7 Signs Someone Is Constantly Thinking About You

7 Signs Someone Is Constantly Thinking About You

7 Signs Someone Is Constantly Thinking About You

You have found someone special, but are not yet sure they feel the same way about you. That is a tough situation to be in, for sure!. This article will teach you the 7 signs someone is constantly thinking about you and help clear any confusion.

Do they love you? Are you constantly in their thoughts?

You would be tormented by these questions in the early days of a relationship. And, have no clue how to figure out the answers. Nothing short of gaining the ability to read the mind of another person, you really don’t see how you can manage this.

Do you know that you get a fair idea of what a person is constantly thinking by paying close attention to their mannerisms and outward gestures? You can use the same tactic in this instance as well. If you want to know more and learn how to do it, read on.

This article explores the link connecting the mind with your physical gestures. Here, you will learn how to look out for signals and connect them with the right thoughts and emotions. You will find here a list of psychic signs and signals that will clearly tell you whether someone is thinking about you.

1. You feel strange emotions.

You have never felt this way before. You find your mood swaying violently like a tree in strong winds. One moment you are happy, the next angry, and this turns to sadness in another moment. 

You have never felt like this before and it makes you wonder what is happening to you. There are moments when you feel an unexplainable fear or a sense of doom. Despite trying hard to find an explanation, you find none. 

When someone is constantly thinking about you, they are sending energy your way. It is this interference of energy that is triggering a rollercoaster of emotions in you. If you are experiencing mood swings, it is a psychic sign that you are in someone’s thoughts.

2. You feel drawn to this person.

It’s true that you like this person and would like to know them better. But you would like to take a cautious approach and not jump headlong into a relationship. However, you feel a being pulled toward this person much beyond what you are aware of.

This can easily be mistaken for the attraction you feel towards this person. Only if you care to investigate further, you will understand that the pull is not coming from you. The other person is constantly thinking about you and unknowingly pulling you closer to themselves.

Most probably this person is also trying to figure out whether you feel the same way and in the process, manifest your love. When two people fall in love with each other, it goes much beyond the physical realm; it is the union of their subconscious minds.

3. You can feel your eyes twitching.

Not all signs remain in the mental space. Often you get to see the ramifications in your physical body as well. One such physical sign is the twitching or itching of the eyes. You may ignore this sign if you are tired or have a medical condition to explain it.

You can gather more information from this psychic sign as well. It need not always mean that they are thinking positively of you. If you are a woman, right eye twitching is not a good sign. It means that someone is thinking ill of you. On the other hand, left eye twitching is a good sign. In men, this works the other way round.

4. Notice the direction your body and feet are pointing.

When someone is constantly thinking about you, they will be sending thoughts and emotions as energy waves in your direction. Your subconscious mind will be receiving this, though you are not aware of this event. However, what is in your subconscious shows up as unintentional gestures. Such as turning your body and feet to face the person sending you these vibes.

When you are in a group, have you ever noticed your tendency to turn your body in a specific direction? Even if you turn away to speak with someone else, you would cross your feet and point them in the direction of the person. This is something you do unawares. This happens because of the communication happening between the souls. 

5. You find this person hovering over you.

It’s true that you noticed this person and felt an attraction. But did nothing to let it on. However, you notice this same person sitting next to you always. This will get you wondering what’s up. In case the seat next to you is not vacant, you will find them making excuses to switch seats with the person.

Again, it is the soul connection that is playing out here. Without either of you being aware of it, your souls are linking up and exchanging energies. This means the two of you are pulled towards each other. When someone is thinking about you, you will find them gravitating towards you in the physical world.

6. You can feel your cheeks burning.

You blush or your cheeks burn when you are angry or feeling embarrassed or if it is too hot. Without any of these reasons, if you still find this happening, it is a clear sign that you are in someone’s thoughts. 

When this person is having romantic thoughts about you, they send it across as energy vibrations. Your subconscious mind will receive and process these vibrations and will be aware of what is happening. However, since there is no communication between your own subconscious and conscious minds, you aren’t aware of what is happening to you. Despite this, you will display physical signs like cheek burning as a consequence.

7. You start to hiccup without reason. 

There are any number of valid medical reasons for hiccups. However, if you find yourself hiccuping without any underlying cause, then probably it is triggered by someone thinking about you. 

It is believed that hiccups happen to jolt you out of your senses and make you aware of what is happening. When you begin to hiccup, your immediate reaction would be to make it stop with any of the home remedies known to you. When you are unsuccessful, it will get you thinking. 

In some cultures, hiccups are associated with good thoughts while in others, they are related to bad vibes.

Some more psychic signs of someone thinking about you

  1. You are constantly dreaming about them.
  2. You feel it in your bones that they will call you even before the call comes through.
  3. You find yourself thinking about them.
  4. You often see things that remind you of them.
  5. You can sense the tension building up in your body.
  6. You miss the person though you barely know them.
  7. You can feel their presence or hear their voice even when they are miles away.
  8. You find your stomach hurting or churning without a medical reason.
  9. You have bouts of sneezing for no apparent reason.
  10. You recognize them even if you have never met them before.
  11. You get goosebumps without reason.
  12. You find butterflies landing on your person.
  13. You see a white feather floating and finally landing on you.
  14. You witness strange coincidences or synchronicities. 
  15. You ask the Universe to send you a sign and you receive it.

Bottom line

You need to be aware that all these signs listed above are probable aftereffects when someone is thinking about you. There is no guarantee that this is the case. If you want to make sure, you should just gather the courage to ask them directly. If indeed they are interested in you, this will be the opening they would be waiting for.

If a direct approach is not something you want to attempt, you can always use these signs as indicators and draw your own conclusion. Another choice open to you is to get help from a psychic. 

Irrespective of your approach, you need to remember that your relationship with this person will kick off only when you are ready for personal contact and interaction.

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