9 Signs of Heart Chakra Awakening

9 Signs of Heart Chakra Awakening

Signs of Heart Chakra Awakening

The Heart Chakra is more equal than others in the chakra energy system. Its unique position in the center makes it a bridge connecting the spiritual chakras located above it to the physical chakras below.

Its special status in the chakra system emphasizes the importance of the balance and wellbeing of the Heart Chakra. And, like all chakras, maintaining the Heart Chakra in good health needs constant effort.

Despite all efforts, chakras get blocked or unbalanced at times. This will have implications in the physical and emotional realms. With the Heart Chakra, no time must be lost in retrieving the balance as the implications of its imbalance are more severely felt. 

If your heart chakra is blocked, you may want to learn about blocked heart chakra symptoms.

As you work on opening up the Heart Chakra, you would like to know how far you have progressed or whether your effort is paying off. What does it feel like when your chakras open?

This article details some common signs that the Heart Chakra is on the mend and is regaining its health.

Signs of the Heart Chakra opening

You have numerous choices for opening the Heart Chakra or chakra awakening. Such as chakra meditation, chakra-specific yoga poses, aromatherapy, crystal healing, chakra-specific foods, and more.

You may choose to follow one or more of the options for regaining the balance in the chakra. While doing so, you would be looking for physical symptoms of Heart Chakra awakening or opening. Any indication that you are on the right path and your attempts are working.

Here are some common Heart Chakra opening symptoms.

1. You feel a sudden surge of deep emotions

After all, we are dealing with the heart here – the seat of all emotions. What better way to know that it is working fine other than by experiencing a rush of emotions?

When your Heart Chakra is blocked or out of balance, you will experience a lack or suppression of emotions. As it opens up, you feel an immediate rise in the emotional level.

You will come across emotions that you have never felt before. Or even the ones you are familiar with, you will be feeling it at a new depth and intensity. 

As the chakra regains its health, the emotions felt will be from the positive spectrum like joy, positivity, gratitude, love, compassion, and empathy.

When the chakra is fully open and in perfect balance, the emotions will settle down into more sensible levels.

2. You experience a feeling of interconnectedness

When the Heart Chakra is open and balanced, you will feel a sense of connection with everything else in your environment. You will be more aware of their existence and feelings and the importance of their role in your life.

You will feel emotionally connected to the people close to you. When your Heart Chakra was blocked, you felt disconnected from all these people but all of a sudden you woke up to their significance.

You are more open in your interactions with others. This applies to even strangers you are meeting for the first time. Instead of dismissing people as irrelevant, you begin to look for common ground with people you meet.

This urge to connect is not just with people. You feel more drawn to spending time with nature. You start enjoying your time out in the open more.

3. You feel more generous

Another word for generosity is big-heartedness. As your heart begins to open up and expand, you feel that you have so much more to offer than before. Your heart overflows with love for fellow human beings. As you receive more blessings, you would naturally want to share them with others.

When you feel this urge to share your blessings, it will come from a place of pure love. You are no longer interested in getting anything in return for the favors. The scarce mentality that prompted you to look out for cost-benefits in every deal has vanished.

You become more aware that sharing is beneficial to everyone. Though you do things without expecting anything in return, you find yourself being blessed more and more.

4. You feel more compassionate

As you feel more connected to everything and everyone in your environment, you find your heart welling up with kindness and compassion for other living beings. 

This heightened compassion makes it easier for you to develop the ability to forgive others for their transgressions. You find it easy to let go of the hurtful feelings gracefully and allow the inflow of love and kindness.

The fact that you are more forgiving now doesn’t mean you are not aware of the hurtful acts of others. You will be willing to forgive others even as you fully absorb the situation for the sake of building relationships.

5. You become aware of synchronicities

Synchronicities are meaningful coincidences that are signs from the Universe to convey messages to you. As you become aware of them and learn to interpret them well, your quality of life will improve. You will be able to avoid undesirable events and attract what you desire in life.

6. You learn to be non-judgmental

As your heart opens up, you will be able to see from the perspective of others. This will help you accept others for who they are and remain non-judgmental. Your heart will be filled with love and understanding. You will feel more conscious of the feelings and emotions of others and could navigate difficult situations skillfully without hurting anyone and without being hurt.

7. You learn to build healthy relationships

With the Heart Chakra opening up, you witness an all-around improvement in your interpersonal relations. This will be more evident in your romantic relationships. 

You become more conscious of what your partner is going through and more aware of your own behavior. And this will trigger a transformation in your outlook. 

You realize that harmful or spiteful behavior has no place in a loving relationship. If you are the culprit, you effect changes in your behavior. If it is your partner, you try to make them understand. If it is not working, you may even decide to end it as you realize that relationships have to come from a place of love and not from a place of lack, desperation, and constraints.

8. You feel better connected to your higher self

When your Heart Chakra was blocked, you felt disconnected from everything and everyone including your higher self. As the chakra opens., you feel the connection more than ever. Your spirituality is awakened.

As the heart doesn’t follow the logic of the mind, there is no limit or ceiling to the feelings you will experience. It would seem magical.

9. You attract your desires with ease

With the blockage in the chakra easing up and energy beginning to flow freely, you find it easier to raise your energy vibrations. And naturally, you have an easy time manifesting the goals you have set for yourself.

As the Heart Chakra returns to normalcy, you will start experiencing feelings of gratitude and appreciation. As you feel more thankful for the blessings in life, you tend to attract more good things and everything you desire.

You become aware that you fully deserve to have the best things in life and there is no need to compete with others for them. There is more than enough for everyone.

Concluding thoughts

The opening of the Heart Chakra doesn’t happen in one go or overnight; it is a slow process that happens in stages. As you make progress, you will experience the Heart Chakra activation symptoms more and more. You will feel more relaxed and peaceful.

Whether the chakra opening is happening organically or as a consequence of your conscious action, the results and effects are the same. You will feel the transformation more if your Heart Chakra has remained blocked for a considerable time. This will make you wonder why you did not think of this before.

To learn how to unblock heart chakra, see our article on a hundred heart chakra affirmations or check out our ultimate guide on clearing chakras for beginners.

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