10 Signs Someone is Manifesting You

10 Signs Someone is Manifesting You

10 Signs Someone is Manifesting You

We are always talking about setting goals and manifesting them. Ever thought about yourself as the manifesting goal of someone else?

Yes, this is indeed a possibility. Someone may feel attracted to you and try to manifest you into their lives. But the tricky part is for you to know about it.

What does it mean to manifest someone? How to know someone is manifesting you?

When you come right down to think about this, it is not all that difficult to sense someone trying to manifest you into their lives. Good observational skills and an alert mind can help you here.

This article lists 10 signs that tell you that someone is manifesting you. By sharpening your ability to notice subtle changes in others as well as yourself, you can ascertain whether someone has made you their manifestation goal.

10 signs that someone is manifesting you

1. Altered behavior

Manifesting your goal is all about maintaining your focus on your goal and taking inspired action. This means if someone is trying hard to manifest you into their lives, they will try to get close to you, interact with you more, and do everything to get your attention.

As this is a new development it is not hard to notice. You will be seeing more of them even without you actively encouraging it. This can include physically near you, texting, or talking over the phone. You will find them doing things that they think will advance their case.

2. Raised energy levels

When a person begins their manifestation journey, the most noticeable change is in their energy levels. The process of manifestation is about raising the energy vibrations to match that of the goal. And, this sudden change is perceptible even to uninterested onlookers. Since you are the goal for the person, you will find it hard to miss.

You will witness a shift in the way they interact with you. You would see an increase in the level of gratitude, happiness, positivity, love, and passion. They may bring out many of the emotions associated with higher energetic vibrations in the Emotional Guidance Scale.

When there is a change in the energetic level of a person, you would know for sure that they are manifesting. Together with the fact that they are spending as much time as they can with you, you can add two and two together to make four.

3. Unexplainable attraction

You have known this person for some time now and have an easygoing friendship with them. Within a short span, the mood in the relationship undergoes a transformation. This will make you wonder why.

You will suddenly see them in a different light – a more romantic angle. Something you have never considered before. You will be puzzled by your own change in attitude towards this person. If you care to think about it, it is the manifestation working for the person. 

Through their manifestation techniques, this person is channeling the good vibes in your direction. When it is succeeding, you will feel drawn to the person automatically.

4. A message from the Universe

When another person is trying to manifest you into their life, they would be asking the Universe for confirmation that they are on the right path and their manifestation efforts are working. The Universe may oblige and grant them their wish. 

This sign from the Universe involves you as well. It would be something to prove that you are attracted to this person as per their wish. This also means you become actively involved in the process. You too would be aware of the manifestation and the change in the relationship status unfolding.

This message you receive would most often be in the form of angel numbers or any of the numerous synchronicities. 

5. Revealed through a vision

If the fervent attempt of this person to manifest you into their life is succeeding, you need to become an active participant in the process. You should feel attracted to the person and take the relationship to the next level.

To help advance their case, the Universe, in its efforts to play Cupid, may induce visions or dreams. You may find yourself dreaming about a life together with this person. As you did not wish for or initiate this, it would make you wonder what is happening. 

You may experience visions when you are sleeping or meditating. This is when your conscious mind is at rest and your subconscious mind takes over. You would be able to access the messages and signs from the Universe at these times. 

When you have such visions involving another person, the chances are high that the said person is trying to manifest you into their life.

6. Grabbing your attention

You find yourself thinking more about them or feeling their presence in your environment when they are not actually there. All these are proof that their manifestation attempt is succeeding and pulling you towards them as per their desire.

This often happens when you are alone and lost in your thoughts. You feel as if they are near you, talking to you or even touching you. This may trigger all kinds of sensations in you. You often find your thoughts wandering to this person, even though you never thought about them in a romantic setting.

As their manifestation process gains momentum, you will get sucked into the process without you even realizing what is happening. 

7. Feel ready for a change

All of a sudden you begin to think that change is necessary for your life. You have no clue what you are looking for or how you want it to be. Your spiritual journey is making things happen. This is the manifestation process taking effect. 

When another person is manifesting you into their life, at some point it needs your active participation. That time has come. You need to open up your mind to a relationship with this person and the change in your perspectives are all part of the whole process.

You just have to let go of any resistance and limiting beliefs and embrace the process. You will be ready for a spiritual awakening.

8. Mood changes in you

As the manifestation attempt of this person gains momentum, you would witness more changes in your mindset. Besides paying this person more attention and thinking constantly about them, you find yourself happier, more optimistic, and ready for the change.

This sudden change in you may come as a surprise to you as you never did anything to make it happen. You did not actively try to improve your mood or look at the world in a different light. Without doing the hard work when the positive things happen to you, you may try to write it off as luck or coincidence. 

If you are familiar with manifestation and the law of attraction, you would know that there is no such thing as coincidence. You are part of the Universe’s plans and everything happening fits snugly into the greater scheme of things.

9. Labors and struggles

It is also not full of sugar and honey. When someone is trying to manifest you into their lives, it can also lead to difficult situations. If you are not ready for the relationship or if you don’t want to be in a relationship with this particular person, all that is happening to you and around you are bound to cause you trauma and hardship.

After all, you did not ask for it. You were living your life and then suddenly you find yourself in the eye of the storm. You got caught in the middle of something you never signed up for. And the worst part is you are clueless about what is happening, except that you don’t like it. 

In this situation, you have to figure out your priorities and wishes and follow your heart.

10. End of a relationship

When someone is trying to manifest you, you may be already in another relationship. And if their manifestation process has to succeed, you should be willing to exit from your present relationship. It is all too complicated but that is the way it is. There is no escaping it.

You are not happy in your current relationship but not even in your wildest dreams you were thinking of giving up. In fact, you were trying your best to make it work. All of a sudden you find yourself changing your mind about your approach. You start thinking, “Enough is enough”.

You would be surprised at this sudden change of mind. In the greater scheme of things, this is vital to facilitate a relationship with this person who has been trying to manifest you. 

Bottom line

The weirdest thing in all these is when the person manifesting you is not even aware of it. More often than not, this is the case. They must be manifesting love and wishing for a person with certain specifications and the Universe considered you as the ideal candidate. This is what is meant when people say that the Universe works in mysterious ways. 

If you are curious to know whether a specific person or someone out there is trying to manifest you, there are ways to ascertain the fact. You just need to look out for these signs as you are very much part of the whole drama.

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