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11 Signs of Negative Energy in a Person

Signs of Negative Energy in a Person

Anger, fear, jealousy, loneliness, gloominess, distrust, anxiety, self-criticism or lack of confidence, self-assurance, peace of mind, joy, and hope – that is a long list of negative emotions. 

If you are wondering whether all this negativity can co-exist in one person, the answer is yes, they can. It is a miracle that people survive such afflictions and manage to lead normal lives.

People with bad energy do not live in some far, far away land. They live right amongst us. And, many are unaware of their problems and so do nothing about them. This makes it all the more difficult and dangerous. 

The people with positive energy also have their moments of despair, sadness, anger, and other negative emotions. But they manage to shake it off with their optimistic attitude soon enough.

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11 Signs of negative energy

People with negative energy not only bring misery to their own lives, but also to those who come in contact with them. And, it is practically impossible to avoid them. 

It is up to you to detect negative energy in a person. This will help you to avoid falling into the same bottomless pit. You may even be able to help them get rid of their negative energy.

This article will help you identify the signs of negative energy in a person.

1. Pessimism

Negative people rarely foresee a happy ending or a favorable outcome. They are always predicting and expecting the worst of situations and people. 

As the saying goes, prepare for the worst but hope for the best. And, this is what a normal person does. With their doomsday predictions, negative people can bring gloom and despair to people around them.

2. Worry

Worrying is a staple for people with negative energy; they actually thrive on it. 

Our brain is wired to be on the constant lookout for dangers and bad news. This is a defense mechanism in-built in us to help us avoid trauma. This should serve as a warning sign rather than pulling us down.

In normal people, worry is a self-defense mechanism in-built to prevent avoidable harm. However, when this gets out of hand and reaches mammoth proportions, this negative trait will start affecting the person as well as those in contact. 

3. Unwanted advice

It is common to find people who are ready to give away advice without being asked for. If you care to dig deeper, you will find that their own life is a mess and they do not follow the advice they give away so freely.

When you find someone telling you what to do, it is a sign that the person has not sorted out their own problems. They find it easier to distribute free advice and sort out other people’s lives than manage their own.

4. Secretive

Negative people are curious about the lives of others while revealing nothing about theirs. They always imagine how others will misuse the information they give out. Consistent with their pessimistic attitude, they have a bleak outlook on others and their actions.

However, they do not apply this rule when prying into others’ affairs. 

5. Thrive on bad news

Have you ever come across people who are happy to spread bad news; even when you are not interested in it? They feed on the tragedy of others and feel satiated. They scan the newspaper and media for violence, deaths, disasters, and accidents. And, not satisfied with that they spread the word around.

Negative people get a high spreading the negativity around. 

6. Susceptible to criticism

Even as they pry into other people’s lives, give away unwanted advice, and pass comments on others, they have very thin skin. Meaning, they can’t take criticism.

Not just criticism, they have negative interpretations of even compliments or innocent remarks by others about them. They are often offended by jokes or even comments directed at others. 

In short, they take offense at the real or imagined comments.

7. Complain incessantly

Negative people are often convinced that the entire world is conspiring against them. Every situation is viewed in a bad light and whining follows. 

Be it bad weather, delayed flight, traffic jam, or a demanding boss, the negative people are convinced that adverse conditions are happening to them to make them miserable. They are not able to see things from any other angle and find other reasons for the misfortunes.

8. But…

This is their favorite word in the dictionary. Even when they say something positive, it is accompanied by ‘but…’. 

Negative people have a natural tendency to turn every positive happening into a negative one.

9. Stuck in one place

Once they find their comfort zone, negative people hesitate to move forward and face challenges. They are prevented from doing so by their innate pessimistic view.

While they advise others to try new things, they are themselves fearful of attempting something new or challenging.

10. Lacks enthusiasm

While normal people get excited about their future and make plans with enthusiasm, people with a negative outlook do not find changes appealing. They prefer the status quo as they are fearful of what lies ahead. 

Even when they have to attempt something new, you will find negative people complaining about the change and the extra effort required from them. They prefer to remain in their present situation, though they are not happy with this as well.

11. Do not reach their potential

Negative people lack the drive to find new avenues and lack the initiative to change the course of their lives. Ultimately, this will make them underachievers. They never realize their potential because of their lack of courage and conviction.

Even when others suggest changes in their lives, negative people are ready with excuses like they are not good enough. On the other hand, they will try to convince you that their limited achievement in life is because of the unappreciative or uncooperative people around them 

Final thoughts

So, what attracts negative energy? The surprising answer is negative energy itself. When you are in the constant company of negativity, it will have you in its clutches in no time and it would require a herculean task to escape it. All the more reason for you to avoid negative energy.

How to remove negative energy? Is it really possible? Yes, it can be achieved with perseverance and persistence. And, with unconditional support from others. However, the first step would be to accept its existence and seek help.

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