8 Signs Your Twin Flame is Communicating with You

Signs Your Twin Flame is Communicating with You

Signs Your Twin Flame is Communicating with You

All relationships are special in unique ways and twin flame connection is considered the purest of them all. Meeting your twin flame is believed to be the most memorable and cathartic soul connection that you may ever experience. 

Some of us may be aware of the existence of a twin flame and may be looking out for them. Most people have not been introduced to the concept at all. Whichever category you belong to, there are some signs to help you identify your twin flame or to be aware that you have made the connection. 

You can use these signs to know the presence of your twin flame or that your twin flame is communicating with you.

At times, we tend to miss the most obvious things as we are too preoccupied and distracted by the humdrum of daily life.

This article details the common signs of a twin flame journey and their meanings to help you navigate this path.

Twin flames explained…

A twin flame, also known as a mirror soul, is the other half of your soul. Practically, your twin flame has the same soul as yours. Sometimes a soul splits into two and inhabits two people. A twin flame relationship is considered the most challenging of all the connections you may ever have in your life. But it is not without its positives like healing and purifying aspects.

As your twin flame mirrors you in every possible way, the meeting is bound to bring out into the open, the facets and traits that you have been conveniently and deliberately ignoring or hiding from the world or even yourself. Such as your fears, insecurities, worries, and such.

This doesn’t mean you should avoid meeting your twin flame or run away from it. A twin flame connection can help you get over these negative aspects in yourself by compelling you to encounter them. In the end, this will help you move forward in life and find happiness, peace, and fulfillment.

Signs you have found your twin flame

twin flame communication signs

As many of us are not aware of a twin flame or not actively looking for one, recognizing your twin flame right away is hard without the help of signs. Sometimes, you may be struggling to find an explanation for strange happenings in your life. Knowing the signs of the twin flame connection, you can connect the dots straight away without hesitation.

Just like you are groping in the dark about your twin flame, your mirror soul may also be going through the same thing. Here are the most compelling signs to alert you of your twin flame’s presence.

1. You feel an unexplainable connection with someone you just met

You met this person for the first time and right away you felt a sense of recognition, powerful attraction, and desire to be together. If you are not aware of the existence of your twin flame or if you are not looking out for them, this may come as a surprise and weird feeling.

After that first meeting, you cannot stop thinking about the person though you don’t know anything about them. Your heart desperately wants to see the person and be with them. The deep longing makes the rest of the world fade away and all you can think and see is this one person.

2. You can communicate without a word being said

Maybe you are in the same room, same house, or far apart. You seem to know what is going on in your twin flame’s mind. Others may call it telepathy, ESP, insight, gut feeling, or something else. All you know is that you can read the mind of your twin flame like your own.

Needless to say, this will be a strange sensation for you until you get used to it. If your twin flame connection has a romantic angle to it, then get ready for a long-distance relationship that will be no less intense.

3. You see them in your dreams even before the first encounter

You have vivid dreams of your twin flame without knowing them. This is a sure sign that you are about to meet them. Most probably, the image in your dream will be blurred. But you know in your heart that it is someone significant in your life. 

After meeting the twin flame, you may continue to have such dreams even when you did not have the chance to know them well. Naturally, this confounds you. The explanation is simple enough. Twin flames have a spiritual connection that transcends the physical world. And subconscious communication in the spiritual realm can happen through energy vibrations. Oral communication is not needed.

4. You feel their proximity even when you are far away

You are going about with your life in the usual way and out of blue you could sense the presence of your twin flame. All your senses will come to life. A caressing touch, that unique smell, a kiss, or a hug – all the while your twin flame is miles away.

You will find your body reacting to these sensations as well. You will feel the warmth, the glow, the blush, or even goosebumps. You realize that you are no longer alone and experience that strange feeling of being complete. 

5. You can sense the pain of your twin flame

When your near and dear ones are suffering, you usually feel the pain. You will feel sad, miserable, and depressed. But this is another kind of pain that you will experience with a twin flame. It is the real kind of pain as if you are suffering yourself.

The soul bond of twin flames is the explanation for this phenomenon. This pain is a reminder for you that your twin flame exists somewhere in the world if you have not yet met them.

6. You break up and reconnect

The twin flame connection is not smooth or easy going. The tumultuous nature of the connection may lead to frequent breakups. However, the spiritual part of the connection draws you two back together eventually.

The on-again-off-again aspect of a twin flame relationship is hard to handle for most people. The breakup can last for months or years before you are reunited with your twin flame in the strangest of circumstances.

7. You are similar in most areas

Since you meet your twin flame later on in life, you will be amazed at how similar you two are and how similar your past lives have been until now. Similar experiences, interests, life goals, and backgrounds are hard to take in initially.

In areas you are not similar, you complement each other. Like your Ying to your twin flame’s Yang. As you get to know your twin flame more and more, you will find the connection nothing short of magical.

8. Your life is witnessing drastic changes

Your life was going on at a smooth pace and all of a sudden you feel as if your world has been turned upside down. Buying a new house, loss of job, learning something new, or end of a relationship. 

This is a clear sign that you are about to meet your twin flame. By these sudden changes, you are making space for the twin flame union in your life.

Final thoughts

A twin flame is not something you chose to have in your life. You are destined to be spiritual partners. The presence of a twin flame in your life is both a blessing and a strain. While it is reassuring to know that there is a special someone for you out there even if you have not yet met them, the arrival of the twin flame in your life might create problems.

Twin flames are mirror images of each other. And when you see your twin flame, the not-so-desirable features of yours become apparent to you. You cannot escape from it as they will be right there in front of your eyes. You will be forced to confront the things that you want to ignore and hide from the world and yourself.

Twin flame connection may create some problems but in the long run, it is for the good. Instead of running away from your own problems, you will finally confront them and will muster up the courage to overcome them, resetting your life in the right direction.

Twin flames exist and the Universe brings them together for a purpose. They help each other to evolve into better human beings.

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