40 Signs Your Soulmate Is Thinking Of You

Signs Your Soulmate Is Thinking Of You

Signs Your Soulmate Is Thinking Of You

Do you know that a soul connection is the strongest of all bonds that anyone can build with another human being?

When two souls meet and link up, the relationship is complete and powerful. Whether we are aware of this or not, all of us are searching for our soulmates our entire lives. It has been proven that each one of us comes across more than one soulmate in our lives.

How to recognize a soulmate when you meet one? That is the million-dollar question tormenting many of us. 

There is no need to worry about this count. When you meet one, you will just know it. No more, no less. So, don’t worry too much about this. 

You met this person and feel convinced that he/she is your soulmate. You connected well and are having a wonderful time together. Every moment apart, you feel like torture. You keep thinking about them.

Or you may be daydreaming about meeting your soulmate and feeling over the moon. In both instances, you may wonder whether your thoughts are reaching your soulmate and triggering a similar response from them. Is your soulmate thinking about you?

They say that thoughts and feelings are energy and can reach the person intended telepathically. Does this mean that when your soulmate is thinking of you, you too will know about it?

The simple answer is yes. Unfortunately, telepathic messages are sent and received as signs or indirect clues. To discern the fact that your soulmate is thinking of you, all you need to do is lookout for these unique signs.

This article lists some of the most common and obvious signs your soulmate is thinking of you. These are also signs your soulmate is missing you. 

Before we move on to the list of soul mate attraction signs, let’s understand more about soulmates.

Psychological facts about soulmates

Almost 8 billion people live on this beautiful planet. In our daily lives, we meet so many new people but not all of them make any significant impact on our lives, let alone become part of our lives. 

Why do we have soulmates? What is special about a soulmate? What is soulmate energy? How to recognize a soulmate?

Numerous questions will pop up in your mind. Here are some basic facts about soulmates to help you understand the relationship better. For more detailed information about soulmates, you may refer to this article.

  • You know right away when you meet.
  • You get a feeling of déjà vu.
  • You feel at ease with them.
  • You can read each other’s minds.
  • You feel calm and happy when you are with them.
  • You feel as if you are home and safe.
  • You find it easy to open up to your soulmate.
  • You help each other realize your potential.
  • You support each other no matter what.
  • You don’t need words to convey your thoughts and feelings.

How to know if your soulmate is thinking of you?

Maybe in the middle of a hectic day, something will trigger our thoughts and we begin to think about the most special person in our lives – our soulmate. 

We may start thinking about our soulmates at any time of the day. Maybe early in the morning, when you are out for a jog. Or when you are in the shower, or when unwinding after reaching home in the evening. As we lie down to sleep, we may start wondering what they are doing.

When your thoughts hover around your soulmate for long, it may get you thinking – are they aware of the fact that you are thinking about them? And, does the same principle apply in the reverse as well? Will you know when your soulmate is thinking of you?

You should know that you are not going to get a voice message or an SMS saying your soulmate is thinking of you. All the messages in the spiritual world are conveyed through signs and synchronicities. 

These signs will tell you that your soulmate is thinking of you. If you care to take the effort to notice and interpret them, you can easily know about this.

22 signs your soulmate is missing you

If you are having trouble identifying soulmate energy, here are the most common soulmate physical symptoms.

1. You find yourself thinking of them constantly. 

You are missing your soulmate. Your thoughts keep going back to them no matter where you are and what you are doing. Out of the blue, someone or something will remind you of them. You may even find it annoying that you are unable to focus on what you are doing.

2. You often dream about your soulmate.

Dreams, they say, bring out hidden messages from your subconscious mind. When you are awake and conscious, you are not aware of them. But when your soulmate makes a frequent appearance in your dreams, it is a sure sign of them thinking of you and reaching out to you.

3. You get an intuitive feeling that your soulmate is thinking of you.

You just feel it in your bones. There is no other explanation for this. The more you think about it, the more confused you would be. If you are not aware of the Universal law that everything in this Universe is energy vibrations including thoughts and feelings, it would be hard for you to make sense of this.

4. You feel an unexplainable urge to be physically close to the person.

You want to spend every moment with this person. Besides this, there are moments when you feel an uncontrollable feeling to be near them. You find this frustrating when you are busy or even in two different cities. You try to make up for it with long video calls. But nothing seems to satisfy you.

5. You get a strange sensation of being touched by your soulmate.

Have you ever experienced this? This happens when you are alone and thinking of someone you love dearly. You are so engrossed in your thoughts about this person that the surroundings seem to fade away and you feel transported to another world where you are with this person. You can feel their presence and their caressing touch.

6. You feel a sudden spurt of positive energy without doing anything.

You feel as if your feet are not on the ground; as if you are walking on clouds. You could sense a blanket of optimism and positivity enveloping you. Though you try to understand the reason for this sudden mood change, you won’t find any. Anything you attempt turns out well.

7. You get highly emotional all of a sudden for no reason.

You find your thoughts, feelings, and emotions oscillating wildly; mostly it remains on the positive end of the spectrum. There is nothing calm or subdued about them. When you are happy, thankful, or in love, you feel them deeply and intensely like never before. 

8. You find yourself smiling for no apparent reason.

You feel happy and elated without any particular reason. You find yourself grinning from ear to ear now and then. There is a spring in your steps and a song in your heart. You are unsure where all these are coming from, but decide to enjoy the good times as well as you could. Even when things don’t go your way, your smile remains on your lips. 

9. You feel a strong yet invisible bond with this person. 

You could feel the pull of the strings connecting your hearts. They say that all of us are interconnected with energy fields. When someone thinks of you or you think of someone, there is an energy transfer happening. That should explain the tug at the heart feeling.

10. You feel a sudden urge to improve yourself and do better in life.

Your life has been in disarray for a long while now. You have been wanting to set things in order but keep postponing it. All of sudden, you feel the urge to do something about it. You kick out the unwanted habits and undesirable people from your life. And you find yourself working hard on bettering your prospects and life itself.

11. You feel a surge in your confidence levels.

As if you are injected with a big dose of self-confidence and self-worth. Earlier you were unsure of what you wanted to do in life but now you can see your path ahead with clarity. This gives you that extra confidence to move forward. Maybe it is the thought and love coming your way that is making the difference.

12. All of a sudden you gain clarity about your past relationships. You will realize that these were a prelude to your soulmate connection.

Earlier you were confused and troubled by your past relationships. You often used to wonder why the Universe is making you go through such horrible experiences. What is the meaning and purpose of all these? With your soulmate connection working wonders, you understand that all those past experiences were preparing you for this wonderful moment.

13. All you can see around you is love and this reminds you of your own with your soulmate.

They say, when you are in love, all you can see is love. Nothing is truer. When your heart is overflowing with happiness and love, you see goodness and beauty in everyone and everything you come across. And, all of them remind you of your soulmate.

14. You receive calls and messages from your soulmate out of the blue. 

This is the most direct of all the signs. When they are thinking of you, their natural desire is to contact you. If you stay close by, they may drop in for a surprise visit. If this is not the case, as for most people, they may try calling you without any warning or you may be pleasantly surprised to find their messages.

15. You feel the need to clear up the mess and get your life in order. It is as if you are making space in your life for your soulmate.

You start working on your life. For the first time in your life, you find yourself setting goals and following them up assiduously until you accomplish them. You feel the need to achieve something substantial and be someone worthwhile so that your soulmate would respect you and feel proud of being with you.

16. Your dreams and daydreams are filled up with sharing a happy life with your soulmate. 

Earlier you never paid much attention to your dreams or never bothered to daydream. After your soulmate entered your life, you find yourself daydreaming all the time, even in the middle of a busy workday. You begin to realize that your dreams are almost always about your soulmate, mostly about your life together in the future.

17. You gain clarity about what you want to do with your life. This is part of setting your life in order.

Earlier you were happy to go with the flow and not so bothered about where you are or what you did. As the soulmate became an integral part of your life, you started realizing the importance of having goals and doing the best with your life. You don’t want to miss opportunities anymore.

18. Your soulmate often features prominently in the visualizations of your future life.

Visualization exercise involves seeing with your mind’s eye how your future life is going to be. When you have goals, you visualize them as accomplished. This helps you feel elated and fills you up with positive energy. Nowadays, your soulmate has become a part of your visualizations, no matter the goal.

19. You feel as if your life is coming together like a jigsaw puzzle. Everything in the past makes sense to you now.

You never bothered to make sense of life or what you wanted to do earlier. It could be best described as the scattered pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. You had no clue as to the final picture. Now, you could gain some clarity. You know your goal and mission in life. The pieces of the jigsaw are falling into place and revealing the final picture.

20. You find your life shaken up to its roots in a nice way. You no longer want to continue your easygoing style of living. 

Your life has been flowing smoothly all this while with no excitement or major events. With the arrival of the soulmate in your life, you are filled with anticipation and exhilaration. You find your life shaken like a snow globe. You are enjoying the disruption and trying to make the best of it.

21. You find help coming your way like never before. Whether in person or remotely, your soulmate is constantly trying to make life easier for you.

You have always been fighting your battles alone. For the first time in your life, you find this special someone by your side to help you deal with the vagaries of life. The world still throws lemons your way. It is just that you have this person to help you catch them and make lemonade out of it. 

22. You just feel it in your bones that something nice is about to happen to you, though you are not aware of what exactly.

You have this strange premonition that your life is headed in the right direction and something good is coming your way. You try to dig for reasons and find none. You try to find more about these good tidings and you still have no clue. You just know that with so much love and positivity in your life, you are on the right path.

Some more signs your soulmate is thinking of you

  • You can hear their voice even when your soulmate is nowhere nearby.
  • You experience wild mood swings for no apparent reason.
  • You experience a strange sense of happiness, elation, and contentment.
  • You find yourself unable to concentrate on the task at hand as your thoughts keep wandering off to your soulmate. It is as if they are beckoning you.
  • Sneezing is often interpreted as a sign of someone you care about thinking of you.
  • Feeling goosebumps is believed to be a sign of you being in the thoughts of someone you care for.
  • Getting hiccups is considered in many eastern cultures as a sign of someone remembering you.
  • You experience involuntary twitches, spasms, or irritation in your left eye. 
  • You can hear your “special” song, though it is not playing anywhere.
  • You notice butterflies everywhere you turn. You find these delicate creatures unusually hovering near you.
  • You come across a white feather, which is considered a unique sign of communication from your soulmate.
  • You come across too many synchronicities like angel numbers that are hard to ignore as coincidences.
  • You sense a warm blanket of positive energy enveloping you.
  • Your soulmate’s name pops up in random conversations with strangers.
  • You get the urge to talk to them. If this is not possible in person, you feel the need to call them immediately.
  • You experience a mixture of emotions – excited, intrigued, inspired, enthusiastic, and a bit frightened and anxious.
  • A tarot card will confirm your suspicions that something is happening or is about to happen in your life.
  • You understand the meaning of past relationships. You finally find yourself in a position to accept them and come to terms with them.

You may not experience or notice all the signs together. Out of the signs listed above, you may notice only one or two or even five or six. One thing is certain. As the soulmate connection gets stronger, you will experience more and more signs with greater intensity than ever before. 

Bottom line

You may have heard about the twin flame relationship. Do not confuse this with soulmate connection. Though both are relationships at a spiritual or soul level, the basics of both relationships are different.

The soulmate connection feelings mentioned above will tell you that you have found what you have been searching for all your life – your soulmate. In the beginning, this person was more of fiction and part of your dreams than reality. As more signs appear, you will have to accept that this person is indeed your soulmate and you have an undeniable soul connection.

Though you were searching for this person all your life, when you finally come across them, you may find it hard to believe and accept, let alone allow them to be part of your life. These signs should help you reach that conclusion easier and quicker.

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