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Signs of Negative Energy in A House

signs of negative energy in a house

Do you find things turning out bad for no apparent reason? Or, feeling down and falling sick way too often, again, without any specific cause. 

In case this is true, it may be because of the negative energy piled up in your home.

Maybe you are not aware of it, but negative energy can accumulate in homes over time and can cause irreparable damage to its occupants. 

Identifying and clearing negative energy from the house is a skill every one of us should have. Because our happiness and peace of mind depend on it.

There is no need to worry. It is possible to detect the negative energy in your home and get rid of them. 

Let us start by understanding the source of the negative energy, how they accumulate, how to detect and get rid of them.

How to Detect Negative Energy in the House?

Our homes are said to be an extension of ourselves. Though we may not realize this and treat it only as a place to fulfill our daily needs. 

Even when we are ignorant about the presence of negative energy in our homes or try to ignore it, it is impossible to escape it and its harmful effects. 

The best way is to learn to identify the harmful energies lurking in our homes and clear them to bring back vitality, joy, and peace in our most personal space.

Let us start looking at each corner of our home in detail and recognize the signs of negative energy hiding there.

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How to Detect Negative Energy in the House

Signs of negative energy in the home

1. Cluttered spaces

Accumulating unwanted things is something most of us do, thinking they will come in handy someday. And, this ‘someday’ never comes. 

These may be old unwearable clothes, old newspapers, or things you no longer have use for. 

We impart our energy to objects we own and use. And, this energy remains with the objects. This means old things are bound to have a confluence of energies in them. What kind of energies inhabit things depends on the energies of their owners at the time.

Depending on the sort of energy stored up in the things around the home, their effect on us varies. It can interfere and cause disruptions in our lives physically, mentally as well as spiritually.

Decluttering is the simple remedy for this.

2. Broken things

When something breaks or stops working, we shove it in the bottom of the cupboard, intending to get it repaired soon. And, this ‘future’ near materializes.

We either learn to live without it or buy a new one, but forget about the broken one altogether. Broken things have negative energy in them as they are not being useful.

If it cannot be repaired, it is of no use and so dispose of it. If it can be repaired or mended, get it back to working condition. 

Things around the home need to be maintained in a clean and good workable condition. 

3. Stagnant interior

Ventilation of living spaces is vital for physical as well as spiritual wellbeing. The air inside tends to retain some of the negative energy from its occupants. 

Allowing fresh air in will clear the stagnant air inside. Open the windows and doors to make this happen.

When buying a home, an important point to consider is the presence of cross-ventilation. By opening up the windows and doors, you are letting in the fresh air and flushing out the cooped-up air inside.

4. Furniture

Present in every home, furniture tends to absorb the negative energy from the occupants and retain it unless forcefully removed. 

As time passes by, the furniture will look dusty, dirty, dull, and jaded with stains and bad smells. These are all signs of negative energy residing in them.

Periodical cleaning is the only way to bring them back to glory and get rid of bad energy in them.

Rearranging furniture now and then is also recommended for raising positive energy.

5. Unclean spaces

Dirty and dust-accumulated interiors are signs of neglect and carelessness. And, this is an obvious sign of negative energy. 

When you leave your living spaces in such pitiable conditions, it is no surprise that things are not going right in your life. It is important to maintain our premises in clean and good condition for us to have a happy and peaceful life.

Periodical cleaning and spring-cleaning should be undertaken to get rid of the negative energy.

6. Bad odor

When you detect a bad smell inside the house, lingering there for days or weeks, it is a sign of negative energy. Irrespective of its cause, action should be taken to get rid of the awful smell.

Airing the living space and cleaning the home thoroughly can help in this regard. At times, these methods may not be enough to eliminate the bad odor completely.

Burning sage, scented candles, incense, or using an air spray may help.

7. Jaded interiors 

These are signs of neglect and negative energy. 

When you buy a home and furnish it, it will look nice for some time. Maintenance is key to keeping it looking fresh and beautiful. 

Periodical cleaning and repairs can help in maintaining the interiors in good condition. A coat of paint or a change of wallpaper can bring back the glory to any old home.

You may also add more vitality to the interiors by introducing vibrant colors with plants, showpieces, and decor. 

Final thoughts

Sharp objects and plants with thorns and sharp edges are believed to bring bad luck. Avoid them wherever possible or keep them inside cupboards. Mirrors and television in the bedroom are also believed to have negative connotations. Remove them if possible, or else keep them under wraps when not in use. 

Crystals, essential oils, and ringing bells are also believed to help in getting rid of the negative energy in the house. Some find religious and auspicious symbols adding positive vibes to living spaces.

There may be a simpler reason for the issues you are facing. But if these negative happenings cannot be explained otherwise, the chances are that they are happening because of the negative energy hanging around inside your home.

Detecting and cleansing negative energy can be tedious and hard at times. You may use the signs described here as indicators and take action without delay for a happy and peaceful life.

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