7 Signs Twin Flame Separation is Almost Over

7 Signs Twin Flame Separation is Almost Over

Signs Twin Flame Separation is Almost Over

Are you in a twin flame relationship? Maybe you’re going through the twin flame separation and want to know when you’ll be rejoined with your twin flame.

Or maybe you can feel that you’re about to meet your twin flame. Maybe you can sense your twin flame missing you. Or that your twin flame is thinking of you. Naturally, you want to know about its various stages and experiences. 

If you are looking for in-depth information on twin flame relationships, the twin flame separation stage, and the signs twin flame separation is almost over, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find all that you’ve been searching for.

Twin flame separation stage: An Overview

A twin flame relationship is a unique soul connection. It’s both pure and hard to maintain at the same time. Being two halves of the same soul, twin flames are mirror souls. Living with your twin flame is similar to living with yourself. There is nowhere to hide from your flaws and imperfections.

Even if you’re patient and understanding, you will find it difficult to sustain the relationship for longer periods. Twin flame separation and twin flame reunion are integral parts of the relationship. During a lifetime, you may go through the separation stage multiple times, but the Universe will always bring you two back together. The separation isn’t final as in a regular relationship. 

Typically, twin flames use the separation stage to recognize their shortcomings and mistakes, learn from them, improve themselves, and get ready to meet their twin flames all over again. Because of the work that needs to be done in the separation stage, it’s hard to predict how long it’ll last. That is why it’s important to know the signs that twin flame separation is almost over. 

Signs twin flame separation is almost over

These signs can help you know in advance that your twin flame reunion is imminent.

1. You feel comfortable in your own skin

The events that resulted in you parting ways made you doubt and question your own integrity and credibility. You were plagued by fear, confusion, and distrust. Not only were you finding it difficult to carry on a healthy relationship with your twin flame, but you also were struggling to respect and live with yourself.

Your twin flame relationship had become so toxic that you had to break up to retain your sanity. 

However, now, all that is in the past. After breaking up, you initially had some trouble moving on but managed with some help from loved ones. 

You devoted the separation stage to understanding what went wrong in your twin flame relationship. You tried your best to make changes and become a better person. Now, you feel happier and more content. In fact, you feel whole and at peace with yourself. This is a sign that you are ready for your twin flame reunion. Your twin flame separation stage is almost over.

2. You’re no longer expecting perfection in your twin flame

All of us have ideas about how our partner should be. Unfortunately, your ideals may not match with the real person you end up with. This is also true in twin flame relationships.

When you find that your partner is nowhere close to your expectations, you’ll feel disappointed. This will come out as negative and toxic behavior, ultimately leading to the separation. 

During the separation stage, you’ve worked hard on your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. You’ve convinced yourself how unfair it is to have high expectations from your twin flame. Though it wasn’t easy, you managed to change your ideals and expectations about your partner.

You’re ready for the twin flame reunion.

3. You’re ready to love your partner unconditionally

Clearly when you were together earlier, you couldn’t achieve this. Unintentionally, you may have introduced conditions in your love for your partner. This can easily lead to friction and conflicts in the relationship, thus ending in a breakup.

The time after you separated from your twin flame was spent on self-reflection and analysis. You could see exactly where you were going wrong. Throughout the separation stage, you worked hard on eliminating these chinks in your attitude. 

Now you are confident that if given one more chance, you can love your partner without constraints. You have used your life experiences to reach the level of maturity needed for a twin flame reunion.

4. You’re ready to expose your vulnerabilities to your partner

This is the litmus test for any relationship, including a twin flame relationship. For the relationship to be healthy, you need to be able to let your guard down and reveal your vulnerabilities to your partner. This is so much against what we have been conditioned to do.

We have perfected the art of hiding our vulnerabilities and projecting an image of “all is well” to the outside world. However, if you act this way with your partner, you’re never going to get close to them. Your partner will never know the real you.

Most of us are terrified of how others will react if we reveal our vulnerabilities. Won’t they consider us weak and respect us less for it?

Not exactly. You will expose your vulnerabilities only when you have the courage to do that. Revealing your vulnerabilities is a sign of courage rather than a sign of weakness. You learned all these during the separation stage and have embraced the truth. 

If you’re given another opportunity with your twin flame, you don’t plan to waste it away. If the Universe will arrange a twin flame reunion, you intend to make full use of it.

5. You understand yourself better

Most of the relationship problems stem from yourself rather than from your partner but you are hardly in a position to see it with clarity. Unless you are self-aware and practice self-love, you cannot sustain a stable healthy relationship.

After separating from your twin flame, you used the time productively to dig deep into your soul and identify your mistakes and shortcomings. That was a good start. 

Earlier you couldn’t identify who you really were. You used to put on so many masks for others that your real self got lost in the process. You had to remove all those masks and rediscover the real person hiding beneath the fake layers.

Now, you are confident that you know who you exactly are, what are your ambitions and goals, where you’re headed, and what you want in life. You had gone off the track earlier and now you are back on track. 

You’re ready for a twin flame reunion. You’re ready for another go at the relationship; this round more honestly than ever before.

6. You know what you want in life

Most of us go through life without awareness of our life’s purpose. The trouble with this is that we don’t know where we are headed and what we want to achieve to make us happy and content. Knowing your life’s purpose can make all the difference.

This is not something you can learn from someone or somewhere. This is something you have to discover yourself through introspection and self-reflection. It is part of becoming the best version of yourself.

Becoming aware of the purpose of your life can help you understand the reasons behind your actions, emotions, and decisions. This way, you have better control over yourself and your behavior. You’re well-prepared for a twin flame reunion.

7. You’re aware of your expectations from your partner

When you are starting a relationship, your expectations from the partner and the relationship are sky-high. You’ll have utopian ideals about how it should work. Unfortunately, it never happens this way. You are in for a disappointment.

After a difficult spell and breakup, now you are more in tune with reality. You used your previous experiences with mistakes and failures to gain maturity. Now, you know how to treat your partner and what to expect from them. Moreover, you’re also aware of the kind of partner and relationship that are suitable for you and your goals. 

Now you know that you cannot grow as an individual with anyone as your partner; only certain kinds of people can help you grow. This is vital for the health and longevity of the relationship. 

You’re wiser and more mature now. You are ready to have another go at the twin flame relationship. You’re ready for a twin flame reunion.

Final thoughts on twin flame separation is coming to an end

You don’t consider your failures as time wasted. You accept the purpose behind every past experience, good and bad. You also understand the importance of being in the right place at the right time. Things fall into place for you and good things happen when the time is right for you.

You’ve started practicing gratitude in your daily life and this has changed you for the better. You feel happy and content for the first time in your life. 

All these are signs twin flame separation is almost over and you are ready to rebuild a life together with your twin flame. You can hardly wait for the twin flame reunion.

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