7 Signs She Wants to be More Than Friends

7 Signs She Wants to be More Than Friends

Signs She Wants to be More Than Friends

When it comes to relationships, most people are clueless. In fact, many people don’t even know when they are in one. This is especially true when it comes to the signs she wants to be more than friends.

A lot of guys often miss the signs because they are either too shy or oblivious.

If you have a female friend and aren’t sure whether she wants something more than just friendship, this article is for you. We will go over seven she wants to be more than friends so that you can get a better idea of what is going on.

Signs she wants to be more than friends

Romantic feelings can sneak up on a friendship between opposite sexes at any time. It becomes harder to detect when both are not aware of it. If you are the first to notice it, you may want some confirmation before you make your move. Or else you will end up sabotaging a beautiful friendship.

When your female friend falls in love with you, it will be evident in her behavior and body language. She will convey her desires to you through these subtle signs. Once you know where you stand with her, you can make your move with confidence.

When relying on signs to read a woman’s mind, don’t go with a single sign. Make up your mind after witnessing a few of them, thus forming a pattern.

Without further ado, let’s check out the signs she wants to be more than friends.

1. She will say something to this effect.

She is dropping hints. Subtle and vague, maybe. Still, these are hints to grab your attention, if only you care to pay attention.

She may be disguising them in her usual banter. Such as, she may tell you that the girl who can get your affection is lucky. Or, she may find fault with every girlfriend of yours. She thinks that you are too good for them. 

Maybe she wants to be your girlfriend and is trying to project herself in the role, even as she sabotages her rivals with uncomplimentary comments. 

When you notice this, just absorb what she is saying and try to understand the situation. Take care not to react immediately. Most of all, don’t feel annoyed by her behavior. Assess the situation well and understand what you want before deciding on your response.

2. She acts more like a girlfriend.

You consider her just as your friend; one of the best ones you have. But you find her exceeding the boundaries of friendship and entering your personal space without permission.

When she makes eye contact, does it make you uncomfortable? Are you okay with the violation of the limits of friendship?

Maybe you are unintentionally encouraging her. You too are enjoying the comfort of combining your friendship with romantic feelings. But is she around you when you are down and out? Is she coming to your aid when you need help?

A male friend will help you whenever they can. They may not be willing to rush to your side when you want or drop everything they are doing to help you. However, the scenario is different in a romantic relationship. 

If she is offering unconditional help and is always by your side when you need her, she is trying to be more than a good friend to you.

3. She devotes all her free time to you.

She replies to your messages within the minute. It is as if she is waiting for them. She never fails to answer your calls. You get the feeling that she is expecting you to call.

It seems as if she has no other interest in life other than spending every waking moment with you. Only if you care to pay attention, her intentions are as clear as daylight. 

4. She is keen to know about your family and friends.

If she wants to be just your friend, she won’t bother with all this. You will have a good time together when time permits and that is it. She won’t show any interest in your past or want to know more about your family if she wants to be just your friend.

She somehow turns up at your place when your family is around. She takes extra effort to get along well with your parents and siblings. In fact, she has built solid relationships with each one of them and your family knows her well. 

She is clearly trying to tell you that she wants to be more than a friend to you.

5. She is jealous when you go out on dates.

She views your female friends as her rivals if you give them any special attention. She may point out their flaws and weaknesses to discourage you from giving them more attention and developing the friendship into something more. She will try her best to keep you away from women who flirt with you. 

If she wants to keep her interest in you low-key and hidden, she may do all these in subtle ways. But if you know what you are looking for, it is hard to miss. She will fret and fume silently. The more she tries to hide, the more evident it would be.

6. She hero-worships you.

She thinks you are the best man in the entire world. She will laugh at every joke you say, even the lame ones. More than enjoying the joke, it is a nervous response to make you happy. 

In her opinion, you can do nothing wrong. She will defend you if someone tries to mock or bully you. She will pounce on anyone trying to badmouth you. She is like a lioness defending her cub. 

These are natural instincts in her at play and hence hard to fake. Most probably, even she isn’t aware of what she is doing. That makes this a good sign to rely on.

7. She enters your personal space.

She sits or stands too close to you; closer than a typical male friend would. She touches you often casually, again unusual for a regular male friend. She makes longer than usual eye contact. She flirts with you and uses her femininity to her advantage to get you closer to herself. 

She may not be making these gestures consciously. The touch may not be remotely sexual in nature. It may be her hand casually grazing yours. Or, her body leaning against yours when she is trying to reach something. Or, rest her hand on your knee casually while talking. 

She may amp up her appearance whenever you are around. She is always looking her best when you see her. She tries to show her best side to you. You can notice her intentions in the way she poses or walks. 

Bottom line

She may put on the act of a damsel in distress to grab your attention. She will ask for your help so as to keep your attention on her. When a girl wants something, she will use every trick in her bag to get what she wants. Here, it is you that she wants. 

She follows you on social media. She comments on your every social media post. She may even dig up your old social media posts and like/retweet/comment on it. In fact, she is up-to-date on your social media posts.

Women aren’t hard to read if you have the book open on the right page. It’s a matter of knowing how to read the signs and body language. Once you confirm her interest in you, you need to turn inward and know your own mind. Either way, you should let her know how you feel about it.

These are some signs she wants to be more than friends. If you have noticed any of these signs, it is time to take things to the next level. If you don’t, someone else will, and you may lose your best friend forever.


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