be your biggest fan, cheerleader, and supporter. Every time you open up, your reluctance is understandable if you are being made fun of. He makes you feel as if you are a total idiot, incapable of understanding even the basic things. 

When you are with him, you feel judged all the time. You don’t sense any love, understanding, or support. With his words, your disrespectful partner brings down your confidence to naught.

4. He makes you feel that you aren’t good enough for him.

A disrespectful man is egotistic and boastful and uses every opportunity to establish his superiority over you. To prove himself better than you, he often paints you in a bad light and tries to demonstrate that you are inferior to him. 

Whenever you approach him for help, he’ll use the opportunity to portray you as incompetent and pull you down. All you can expect from him are sarcastic comments and impractical suggestions.

In a healthy relationship, partners should give each other unconditional support and encouragement. When he plays one-upmanship in the relationship, it is downright disrespectful behavior.

5. He isn’t committed enough in the relationship.

A disrespectful man has a wandering eye and flirts with other women even when you’re present. When you take him to task over this, he behaves as if this is normal and you are the one acting abnormal.

Whenever you have an issue with him and try to talk to him about it, he acts uninterested in what you are saying or in figuring out a solution. Your every concern about him or the relationship is brushed off as inconsequential. 

He continues to maintain his relationship status as “single” on his social media profiles. He never posts pictures of the two of you together. It’s as if he’s ashamed of you or doesn’t want the world to know about your relationship. If this is the case, his commitment to the relationship is a big question mark.

6. He patronizes and belittles you in public.

You would want to shout it from the rooftops when you are in love. By making public appearances together, you tell the world that you’re a couple. What if you dread going out with him because he may embarrass you publicly?

He uses every opportunity to pull you down when you are alone. This is something you have accepted to stay in the relationship. But he does the same or worse when you two are out in public. You don’t know how he is going to pull you down each time. You spend every minute dreading what is coming. 

A disrespectful man will mock you, criticize you, and find fault with you in front of others. Men disrespect women by shaming them or making them feel inferior. When your boyfriend disrespects you, you shouldn’t tolerate such behavior.

7. He never apologizes.

A disrespectful man thinks he’s always right and he can do nothing wrong. This means he needn’t apologize. It is always your fault when something goes wrong in the relationship, and you should apologize. 

When you try to point out his mistakes, he will lash out at you for nit-picking and being petty-minded. But never for once will he admit that he was wrong and say sorry. And he is skillful in manipulating any situation to his advantage and turning it against you. He forces you to accept all the blame. 

8. He is good at finding excuses to cover up his mistakes.

Evading accountability and avoiding consequences are his forte. Whatever situation he finds himself in, a disrespectful man can lie through it and come out on top without a dent in his image or reputation. You have to give him credit for the imaginative excuses he comes up with to dodge inescapable situations.

This may not directly concern you, but you should stay alert to this behavior. He is bound to use the same evasive skill to fool you if it suits his purpose. He clearly has no conscience or cares whether his words or actions are hurting others. 

Nothing is ever his fault. It’s always someone else’s. If you are the one at the wrong place at the wrong time, he will dump it all on you to escape the consequences of his action.

9. He doesn’t show empathy or concern for your feelings.

A man who disrespects women cannot empathize or understand another person’s feelings. All he cares about is himself and how the situation affects him. He has no qualms about hurting you emotionally as long as it benefits him in some way. 

You can be in pain and crying your heart out, but he will not offer a shoulder to cry on. At best, he may say something like, “I’m sorry you feel that way,” but he won’t actually feel sorry for you.

10. He threatens or openly bullies you into submission.

A disrespectful man will use physical or emotional intimidation to get what he wants from you. He may break things, hit walls, or slam doors to scare you into submission. When that doesn’t work, he will try emotional blackmail. He threatens to leave you or hurt himself if you don’t give in to his demands.

You live in constant fear of his next outburst. You tiptoe around him, trying to please him all the time so that he won’t go off on you. Your self-esteem and confidence have taken a beating. You no longer know who you are or what you want in life.

Final thoughts on disrespectful behavior from a man

Disrespectful man behavior need not always be visible; it can be hidden as well. Your partner is disrespectful when he thinks of you as inferior, always blames you, isn’t committed, and refuses to apologize for his mistakes.

Dealing with a disrespectful boyfriend is not easy. These are just some examples of signs of disrespect from a man. If you are in a relationship with a man who is exhibiting any of these signs, it’s time to take a stand and put your foot down. Don’t allow yourself to be treated this way.

Don’t let him control or manipulate you. Talk to him about his behavior and how it is affecting you. If he doesn’t change, then perhaps it’s time to walk away from the relationship.


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