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5 Signs the Universe is Testing You

Signs the Universe is Testing You

Have you ever experienced that strange feeling deep inside your heart that you are being tested by the Universe? After all, you may be right on that.

You often encounter difficult situations in life. Not all of them feel the same. You feel as if some of these hurdles are placed on your path with a purpose – as a means to test you. 

You feel as if the Universe has placed you on trial. This is an examination or an assessment that you need to pass to prove your mental strength and resilience. Maybe the Universe is trying to evaluate your ability to adapt and overcome hurdles. Or else the Universe is assessing your reaction to such situations and capacity to stay afloat.

These tests are often in the form of a challenging situation. Does this make you wonder why the Universe is taking the pains to test you? Why are you being put through a wringer?

The answer is simple. These tests are the methods employed by the Universe to help you grow as a person and progress towards your goal. At times, by placing you in difficult situations and forcing you to make choices, the Universe is helping you heal old wounds. 

However, when you go through the hardships, you will be tempted to think that the Universe is out to get you. That the Universe doesn’t care about your happiness, comforts, and emotions. You may misconstrue the efforts of the Universe. 

Rest assured, the Universe is always in your corner, working for your welfare and trying to make you happy. Never for a moment doubt the intention of the Universe in making you endure distressing experiences. It is for your own good.

Now, we come to the crucial question – how to know that the Universe is testing you? Look out for these signs in life.

5 signs to know that the Universe is testing you

1. Surprise hurdles or roadblocks

These things happen out of the blue and you are taken by surprise. You are stunned into silence and frozen to the spot. For a while, you feel confused and disoriented.

Once you gather your wits and assess the position, you will find a way to extricate yourself out of the undesirable situation you find yourself in. However, you keep thinking, why me? Why now? What have I done to deserve this?

You may come across these obstacles in the form of an event, person, or thing. 

You may have made wonderful plans for your future and this sudden turn of events will throw everything out of the window. It is like a slap in the face or a kick in the teeth. 

You experience a parade of emotions ranging from paralyzed with fear and feeling totally lost to experiencing dejection and disappointment.

If, for a moment, you can set these extreme feelings aside and look at this experience without involving emotions, what can you infer from this?

This experience, distressing though it is, forces you to rethink your strategy to achieve the goal or even reassess the goal itself. 

Maybe you were wrong in the first place. Either with the goal or the path to the goal. And this is the method employed by the Universe to set you back on the right path.

Maybe something better is in your destiny. Or the Universe is trying to bolster your mental strength to face the future.

If you can shift your perception of the incident or if you can view this as guidance from the Universe rather than as an obstacle on your path, life will be easier for you. And, think of all that you learned from the experience. If you look at it from a loss-gain perspective, it is gain all the way.

2. Course correction

After much deliberation, you have decided on the goal and the path and are moving along it as you planned and expected. All of a sudden you find yourself changing courses and moving in a different direction.

Though the shock element is not as severe as the previous situation, it still catches you by surprise. You feel confused and disoriented.

Many of us like to plan our lives down to the last detail. We like structure and certainty in our lives. There is nothing wrong with this. 

However, this kind of approach to life comes with a drawback. When something goes wrong (and, it can and most probably will), you find yourself on sticky ground. 

Moreover, once you finalize the plan, you won’t consider other options and opportunities. And by doing this, you may lose out on better routes or even better goals.

Forcing you to change direction is the Universe’s way of shaking things up. Maybe the Universe has bigger plans for you. By staying on your path to the goal, you will be restricting your future.

This doesn’t mean you should not make plans or stick to them. But as you make your way along the path, keep your eyes peeled for opportunities and grab them with both hands if you come across anything. 

Be open to exploring side tracks. You may chance upon gems and treasures, you would otherwise have missed. 

Look upon the change of direction as the Universe’s higher plans for you.

3. Forced to relinquish someone or something

All of us have things or people we hold dear and consider an integral part of our lives. These are things that define us or things we cannot do without.

If you care to look for it, you can see the trouble in the above description itself. Getting attached or obsessed with someone or something like that is not considered good or healthy. Permitting external things to define you is definitely not beneficial.

Moreover, life is all about give and take. To gain something, you may have to lose something.

This “something” you have to relinquish can be anything from friends, jobs, and money to more abstract entities like power, time, and purpose.

Maybe this is a test run. Or the real thing. The Universe may be testing your willingness to let go of things that mean everything to you. Or maybe you don’t actually need them at all. It was just an illusion.

4. Being judged by others

We all have the right to make choices in our lives and live them the way we want. Others have no right to judge us. 

However, this is the ideal situation and not the reality. We are judged all the time by others, sometimes more cruelly and intrusively than other times.

You may think, “Why is the Universe allowing such travesty of justice? What have I done to deserve this?”.

Often, we project our insecurities onto our own external realities and this comes back to us in the guise of judgment from others. Look inward to find out whether you have been harsh on yourself and critical of yourself. 

The Universe is trying to reveal this truth and bolster your mental strength. Don’t allow the criticisms to get to you. Stay positive and continue on your path to accomplishing great goals. 

5. Unexpected and unwarranted delays

Instant gratification has become an integral part of our lives that any delay, small or big, impacts us seriously. 

Through the delays, the Universe is telling us that life is not always smooth-sailing. It is preparing us for the ups and downs and the rough and tumble of life. 

This is more relevant when you are manifesting. Sometimes you manifest your goal faster, at other times not so quick. There may be times when your goal takes forever to manifest. 

The Universe is teaching you the importance of patience, perseverance, and determination if you want to reach your goal. Instead, if you feel dejected and start to doubt the process or the intention of the Universe, you are losing out big time.

Have faith in the Universe to bring you what you desire when the time is right.

Bottom line

When the universe is trying to tell you something, sit up and take notice. Understand that it is for your higher good. If you are getting such strong signs from the universe, be happy that you are in perfect alignment with the Universe.

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