11 Signs Your Ex is Manifesting You

11 Signs Your Ex is Manifesting You

Signs Your Ex is Manifesting You

A breakup is hard to endure, especially if there is bad blood involved. 

Once the initial shock and trauma subside and you find yourself on more stable ground, you will begin to miss your ex and old life. This may happen even if you were not happy when your relationship ended. We, humans, tend to miss familiarity.

Then, your mind will be flooded with questions. “Is my ex missing me?” “Is my ex regretting breaking up?” “Do they want to get back together?” “Why do I keep seeing my ex in random places?” 

You may wonder why you are suddenly thinking about your ex after so long. Does this mean something?

There is a good chance that your ex is using the Law of Attraction to lure you back into their life. In other words, your ex misses you and is manifesting you. 

If you aren’t aware of the Law of Attraction or manifestation, you may find this confusing. Don’t worry. They are just using the power of their mind to make their desire come true. Rest assured, if this involves you and it is against what you want, it will not affect you.

However, if you are also in favor of reuniting with your ex, you may find these spiritual signs useful. These signs will tell you whether your ex misses you and is manifesting you. In this article, you will find listed the most powerful spiritual signs your ex is manifesting you.

How to know if your ex is manifesting you?

When you can’t approach a person directly and get your doubts cleared, spiritual signs offer you the best chance to know what the person is feeling, thinking, or doing. All you need to do is look for these spiritual signs in yourself. If you are behaving in a particular way, there is a high chance that your ex is manifesting you.

Before we move on to the spiritual signs, a short intro to the Law of Attraction and how manifesting works. This is a philosophy or way of life that helps you attract positive things into your life with positive thoughts. Manifestation is the process of realizing your goals. 

The most wonderful aspect of manifestation is that it has no limits. You can use the same technique to get whatever you want as long as you follow the rules of manifestation. 

On the other hand, if you want to know about something that is not easily visible to you, all you need to do is look out for spiritual signs. Whatever happens in this Universe will have repercussions. These impacts can be noticed as psychic signs. This is true in this context as well. 

These are the most noticeable spiritual signs your ex is manifesting you. 

1. Your thoughts drift toward your ex

If there is a trigger, you understand. But when you start thinking about your ex or remember the good old days together for no reason, it may seem strange to you. But this is a typical sign that someone is manifesting you. Here, in this case, it must be your ex manifesting you.

If this is happening immediately after the breakup, it is natural. You will be analyzing the rights and wrongs of what happened and how it all led to the breakup. However, you are past all that now. You have healed your wounds and are ready to move on. Now, why are you suddenly thinking so much about your ex?

There can be only one reason for this. Your ex is missing you and manifesting you.

2. Your ex is often coming in your dreams

Dreams are the link between your subconscious and conscious mind. The messages you receive from the Universe are received by your subconscious mind and relayed to your awareness through dreams. This may be too much to handle if you are hearing this for the first time. But don’t worry, it is actually simple.

When you see a specific person repeatedly in your dreams without any valid reason, the only conclusion to draw from this is that this person is manifesting you. Your ex may be trying to tell you something. You may have to interpret the meaning of the dreams to know this. Or else you can contact your ex and talk to them.

3. Your ex appears in your thoughts out of the blue

In the middle of a busy day at work, you find yourself thinking about your ex. This makes you wonder about it. You searched for triggers but couldn’t find any. If this is the case, it could be your ex thinking about you and trying to attract you back into their life.

When someone comes into your thoughts without any warning, you may wonder about it but dismiss it as a strange occurrence. When this person is manifesting you, they are trying to match your frequency. When the vibrations match, manifestation happens.

When this person is tuning into your frequency, you will be reminded of them.

4. You see angel numbers 

Angel numbers are repeating sequential numbers that the Universe uses to convey messages to you. When you come across an angel number too often in your daily life, you should take notice and try to decipher its meaning to understand the message it contains. 

While some of these angel numbers merely convey prior information about your future, others tell you what to do. When you see such an angel number, you just need to follow the instructions. This will take you on the right path and help you realize your desire.

5. You come upon your ex in unexpected places

After the breakup, you have been trying to avoid coming face-to-face with your ex. Even though there is no animosity between the two of you, you don’t feel comfortable about it. You have already put the breakup behind you and moved on. Why drag it back into the spotlight and make it worse?

But it seems, the Universe has other plans for you. Even if you go to the end of the world and you find your ex there. It is clearly evident that your ex is not following you. Because your ex is as surprised at this turn of events as you are.

This is the outcome of your ex’s attempt at manifesting you.

6. You can sense the presence of your ex when they are not around

You may get spooked by this experience when it is your first time. When you are alone and lost in your thoughts, you may feel as if your ex is standing right next to you. You may even feel their touch. Or you may hear their voice or smell them. 

When your ex is manifesting you, they are sending positive energy toward you. If you are a vibrational match with your ex, this energy will get added to yours. The energy surge in you can trigger surrealistic experiences – clairvoyance (seeing unperceivable things and future events), clairaudience (hearing inaudible or something absent, and clairalience (smelling something not there).

7. You recognize them as the One

You may search day in and day out for your soulmate among the people you meet every day. Do you know that you don’t have to look for your soulmate? When you meet them, you will just know. The same thing happens when someone is manifesting you.

Just like soulmates have their souls intrinsically linked by energy connection when a person is manifesting you, they are trying hard to become a vibrational match for you. This is when the soul connection happens and goals are manifested. In real life, you know about this connection when you recognize them at the first glance.

8. Your emotions go on a roller coaster ride

If you notice quick shifts in your energy and mood without any valid reason, it can be because your ex is manifesting you. When someone is manifesting you, they will send positive energy toward you and you will absorb this energy. The surge in your energy levels causes the sudden upliftment of your mood.

You may not understand what is happening behind the scenes and may feel confused when you feel suddenly happy and boisterous though you were feeling down in the dumps all day. You didn’t do anything to improve your mood. This is what arouses your curiosity.

9. You feel the urge to call/text your ex

Your life is cruising along happily and you have gotten over the trauma of the breakup. Finally, you feel that you are in a happy space and doing things you have always wanted to do. Then, you remember your ex and feel an irresistible impulse to contact them. After the breakup, you stayed away from your ex and were not in touch at all. This comes as a surprise for you.

Since this is a long time after the breakup, your sadness and anger are gone. You don’t feel any animosity towards your ex. So, when this thought came up in your mind, you felt an overwhelming sense of excitement. You feel this way because your ex is manifesting you. Their thought waves are triggering these feelings in you.

10. Your ex’s name comes in conversations

After the breakup, you haven’t even seen your ex and everyone knows about this. However, your common friends make a casual reference to your ex in conversations with you. You know that it is not to make you uncomfortable. The topic of your ex was brought up in the natural flow of the conversation.

All this while, your friends have been careful about avoiding the mention of your ex in their conversations with you. So, it makes you wonder why they are talking about your ex. Would you be surprised if you are told that it’s your ex who is triggering this? When your ex is manifesting you, the Universe will do its part to bring you closer.

11. You get an inkling of what is happening

Intuition is one of the best psychic signs you may ever get when your ex is manifesting you. You notice unusual happenings to you and around you. Though you try hard to make sense of them all, you can’t seem to get a hang of it. However, you can feel it in your gut that this is something connected to your ex. You feel that your ex is missing you and trying to contact you.

Intuition is the working of the subconscious mind. The messages received from the Universe are stored in your subconscious mind and brought into your awareness through powers like intuition and dreams. Only when you are aware of the situation, can you initiate steps to make it happen. The Universe believes that you are ready for the next step.

Bottom line

What does it mean that your ex is manifesting you? Does this mean that your relationship is back on track? The simple answer is, it depends.

You broke up because of unresolvable issues in your relationship. It would be foolish to think that only one partner contributed to this. Unless the two of you do some soul-searching, work on yourselves, and are clear about what you want, all this may come to nothing. 

After all, they say, it takes two to tango.

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