8 Signs You And Your Ex Are Meant To Be

8 Signs You And Your Ex Are Meant To Be

8 Signs You And Your Ex Are Meant To Be

Are you wondering if you and your ex are meant to be together? You might be asking yourself if the break-up was really the right thing to do.

It was wonderful while it lasted. But like all wonderful things, it had to end. You broke up sometime back. 

You thought that was the end of your story. You moved on. And your ex also moved on. 

But out of nowhere, recently, you developed this niggling thought. What if you and your ex are meant to be together?

Come to think of it, you never had arguments or conflicts. One fine morning you two decided to call it quits. Both of you believed that you two had outgrown the relationship. You both thought the other deserved better. You parted amicably. 

However, the time and distance have added perspective to your vision. Now you believe that you can see and understand life with more clarity. The question that haunts you now is “Are we meant to be together?”

You won’t find the answers to questions like this written in black and white. For this, you need to look out for signs. You will find here the eight best signs you and your ex are meant to be. 

8 fail-safe signs you and your ex are meant to be

1. Your ex is the best partner you ever had

Even though parting ways seemed to be a good idea at that time, it had been troubling you ever since. Did you throw away one of the best loves you ever had?

You have had many relationships after that, but none of them seem as good. You always find yourself comparing your new partner with your ex. They never seem to come anywhere close. Though you were not overtly aware of it, you seem to long for your ex’s presence in your life.

No one has ever replaced the position left by your ex in your heart. It has been lying vacant all this time. 

You can’t pinpoint why you are still attracted to your ex. You feel that your time together was magical and long for it.

2. You’ve no hatred for your ex

You can’t exactly remember who broke up first. Was it you or your ex or your combined decision? Even if your ex was the one who broke up with you, you don’t feel any anger towards them or can bring yourself up to hate them.

Maybe, at that time, you felt bitter and angry. Maybe you were annoyed and frustrated at them as well. You never remember hating them for walking out on you. 

Moreover, the time has healed old wounds. Now, you don’t have any negative feelings towards your ex. Just a longing to have them back in your life.

This is uncharacteristic of you. When someone is mean to you, you usually cut them off from your life completely without second thoughts. But your ex is an exception.

3. You parted ways on good terms

You never stopped loving even when you ended the relationship. You felt anger for a while, but you’re still in love with your ex. Now when you think about it, you don’t understand why you let them slip away from you.

At that point in time, you thought you needed to focus on your career. Your ex had other ambitions. You just grew apart in the relationship as you spent more and more time away from home. No one cheated or fell out of love. 

Then, breaking up seemed a good idea to pursue your goals. You didn’t want to hold back your ex from doing what they loved and considered important.

Now, things have changed. You are no longer interested in the mad pursuit of your career. You intensely feel the vacuum left by your ex in your heart. You want them back.

So, if you parted ways on good terms, it’s a sign that you and your ex are meant to be.

4. You have great respect for each other

When you were together or after parting, you always regarded your ex with love and respect. Even when you had disagreements, you never felt dislike or disrespect for each other. When you think about your other exes, you cannot say the same about them.

You always thought of your ex as the perfect human being. They never could do anything wrong or look unattractive. Now when you think about your breakup, you wonder why you ever let your ex go! “Why was I such an idiot?”

You admire the way your ex handled the breakup without losing dignity. The people who came into your life after that never measured up the same way. How you wish you were back together!

5. Your heart fills with love when you remember your ex.

It’s not that you two agreed about everything under the sun. You had your disagreements in everyday life. Fortunately, both of you were mature enough to handle it right without spoiling the healthy relationship.

Your relationship has had its fair share of trials and tribulations while it lasted. You too have felt pain, frustration, and anger. But now, you don’t recall most of those bad experiences. The ones you remember are the bitter-sweet ones. Even when things were not going your way, you took comfort in the fact that your ex is there with you.

Somehow all those memories seem good now. You can only remember your ex with love and fondness. A rebound relationship seems to be on the cards.

6. You remember your ex a lot these days

One of the signs you and your ex are meant to be is that you can’t get them off your mind. No matter how hard you try, they always find a way back into your thoughts.

In fact, you never really discarded those memories. Your ex was always present in some corner of your mind all these years, even though you thought you had moved on.

You can’t say this about your other exes, though. Neither do you want to remember them, nor are their memories pleasant ones? 

This one has always been special and different – while you were together and after you broke up.

7. You seem to be coming closer

It’s as if someone behind the screen is pulling the strings and making the two of you move toward each other. Your lives are aligning. Things are miraculously falling into place for you and your ex to enter each other’s lives once again. You feel as if you are headed for a rebound relationship.

Earlier, your focus was not on the relationship, and both of you felt that breaking up was the best way to achieve your personal goals. But now, the Universe seems to be playing matchmaker and bringing the two of you together. You can’t help falling in love once again, though you never really fell out of love.

8. Your ex is better than you remember

Although you seem to have only fond memories of your ex, they indeed had some irritating habits that used to make you mad. The good news is that all of them seem to have vanished. You noticed this recently when you met your ex.

Such as smoking or drinking too much, or talking non-stop without letting the other person have a word in-between. 

Maybe they learned their lesson somewhere along the way and changed their infuriating ways. Or, maybe they are preparing themselves for this reunion and want to be the best version of themselves before you meet again.

Bottom line

If you notice the signs you and your ex are meant to be and feel this way about your ex, there must be some truth in it. Your subconscious mind is sending you hints as intuitive thoughts. Take the cue and explore the possibilities of getting back together again and building a healthy relationship. 

After all, you loved each other once upon a time and never really fell out of love. Why not take a chance and see what the future holds for you? A rebound relationship is not a bad idea.

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