5 Signs Your Manifestation Is Not Working

Signs Your Manifestation Is Not Working

Signs Your Manifestation Is Not Working

“Manifestation isn’t working.”

“Does manifesting really work?”

This is a constant refrain of a few while others are raving about how magical it is. Are you part of the former group? Why your manifestation isn’t working?

Are you new to manifestation and haven’t yet understood its techniques and snags well enough? You feel you are doing everything right and feel you are on the right track. But somehow along the way, you feel lost and your goal is nowhere to be seen.

Does this sound familiar? 

You would be expecting at least some sort of sign from the Universe saying what you have done wrong and where you failed. But you receive no explanation of the sorts. You get no answer and it is silent.

When you heard someone talk about manifestation, you felt inspired to try it when they said how easy it is. You just need to follow the steps and there your goal is waiting for you. With no limitations, you can wish for and manifest anything you want. It sounded too good to be true. 

You plunged yourself into manifestation with all gusto and full of enthusiasm. You read up all the literature available on various aspects of manifestation. When you felt you were ready for the act, you did all the preparation and began your manifestation journey in earnest. 

As far as you know, you did everything right. You followed every step of manifestation assiduously. Initially, you thought that your inexperience is causing the delay and kept at it without losing hope.

But days turned into weeks and weeks into months. Your goal remains elusive. Finally, you grudgingly admitted to yourself that your manifestation isn’t working. 

Until now, you have heard only success stories about manifestation. So you start thinking, “Am I the only one failing at this?” “Does manifesting really work?”

You felt let down for a while. Then you decided to investigate the reasons why your manifestation isn’t working. And, here you are reading this article. Rest assured, you have come to the right place. Here, in this article, you will find all about it. This article lists the prominent signs of why your manifestation is not working.

“Why isn’t my manifesting working?”

When you attempt something and you aren’t successful, the natural assumption is that you have done something wrong. With manifestation, it would be unwise to jump to such conclusions. There are many more facets to manifestation that you need to explore before blaming yourself.

Did you try manifesting another goal at another time? Was it successful? How many times have you tried manifesting in all? What is your success percentage?

If you have met with success at least a few times, it is clear that you are getting it right now and then. It is also evident that you have not grasped the concept of manifestation completely. There are some missing links that you need to connect up. 

When your manifestation doesn’t work, you don’t need to feel disappointed and think, “Do manifestations work?” or is it a myth. 

Here’s a list of the most common reasons why manifestation fails. 

1. You don’t feel fully aligned.

You must know by now that manifestation happens when your energy aligns perfectly with that of the goal. The whole manifestation process revolves around raising your energy vibrations to match the goal.

The law of attraction offers numerous tools and techniques to achieve this. Such as visualization, affirmations, and gratitude

Visualization is one of the most powerful tools in manifestation to raise the vibrational frequency. In this process, you see in your mind’s eye, your future life after you have succeeded in manifestation. However, unlike typical daydreaming, you imagine all these happening in the present. 

In other words, you imagine that you have already manifested your desire. This will trick your brain to feel happy and content, thus becoming a vibrational match to your goal. 

Consider the scenario when you aren’t able to do this. You aren’t able to visualize having succeeded in your manifestation. For instance, if your goal was to manifest a Lamborghini but you are finding it difficult to imagine owning even a Hyundai Accent. 

If you can’t trigger your imagination to carry out this task, you won’t be aligning your energy with your goal. Naturally, manifestation doesn’t happen.

How much can you stretch your imagination? Can you imagine owning a Chevy Spark? Set your goal based on what you can convince yourself and believe in. Then and only then you will be able to align your energy with your goal. 

Starting small is a piece of advice most manifestation experts give to beginners. Once you have found your comfort level, with each manifestation attempt, push your boundary further. At a future date, you will be able to manifest a Lamborghini without breaking a sweat.

Another thing to remember is to wish for something you want and not what you think you should have or what you think others want for you. Your passion and belief are the two keystones to succeed in manifestation. 

2. You are desperate and uptight.

Focus is often said to be the most important factor for succeeding in manifestation. There are all kinds of techniques available for you in the law of attraction like a vision board and affirmation to keep the goal at the top of your mind. You should not be distracted by what is happening in your everyday life and your attention on the goal should not waver.

Well and good. You plunge into the manifestation cauldron in earnest. You do everything you humanly can to remember the goal every moment of the day despite carrying on with your regular activities. 

All you think about during your waking moments is how to get to the goal. Every moment’s, hour’s, or day’s delay is causing you consternation. You feel tensed up about the whole thing. 

“Why isn’t the manifestation happening?” “Where is my goal?” “Shouldn’t it be here?” “Am I doing something wrong?”

A million questions will flood your mind for which you have no answer. You begin to feel desperate. 

Sounds familiar? Now you are experiencing something called desperate energy, which is clearly negative in nature.

Do you know where you went wrong? If you still don’t get it, it’s okay. Let’s retrace your steps to the beginning and start understanding your behavior.

The law of attraction indeed asks you to focus on the goal. Since the law is all about being positive, it is understood that this has to be done in a positive way. When you are required to focus with positivity, what you did was get obsessive about the goal. And, obsession is clearly negative.

Obsession is something you need to be careful about. There is a very thin line separating focus and obsession. But one is positive and the other is negative. The consequences of following one over the other are huge. The difference we are talking about here is between success and failure. 

This is the reason why manifestation veterans ask you to release the intention once you have set it. Under no circumstances you should hold on to it with your vice grip. When you become obsessed and hold on to the goal too strongly, you are blocking the energy flow. Your faith and trust in the Universe are not absolute. You have doubts about the power of the Universe and its ability to make your dreams come true.

This is a big no-no. As you know, without unconditional belief, your manifestation attempt doesn’t stand a chance to succeed.

To avoid this eventuality, you need to learn the fine art of balancing your focus. You need to learn how to focus on the goal without getting obsessed about it. Periodically evaluate your progress and check for negativity in your manifestation. If you notice that something is wrong, take a step back, take a deep breath, and take it easy.

With a little practice, you will get this balancing act right.

3. You aren’t clear and specific enough.

You are setting your goal as “I want a car”. Don’t you think this is a bit vague?

There are all kinds of cars. Are you wishing for a basic one or a luxury car? Are you looking for a specific brand, specific model, or thinking about minimum performance criteria? When you get down to it, there are so many aspects to a car. Or will any car do for you that will take you from Point A to Point B?

You may or may not have a fair idea of what you want somewhere hidden in your mind. Did you include all those details in your intention? When you asked the Universe, did you specify all these details?

When you set an intention as vague as this, you are confusing the Universe. This is going to delay your manifestation at best or it may end up as a failure at worst. There is also another possibility. The Universe may grant what it thinks you want but it may not be what you were expecting. For you, that would be as good as a failure. 

Would you want this to happen? No doubt, you don’t want to fail in your manifestation.

Let’s see what you can do about this.

The first step of manifestation is to set the intention. At this stage, you need to spend some time understanding your desire. Continue to dig deeper until you have the goal with all the details. 

“I want a red 4-seater Lamborghini with 1200HP, acceleration 0-60 within 3 seconds, and a top speed above 200mph”.

You may include all the details you consider important. Then and only then the Universe will know what you want exactly. Or else you will end up with a Chevy Spark. Got it?

Clarity is vital to succeeding in manifestation. You need this to align your energy with the goal. If you are not clear about what the goal is and what kind of energy it has, how can you make it happen?

In short, be clear and specific.

4. You feel the time is not right for manifestation.

That is a strange one for sure. You want something and try to manifest it. When you are not succeeding, you tell yourself that you are failing because you are not yet ready to receive the goal. This is a cliché. 

Your understanding of perfect timing is limited in the greater scheme of things in this Universe. Have you ever felt happy that what you considered a lucrative opportunity didn’t take off and you got something better later on? As they say, the hind vision is 20-20.

Such as buying a house. You were about to buy this one and you felt so disappointed that the deal fell through. But a month later, you got a better house and a better deal. Then, you must have felt so relieved that the first deal didn’t materialize despite you wishing for it with all your heart. 

The Universe does work in mysterious ways. It denies you something only to give you something better later on. There is no need to feel disappointed when you didn’t get what you wanted in the first instance. Nor do you need to decide on when the time is right for something in your life either. Leave it to the Universe to decide all those details for you.

When you want something, reveal your desire to the Universe and follow the manifestation steps. The Universe will grant your wishes when the time is right – neither earlier nor later.

Free your mind from the pressures of right timings and wrong timings. Once you reach this stage, you will feel liberated. The stress and anxiety about manifestation go right out the window. 

Armed with this newfound way of thinking, you are ready to manifest all your desires with ease.

5. You flounder when you see something better.

When you began your manifestation process, you were absolutely sure about your goal. You started working towards manifesting it in all earnest. Then, somewhere along the way, you happen to notice something similar to your goal but better. And, got sidetracked. 

You no longer think that your original goal is the right one for you. Though your basic need hasn’t changed, its specifics have undergone a major change. 

Then, you go chasing this new goal and ultimately end up neither. Have you experienced this before? How did that make you feel? Angry and resentful? Disappointed and disillusioned?

No wonder you feel this way. Do you know why this is happening to you? There is only one answer. You are not yet ready to manifest the goal because your mind is not made up about it. In this way, the Universe is showing you all the options you can choose from. Use this opportunity to widen your choices and pick the right goal.

This way, the Universe is also showing you what you don’t want. When you are working towards a goal but are distracted by a similar one, it clearly shows that you are not passionate enough about the goal in the first place. 

The most probable explanation for your unreliable and fickle behavior is that you are going through a learning phase. You are still toying with various ideas and interests and you haven’t made up your mind yet. There is a transformation happening in your mind. 

And, there is no need for you to blame yourself for this mistake either. When you began the manifestation journey, you knew only about your original goal and that is all you ever wanted. However, along the way, you discovered that there is something better that you can have. 

You will be ready only when this phase is complete. Or else your eyes will always be scanning the horizon and searching for something better.

Bottom line

There is so much we don’t know about ourselves and the rest of the Universe. After living here for a few years, we think we know how the Universe works, but often we are mistaken. When things go wrong, there is no need to take it as a failure. Rather it is a temporary setback. You can always choose to learn from the experience and make the next one better. 

Don’t lose your cool or feel despondent when your manifestation is taking too long to materialize or even if it doesn’t. Just look around you with your eyes wide open. Your goal may not have manifested but the process itself was not a failure. It was indeed working. You spotted something better and now you can pursue it.

Believe it or not, you are not the only one feeling this way or having these experiences. Only successes get talked about. You will rarely find anyone telling you about how they discovered something better when manifesting and then changed the goal.

Be happy and be relaxed. The Universe always has your back.

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