20 Signs of Unspoken Mutual Attraction

20 Signs of Unspoken Mutual Attraction

Signs of Unspoken Mutual Attraction

So, you are single and ready to mingle. You must have accumulated your own experiences of how tricky the world of relationships is.

You feel attracted to someone but it is hard to figure out that they have the same feelings as you. After days, it is heartbreaking to know that for the other person, it was just friendship. 

In the initial stage of a relationship, it is not easy to have open conversations about this as well. You cannot go right out and ask the person whether they are attracted to you. In this situation, you usually rely on unspoken signs. Unless you are aware of the correct signs and your mind is trained to look out for them, deciphering mutual attraction is a dicey proposition.

In this article, you will find compiled a list of fail-safe and hard-to-miss signs of unspoken mutual attraction. Keeping these in your mind can help you recognize them right away and know whether the interesting person you met recently is into you.

What is meant by mutual attraction?

You like someone but if the person doesn’t feel the same way towards you, it means the relationship is one-sided. No need to add that there is no future for such a relationship. It is doubtful whether this can be called a relationship at all. It is the same if someone has romantic feelings for you but you don’t feel the same way.

When your feeling for someone is reciprocated in equal measure, it can be termed mutual attraction. 

Mutual attraction can follow either one of these two paths – both reveal their feelings for each other openly and get along with the relationship or the attraction remains unspoken, at least for a while.

When you like someone but you are not sure how the other person feels about you, it is an unspoken attraction. You hesitate to approach the person or talk about it openly. For all you know, the other person may be facing the same dilemma. That makes it an unspoken mutual attraction.

Even when you two aren’t openly revealing your attraction for each other, you will be sending unconscious intense attraction signs or clues to each other, giving hints of how you feel. All you need to do is to search for these strong mutual attraction behaviors to confirm what your heart wants to be true. 

For instance, you can’t resist your eyes from wandering toward this person. Then you notice every single time, this person has their eyes fixed on you. Eye contact is a sure shot sign of unspoken mutual attraction.

It is always good to be aware of these signs of deep attraction as it removes the doubt and fear of failure from your mind and gives you the confidence to approach the person and take the relationship ahead. If both of you allow the attraction to remain unspoken, you may be missing out on a chance to have a loving relationship.

20 signs of unspoken strong mutual attraction

1. Sparks fly when your eyes meet

Even in a crowded room, your gaze keeps hovering over this person. You are amused that every time you look at them, your eyes meet because this person is already looking your way. If they avert their gaze, it is a sign that they are not ready to reveal their true feelings yet. They are just casing you and trying to make up their mind about you.

On the other hand, if the eye contact is intense, it is time to move on to the next step. You should get ready to reveal what is in your heart. Without saying a single word, this eye contact can reveal a lot about how you feel towards each other.

2. Interested in knowing each other

You can do this without revealing your feelings for each other. You can ask them questions to know more about their personal background. If you find the other person doing the same, you can be sure about mutual attraction.

3. Casual physical contact

When you are attracted to someone, even when you aren’t ready to come out about it in the open, you may want to test the waters by getting closer to them physically to see how it goes. Physical touch is a natural progression of sexual attraction. 

This may manifest itself in many ways – a causal graze of the hand, a reassuring hand on the shoulder, touching the arm, or an innocent hug. Or you may also encounter sexual tension and reluctance for the physical touch.

4. A smile hovering on the lips

When you are attracted to someone, you find yourself dreaming of the wonderful life ahead and the fun you will be having as a couple. This will put a happy smile on your face. If you find that the other person is also grinning from ear to ear, it is a confirmation of mutual attraction.

5. Mirroring each other

When someone is on your mind 24×7 and you are constantly watching them at every opportunity you have, you subconsciously begin to mirror each other’s gestures, behavior, body language, and even way of speaking. If you find the other person also indulging in the same behavior, you can be sure that this is one of the mutual attraction signs.

6. Smiles, giggles, and laughs

When you are together, you enjoy each other’s company so much that you can’t hide your happiness. You both find the silliest of things amusing and are looking for excuses to smile, giggle, and laugh. This is an indication that you are attracted to each other.

7. Enjoy teasing each other

Playful bantering and making fun of each other in a light-hearted way is part of the courting. This is an informal way of knowing each other and gauging their reactions. Before you open your heart and reveal your true feelings, this ritual can help both figure out each other’s responses and where you stand in the whole setup. There is no doubt that this is a prelude to a relationship and a sure sign of attraction.

8. Want to impress each other

Again, another popular courting technique to get the attention of someone. You know that you do this. When you notice that the other person is also taking extra pains to look good, both physically and intellectually, for your sake, it can mean only one thing – they are interested in you.

9. Know minute details about each other

Before you take the plunge, it is natural that you case the joint, so to speak. You are doing this to gather more information about this special someone and to ascertain whether you will gel well together. If you find the person doing the same thing, you know that they are serious about you.

10. Anticipating actions/words of each other

When you have spent much time in knowing the person by closely observing them, it is easy to expect what they will do or say. It is as if you can read their minds. This way, you can convey your thoughts without speaking a single word. When you have this level of understanding with someone, it is a sign of an unspoken relationship and mutual attraction.

11. Oblivious of other’s presence

You may be part of a crowd but you have eyes and ears for just one person. If that person is also acting this way, what more signs do you need to confirm that there is a mutual attraction? It is as if your whole attention is riveted on this person. The same is true the other way round as well. The entire world fades away for both of you.

12. Find lame excuses to be near each other

You both love each other’s company but are reluctant to reveal your true feelings to each other. This means you try to justify your actions by giving flimsy explanations. Whenever you want to be near this person, you come up with the weirdest of reasons. When you find the other person doing the same, you can be sure of their intentions.

13. Face lighting upon seeing each other

When you like the company of a person, you are naturally happy to see them. The more you like a person, the happier you are to meet them. The same rule applies to couples with unspoken attraction for each other. Their reaction on seeing each other is so spontaneous and unguarded that they find it difficult to hide it. This is a clear sign.

14. Opening your hearts to each other

You may still be unwilling to talk about your attraction or love for each other. But you will easily reveal your deepest sorrows, darkest secrets, ambitious goals, and more to each other. This is an obvious sign of planning a future together. 

15. Comfortable in silence

You don’t need to talk all the time when you are with each other. You can sit together silently without saying a single word. You know so much about each other that there is no need for the spoken word. Silence is as eloquent and you can manage to convey everything you want to without a word being said. When you have reached such a stage together, it is a sign of unspoken mutual attraction.

16. Care what the other person thinks

You analyze all your actions and words to ensure that it meets with the approval of that special someone. Not because you are afraid of their disapproval. It is because you care so much about how they perceive you. If you find the person doing the same with you, you can be sure that they are as much attracted to you as you are to them.

17. Missing them insanely

The urge to be together is so high that every moment apart is torture. You will find every crooked means to be together as much as possible. Is this person also reacting to you the same way? Then, it is a mutual attraction for sure.

18. Feel nervous in each other’s company

You are comfortable in each other’s presence and cherish every moment of togetherness. However, there is also the apprehension of making mistakes and missteps. You don’t want to create a wrong impression and spoil the show by doing or saying the wrong things. When you both care so much about what the other person thinks, it is a sign of mutual attraction.

19. Have so much to share

Indeed, you haven’t revealed your true feelings to each other. But you are never out of topics to discuss with this person. There is always so much to say that you talk to each other every day for hours. Even then, parting is always painful. When both of you feel the same way, this is in all probability a case of mutual attraction.

20. Tongues start to wag

When the two of you are stuck to each other as if there is no one else in this world, others will begin to notice it. There is bound to be talk in your friend’s circle about your bond. Even if you two have not acknowledged this attraction to each other or others, you can do nothing about how others consider you as a couple.

Bottom line

When there is a great rapport between two people, even if it is unacknowledged, it is an obvious sign of unspoken mutual attraction. If you notice these attraction signs in the other person, it is time to verbalize your feelings for them. There is no more need for hiding your feelings. It is high time you reveal them to the other person as well as the world.

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