11 Signs She Cheated In The Past

11 Signs She Cheated In The Past

Signs She Cheated In The Past

Infidelity can be devastating to a relationship, and it’s important to know if your partner has cheated in the past. If you’re suspicious that your significant other may have had an affair before, there are some tell-tale signs to look out for.

In this blog post, we will discuss 11 indicators of previous deception and offer guidance on confronting these concerns and advice on rebuilding trust within your partnership. We hope that by providing invaluable insights and advice, you will learn how to strengthen the foundation of your relationship today.

1) She Changes In Behavior And Appearance

A change in a partner’s behavior and appearance is often one of the first signs that they may have cheated in the past. 

Look for physical changes such as dressing more provocatively than usual or an increased focus on grooming habits. 

Additionally, there may be more subtle signs such as becoming less affectionate, using body language to show defensiveness when questioned and developing new hobbies usually associated with another gender. 

2) She Hides Phone Or Social Media Activity

Hiding phone or social media activity is one of the most common signs that someone may have cheated in the past. 

This behavior can range from being overly protective of their device to checking messages or notifications when you’re not around or frequently clearing their browsing history, deleting conversations, and hiding apps on their phone. 

Other signs to look out for include a partner having a password on their phone, angling their screen away from you when reading texts, refusing to share about online interactions, and not accepting your friend request on Facebook. 

3) Her Suspicious Behavior With A Specific Friend

Look out for defensive or secretive interactions between them, increased private messaging or phone calls, and other warning signs like emotional distance and lying. 

Suppose a partner has a close friend who consistently asks for favors, makes suggestive comments, or comes to you for advice about their relationship issues. In that case, there is a strong possibility that something inappropriate has happened between them in the past. 

4) She Feels Guilty Or Defensive Around You

If your partner constantly deflects conversations about relationships, has difficulty expressing their feelings, or avoids communicating with you altogether, this could be a sign that they have cheated in the past and are feeling guilty or defensive.

They may also become overly protective and possessive of their time, try to control their interactions with others or be too eager to please you to make up for any wrongdoings. 

5) She Struggles With Trust Issues In The Present

If your partner has difficulty trusting you or becomes suspicious of minor things, it could be an indication that they were betrayed in the past.

They may also become insecure or jealous if you talk to someone of the opposite sex, struggle with commitment or doubts about your relationship, and seem overly cautious when making decisions together. 

6) She Is Unwilling To Talk About The Past

If your partner is unwilling to talk about their past relationships or has trouble expressing their feelings in general, it could be a sign that something that they don’t want to discuss happened in the past.

For example, if they change the subject or become defensive whenever you bring up past relationships, it could be an indicator that your partner may have cheated on a previous partner.

This can make it difficult for them to open up and be vulnerable with you, leading to communication breakdowns and trust issues. 

7) She Avoids Making Future Plans Or Commitments

Another sign to look out for is whether your partner avoids making future plans or commitments with you. If they often shy away from discussing the future or seem unable to commit, it could be a sign that they have been burned in the past.

Such behavior can reflect their fear of getting hurt again and make them reluctant to express their true feelings for you.

8) She’s on a dating app

If you notice that your girlfriend is active on a dating app like Tinder, it could mean she has cheated in the past. Being present on a dating app is no joke, especially if your partner is in a monogamous marriage.

It may suggest that something that was going on before now and should be taken seriously as one of many possible signs of cheating.

9) She doesn’t want to introduce you to her friends

Unwillingness to introduce a partner to close friends can be a warning sign of infidelity. In healthy relationships, partners often want their significant other to meet the people in their lives who are important to them. 

However, if your partner insists on keeping you separate or seems hesitant to make the introductions, it could mean they are hiding something. 

This behavior may be especially suspicious if an individual has previously been open about introducing past partners to their social circle. 

10) She is becoming more private

Is it possible that when your girlfriend is becoming more private, it could be a sign that she cheated in the past? In many cases, this could be true. People who have been unfaithful may become more closed off and guarded. 

Increased privacy can be an attempt to hide something they don’t want to discuss. If your partner is noticeably more secretive than they used to be, it might mean there’s something from their past that they don’t want you to find out about.

11) Her experimental in bed

Another sign that your girlfriend may have been unfaithful in the past can be a sudden change in behavior when it comes to sex. 

If your partner was previously very hesitant to experiment or try new things in the bedroom, yet suddenly, they are much more open and willing to explore, it could mean that these interests have been formed from experiences outside of your relationship.

The same goes for any other dramatic change in sexual habits; if something seems out of the ordinary, it may be a sign that she’s been with someone else.

5 Steps to Confronting Your Partner Over Suspected Infidelity

Approach The Subject Calmly And With Openness:  Using “I” statements instead of blame is beneficial in easing tension between the two individuals so that an honest discussion can occur. If your partner admits to cheating, resist the urge to shame them and instead focus on expressing how you feel about the situation and why it may have happened.

Ask For Honesty And Transparency: Being upfront about what you know or suspect and allowing your partner to explain themselves, as well as asking for any information that may have been hidden, helps create a safe space for the conversation.

Offer Understanding: It’s natural to feel hurt when tackling such a difficult issue, but extending understanding will help foster a more productive dialogue with your partner. It can be tempting to get angry or lash out at one another in frustration but instead, try taking turns conveying how you both feel without accusing one another of wrongdoing or assigning blame.

Listen To One Another: Listening is key when clarifying the root cause of suspected infidelity since this makes it easier for both parties involved to express their feelings openly without judgment or interruption.

Seek Professional Help: If conversations don’t seem productive, then enlisting outside help, such as marriage counseling or individual therapy, may be necessary to resolve this sensitive topic effectively and fairly for all parties involved.


It is essential to be aware of the signs your partner may have cheated in the past, as this could affect how you approach and handle any issues in your relationship.

Several warning signs can indicate a history of infidelity, from being unwilling to talk about their past relationships or making plans with you to becoming more private regarding phone and social media accounts.

If your wife has been displaying any of these behaviors recently, it could indicate she has cheated in the past – so take note and address these issues together for a healthier relationship in the future.

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