5 Signs She Misses You During No Contact

5 Signs She Misses You During No Contact

5 Signs She Misses You During No Contact

The whole idea behind the No Contact rule after a breakup is to keep distance between partners to check if they have any feelings for each other. 

So, naturally, when you broke up with your girlfriend recently, it was a joint decision to enforce the No Contact rule. Then, all signs from her will be hidden from you. Even if you desperately want to know if she is missing you, you have no way of accessing this information directly.

However, if you really want something, there are always ways to make it happen. The same holds in this instance.

You would be thrilled to know that there are indirect ways of checking with her without flouting the No Contact rule. 

This article focuses on indirect signs your ex misses you that you can use to detect when the No Contact rule is in force. Here you will find hard-to-miss signs she misses you during No Contact. Knowing that she is missing may make your days easier and give you hope for a reunion.

Undeniable signs she misses you during No Contact

When she walked out of your relationship, you had no clue whether it was because she had already found another guy. There can be any number of reasons for her breaking up with you. You tried asking her directly but didn’t get any straightforward answer. 

This will make you all the more interested in knowing whether she is missing you. It may be easier for you to know that she is not going out with anyone else or she is staying cooped up in her home. But for you, this isn’t enough. You want to know more. You want a more accurate picture of her feelings toward you.

You will get a clearer idea of her feelings through these signs that she still thinks about you. 

1. She flouts the No Contact rule and tells you right out that she misses you

You cannot have a clearer sign than this one. She knows how important the No Contact rule is in a breakup. If she defies the rule, this can only mean one thing. She misses you terribly and cannot bear to stay away from you. She is no longer interested in breaking up with you and wants to reunite.

But she may feel that she is missing you because she is missing the life you shared and not you as such. This may be difficult for you to process, but human feelings are indeed strange. She may not want to give up on you completely, just so that she can hold on to the lifestyle she enjoys a lot. Even when she tells you that she misses you, she may not want you back in her life. She may feel this way until she gets adjusted to a life without you. 

Unless she backs her words with sincere actions, her words may not mean much in the real sense.

2. She doesn’t change her relationship status and continues to post photos with you on social media

Social media offers you a shortcut to her mind without directly contacting her. If you want to know whether she misses you during No Contact, this is the ideal place to check for clues.

Has she changed her relationship status to “single”? Has she removed your photos from her profile? If she is serious about the breakup, she would have changed her relationship status and removed all traces of you from her social media account.

Since she hasn’t done this yet, it’s clear that she hasn’t yet shut the door completely on the relationship. But she may also be taking her time to come to terms with the breakup before she cuts all ties with you. Something you can surmise from this is that she isn’t bitter. 

Is she posting new photos with you on social media? Or commenting on your posts? Then, there is a higher chance that she is missing you. 

3. Your common friends tell you that she is feeling down in the dumps

The No Contact rule is only for communicating directly. There is no restriction to getting information about each other through common friends. Often, in these kinds of situations, common friends act as messengers. 

You get information that she isn’t going out much and stays put at home. She isn’t in the best frame of mind and feels sad and dejected. She is missing your company and all the fun you had together. 

She will feel this way only if the good old days existed for her. If she didn’t enjoy your time together or found it torturous or restricting, she won’t be mourning them. In fact, she may have hated every minute of the time in the relationship and felt a sense of relief when she left you. All she may want to do now is to catch her breath and figure out how to move on in life.

4. She is going through your shared albums

Most couples have shared folders to store photos, videos, music, and even conversations. Every time someone checks them, all will get notified. So, when you find the notification that she is going through your shared folder, you know that she is missing you.

It may also mean that she is having one of her moments of weakness. Or she may be checking the conversation to make sure she understood your words correctly. If she is checking the shared folder only once, it is not a positive sign. She clearly got what she had been searching for and never came back. It is not nostalgia that is forcing her to visit your shared folder. She is looking for confirmation.

On the other hand, if she is coming back again and again and going through the old photos and videos multiple times, it is a clear sign that she misses you.

5. She is visiting places you visited together

It’s not just the shared folder that she is visiting to relive the memories. She is also going to your favorite destinations together as a couple. She may be missing you and feeling close to you in these places.

However, this cannot be used as a clear indication of her missing you. She may love these destinations and her visiting them may not have anything to do with you or nostalgia. Maybe she is too lazy to explore other places and just repeats where she went earlier. It just happens that you were with her on some of these visits.

Or in the worst-case scenario, she may be visiting these places as an act of revenge toward you. She knows that you may hear about her visits through your common friends and she is merely trying to tick you off.

It again depends on whether she is visiting these locations alone or with her new boyfriend. Or she may be visiting them with her friends. Each one of these scenarios has a different meaning. Again, the meaning may not be the same for everyone. 

Either way, this is a significant move on her part for sure.

Final thoughts on your girlfriend miss you during no contact

After breaking up with you, if she misses you during no contact period, there are ways for you to figure it out. In this modern age when communication doesn’t happen only in person, phones and social media can do a wonderful job of keeping people connected. There is also the good old method of communication through common friends. 

Depending on your situation, you may make use of any of these indirect means to know how she is faring after the breakup and whether she misses you during No Contact period.

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