7 Signs She Wants You To Leave Her Alone

7 Signs She Wants You To Leave Her Alone

signs she wants you to leave her alone

Have you ever chased a girl who plays hard to get? 

When a girl does that it is not easy to figure out her real intentions. Does she want you to chase her? Or does she genuinely isn’t interested in you and wants you to leave her alone?

It’s a dilemma when she says she wants to be alone. What does she mean by that? 

When it comes to girls and relationships, it gets tricky. Not every girl you come across and feel attracted to will like you. This may be hard for you to accept but that is indeed the case. So, when pursuing a girl, you should be able to differentiate between the two – she wants to be chased or she wants you to leave her alone.

The trouble is she will say the same thing on either occasion. You need to rely on your instinct to read the signs she wants you to leave her alone or not. If you are still feeling confused, here is the list of common signs she wants to be left alone.

How to know when she wants you to leave her alone?

The easiest way is to see how she responds to your advances. If she doesn’t respond leave her alone. Or if her response is not positive, leave her alone. 

But sometimes, girls use the same strategy to get you to chase them. If you aren’t used to these love games, it would be hard for you to know where the chase ends and where it starts getting creepy.

It takes a lot of experience to gauge this correctly. But the issue here is for you to avoid making a fool of yourself. When you are unsure of what she wants, you better back off. There is always a chance of losing the girl with this. But this is always preferable to be considered a creep.

If she wants to be chased, she is sure to give you some clearly flirty signs. Such as making eye contact, saying nice things to you, appreciating you, and enjoying your company. If she doesn’t respond leave her alone. Watch out for her body language. That will give you the clue to her real intentions. It’s as simple as that.

Let’s see the actual signs she wants you to leave her alone.

1. She’s too formal and cordial

No doubt she’s nice and friendly. And, polite and respectful. Beware! A girl may use this strategy to freeze you out. 

Of course, you want to convince yourself that she likes you. So much that you ignore all the warning signs she is sending your way. When she really likes you and wants you to pursue her, she is bound to show it some way or the other. If you don’t see any, probably she isn’t interested.

She may be too polite to you when she doesn’t want you to pursue her but doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. By keeping it formal, she is hoping that you get the point.

2. You find it hard to have a conversation with her

You find it strange that there is no help coming from her side for this. You may be wondering why. It’s time you realize that she isn’t interested in you and is trying to let you know about this without hurting your feelings.

For most girls, this is part of the self-protection strategy ingrained in their behavior. Take a hint and leave her alone.

3. She keeps making excuses

Every time you suggest a date or even a casual chat, she comes up with excuses. You have to give her credit for the innovative excuses she gives you. If you’re wondering what she is expecting from you, the writing is on the wall. “Not interested, stay away”.

If your girl is indeed interested in you and her excuses are genuine, she will always offer an alternative time to meet up. If she’s always too busy for you, it’s clear that she isn’t interested in you.

4. You’re always the one to reach out to her

Or she never contacts you first. Be it in person, by calling, or a text, you’re the one initiating it. You don’t need to keep count of this in a relationship, but it is indeed strange that she never takes the initiative to reach out to you not even once. 

If she is playing hard to get and really is interested in you, she is bound to reach out to you at least once in all these days. Most probably, she answers your calls or texts because she doesn’t want to offend you. Just accept that she isn’t interested in you.

5. Her body language is too rigid

Even if she wants to soften up her disinterest in you, one thing that will give away her real feelings is her body language. No matter how much she tries, she will find it difficult to hide it. For instance, when you are happy and excited to meet someone, your eyes will light up upon seeing them and you will have open body language. On the other hand, if you aren’t interested in the person you’re meeting, your body will be stiff and rigid.

6. Other guys feature in her conversations

She casually tries to slip in the fact that she has other male friends. This may or may not be true. But when she uses this approach with you, it’s clear she isn’t interested in pursuing this relationship with you.

She may even describe a guy as hot and handsome. She may ask you for dating advice. What more do you need to accept that she wants you to leave her alone?

7. She avoids making eye contact

People generally avoid eye contact when they are dishonest and want to hide something. If she’s indulging in this technique, she’s probably trying to make things easier for you. She must be feeling guilty to reject your advances. 

She will look everywhere else except you. You find her staring at something far away without any interest. She may be scrolling through the messages on her phone. She will look bored as if she can’t wait to get away. Avoiding eye contact is the best sign you can ever hope for when she doesn’t want to pursue a relationship with you.

Bottom line

She may maintain a respectable physical distance between the two of you when you’re together. If possible, she avoids being left alone with you. She may try ignoring you or give you one-word answers. When you’re together, you find her constantly staring at her phone without doing anything. If you care to pay attention, you will find that she’s trying hard to be polite to you even though you’re trying her patience.

She ignores you on social media and never likes your posts. Despite all her tactics to drive you away, if you’re still not getting it, she may tell you that she already has a boyfriend. This may be true or not. If you continue to pursue her despite all her disinterest in you, she may ask you bluntly to leave you alone.

Girls are always careful when rejecting romantic advances as it can backfire on them. Rejection can hurt a man’s ego and he may retaliate to soothe and heal his hurt ego. This makes women careful about how she rejects the advances.

Take a hint man! She may not want to say it outright for her own reasons. Look out for these signs to know what’s in her heart. Before things get too awkward, walk away with your honor intact. Why bother about a girl who isn’t interested in you? You deserve better!


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