8 Clear Signs Your Manifestation is Close

8 Clear Signs Your Manifestation is Close

Signs Your Manifestation is Close

You have been doing everything right in your manifestation attempt but it is taking longer than you anticipated.

Sounds familiar?

Many of us go through this phase, even if we are experienced at manifestation and have taken help from the law of attraction many times. We feel like groping in the dark, not knowing where we stand now or where we are headed, or whether we are progressing in the right direction. 

Read on to learn more about how the Universe sends reassuring signals to guide and encourage us to move forward. 

The signs of the Universe 

The signals are communication tools used by the Universe to reassure or alert us as the case may be. The signs of the Universe are its way of telling us “You are doing great. Keep it up.” or “High alert! You are on the wrong path. Take corrective action.”. 

The Universe sends us these signals all the time and not just before manifestation happens. We just need to open our eyes and see them. Being aware of such signals is important to recognize them. 

Some of us need that additional reassurance that someone has our back. That we will be alerted if we do something wrong. It gives us confidence and courage to undertake tasks and move ahead in life.

Making use of the signals is entirely our choice. It is up to you to take extra efforts to understand their meaning and keep a lookout for them. 

Is it right to look for signals?

Not knowing how far we have traveled in the manifestation path and how much more journey is left to travel is something all of us would like to know. Both beginners and experts at manifesting would like to be reassured that they are on the right path and the goal is close.

Though it is natural to wish for signals to confirm that your manifestation is close, it also has a negative aspect to it. 

As we all know, manifesting with the law of attraction necessitates absolute trust in the power of the Universe and unwavering faith in its ability to make our dreams come true. 

Looking out for these signals, even if it is to ensure that you are on the right path, is an indication that you are entertaining doubts about the entire process. It points to the fact that you are not fully convinced that you can successfully manifest your desires.

Yes, it is true. Looking out for the signs of the Universe has conflicting aspects. 

You can still take advantage of these signals if you see them from the right perspective. These signs don’t point to what is to come but to what is already there. 

A bit confusing? Let me explain further.

You must be aware of how we use the present tense for the visualization process and in affirmations. You need to think of your goal as already realized to make it happen. When your mind is convinced that something has already happened, it will work extra hard to make it a reality.

The same logic works with the signs of the Universe as well. Go ahead and look out for these signals. But see and interpret them as indications of things that have already happened or of things that are already present in your life.

The difference is in how you use the signs rather than the signs themselves.

So, don’t worry. Go right ahead and learn more about the signs of the Universe and make the best of them in your manifestation journey.

8 signs your manifestation is close

The signs sent by the Universe are not like eye-grabbing neon boards or hard-to-miss roadside billboards. Oftentimes we miss them altogether or their significance in our lives. 

To make the best of them, you need to train your mind to keep a lookout for them all the time and learn how to interpret them in the right context. 

Or else, they can do more harm than good for you. And, keeping an open mind about the signals is important to avoid missteps. As many of the signs come with more than one interpretation, they need to be considered in the right light based on your personal experiences.

Deciphering the meaning of the signals is tricky as they are subjective. This means it is not a one-size-fits-all situation.

Now that you are fairly warned, here is a list of common signs that tell you that your manifestation is just around the corner.

1. You are seeing angel numbers

These are repetitive sequences of numbers such as 111, 222, and 555. Typically appearing in groups of three or four, these numbers are believed to be messages from the Universe. 

In numerology, each one of these numbers is assigned a specific meaning, sometimes positive as a thumbs-up sign from the Universe or at times with negative connotations as a warning sign to avert an imminent disaster or danger. 

The numbers 111, 333, 555, and 777 in particular are thought of as signs of approval. A reassurance that you are on the right path and things are headed in the right direction. It is also a sign of the approaching good tidings. As in the case of manifesting goals.

The usual places where you could see these angel numbers are on billboards, clocks, or on the page of a book you are reading.

2. You feel like the goal is already completed

When you start on your manifestation journey, it is natural for you to be anxious and apprehensive about how it will turn out. As you make progress, you would still be worried whether you are doing it right and whether you are on the right path.

As you near the end of your manifestation path, you can sense a blanket of peace and calmness descend on you. Though you would feel a bit strange about it, you would still be happy about it. If you dig deeper, it would come to light that you are feeling a sense of accomplishment of the goal you are pursuing in the depth of your heart. 

This is a clear sign that your mind has finished preparing for receiving the goal, which is the penultimate step of manifestation. Or this is an indication that the manifestation is close.

3. You feel it in your bones that the goal is on its way

Call it ESP, sixth sense, intuition, gut feeling, hunch, or premonition – the ability to foresee future events has always come in handy to us humans. There is no explanation for why you are feeling this way or what triggered it. 

In parapsychology, this phenomenon is explained as the gain of information through the subconscious mind. We have no clue what is transpiring in our subconscious minds. It is believed that it is in constant communication with the Universe and this is a method used by it to convey the message to our conscious self. 

When the manifestation is taking longer than expected and you are getting anxious about it, the Universe is sending a reassuring message through the subconscious mind. Embrace the feeling and continue the good work. The goal will be yours in no time.

4. You are no longer feeling anxious and troubled

When you are beginning a manifestation journey, you feel excitement and anticipation of all the good things you are about to experience. Each step and process would be followed diligently and with enthusiasm. However, as time goes by with no goal in sight, you will sense a host of negative feelings creeping into your mind.

In the war between good and evil feelings, the evil ones almost always emerge victorious. This is because our mind is hard-wired to favor negativity over good thoughts. 

So, the longer it is taking for the goal to materialize, the more negativity you will start experiencing. Such as doubt, stress, anxiety, and fear. 

You still fight against these feelings and continue along the path of manifestation. Until you reach a stage when you feel a strange sense of calm descend on you. Most probably this will catch your attention as you are so used to feeling down and out.

This absence of anxiety and fear is a clear indication that manifestation is on its way.

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5. You are encountering more than usual synchronicities

The wise old saying goes like this – there are no coincidences in life, everything happens for a reason. 

Synchronicities or meaningful coincidences are not just happenstances; they are carriers of messages from the Universe. It is one of the various techniques used by the Universe to convey reassuring or warning messages to us.

You need to watch out for these signs and synchronicities and learn to decipher their meanings through your own experiences. When you are in the middle of a manifestation attempt, if you witness an increase in synchronicities, it could mean that your goal is close.

6. You received a signal from the Universe that you asked for

So, you are trying to manifest your desire and following the steps of manifestation judiciously and sincerely. However, the goal is nowhere in sight and you can feel the anxiety rising. At this point, it is natural that you ask the Universe to send you a token of reassurance.

In your communication with the Universe, there is so much flexibility that you get to choose the reassuring signal that you want to receive. Such as a rainbow or a butterfly or a sparrow. Take your pick. 

Once you ask the Universe to send you the signal of your choice, stay alert so that you will not miss it. Practicing mindfulness is helpful to keep your mind tuned in to the signs of the Universe.

Now that you have confirmation that you are getting closer to the goal, work harder and make it happen.

7. You feel as if the Universe is testing you

Trials and tribulations in life are considered methods used by the Universe to test your sincerity and dedication to the cause. You may encounter such testing by the Universe when you are nearing the end of a manifestation attempt.

The adversities you experience are processes employed by the Universe to ensure that you are dedicated to the goal and you are serious and sincere about making it a reality. In the last stages of manifestation, you may encounter such challenges.

Unlike other signals, experiencing adversities can be easily misinterpreted if you take it in the wrong sense. You may mistake them to mean that you are on the wrong path and out of alignment with the goal. 

Keep an open mind about the challenges and face them with positivity and enthusiasm. For all you know, these may be lessons from the Universe to help you grow and move ahead in the manifestation path.

8. You feel a sense of detachment from the outcome

The rules of manifestation are clear about the importance of keeping the goal at the top of your mind. Affirmation, vision board, and many of the tools and techniques of manifestation are designed to make this easier for you to manage.

You are thinking about the goal all the time and exploring ways to make it happen. During the process, you may get to a point when you become obsessed with your goal. Even if you are aware of it and doing your best to shake off the feeling, it may not be easy to achieve this. This tussle will go on as you move forward in the manifestation path.

All of a sudden you feel a sense of detachment from the goal. You may find this strange and confusing. 

No need to worry. This is a clear indication that the manifestation is about to happen. You are close to the goal.

Closing thoughts

A question often asked by those on their manifestation journey is “How long will this take?”. Unfortunately, there is no definite answer for this. It varies from person to person, goal to goal, and manifestation to manifestation. This is because there are so many factors involved in the process that any of them can affect the time taken for manifestation.

As time stretches into days, weeks, and months, you will find it difficult to remain positive and optimistic. Negative thoughts will start rearing their ugly head. This is where the signs from the Universe come in handy. They can reassure you that everything is fine and the goal is within arm’s reach.

All that you need to do is understand the significance of these signals and stay alert to spot them.

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