7 Signs Your Twin Flame Is Thinking Of You Sexually

7 Signs Your Twin Flame Is Thinking Of You Sexually

Signs Your Twin Flame Is Thinking Of You Sexually

If you are lucky enough to have a twin flame and have already met them, you have fulfilled your spiritual destiny. 

As you must be aware, the twin flame relationship is the most beautiful and purest of all human relationships. As they embody the halves of the same soul, twins are in fact mirror reflections of each other. 

Though twin flame relationships happen at the soul level, they are profoundly felt in the physical body as well. As this soul connection is a romantic one, the intensity of the spiritual bonding can be felt as physical sensations. For instance, if your twin is thinking of you sexually, you can get to know about it by watching out for signs of sexual chemistry. 

As individuals and relationships are not all the same and differ vastly, the manifestations of these signs may also differ. One of the major factors influencing the sign is the strength of the spiritual connection. 

Though there are variations in the signs, it is possible to find a common thread among them. This article explores the topic of signs that indicate that your twin flame is thinking of you sexually. This article lists the signs that your twin flame is attracted to you and is sexually desiring you.

Signs of sexual connection and desire in your twin flame

1. You are seeing sensual and erotic dreams.

The soul connection experienced by twin flames is heavenly and unparalleled. There is no need for words to convey their thoughts and feelings to each other. All they need to do is for one twin to think about something and the other twin will experience it. When the thought is romantic or sexual in nature, it is felt instantly by the other twin.

Oftentimes, these silent communications between twin flames manifest as dreams. Dreams are believed to be communications between the subconscious and the conscious mind. So, when one twin is sexually thinking about the other, the subconscious will immediately get to know about it. This is brought into the awareness through erotic dreams.

The real meaning and implications of dreams have not been unraveled yet. However, it is believed that when you see a person in your dreams, it means you are connected to them at a deeper level. When this person is your twin flame, it gains extra significance.

When you see erotic dreams about your twin, it is so realistic that after you wake up, you will feel dazed and confused for a while. You will find it hard to accept that it was all a dream. 

Do you know that sharing a dream is a real possibility? When the twin flames end up thinking about each other, they will feature in each other’s dreams. As they have a strong soul connection, they may even have the same dream. It cannot get weirder than this.

2. You can feel the caress.

The nature of the spiritual connection between twin flames is such that when one twin is having erotic thoughts about the other, the other can actually feel the touch, kiss, and cuddle. 

When you are experiencing this for the first time, you may feel scared to bits. But after you understand the meaning and significance of this phenomenon, you will know how lucky you are. 

Everything that exists in this Universe is energy and every interaction is a result of energy transfer. This means thoughts are also energy. The sensual thoughts of the twin will reach you as twin flame sexual energy and when it enters your body, it evokes diverse sensations. Such as the twin flame telepathic touch. 

Once you understand this underlying principle, it is easy not to feel afraid of the experience. In fact, this is something to be enjoyed and embraced. 

3. You feel a strong sexual urge to meet them.

When your twin is having sexual thoughts about you, you will feel magnetically drawn toward them. You are in the middle of something important and you suddenly feel distracted and start thinking about them. You feel the need to talk to them and meet with them.

The intensity of this feeling depends on the depth of the bond you share and the passion in your thoughts. You also need to remember that when you are having similar thoughts, your twin will feel the same sensations. 

The connection shared by twin flames is not merely a physical one. It goes much deeper into the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of the relationship.

4. You feel sexually attracted to your twin.

This is something the Universe has designed to build relationships. When two individuals feel attraction for each other, they cannot help thinking erotic thoughts about each other. These thoughts are conveyed to the other through energy exchange. The more sexual thoughts they have, the more attraction they feel and the stronger the bond will be.

This is true for all relationships but more evident in twin flame relationships. When the relationship is strong, there is no need for words to convey feelings and thoughts. They can sense the wants and needs of each other intuitively. 

5. You experience a shift in mood.

Your day is proceeding as usual when out of the blue you can sense your mood shift for the better or sometimes worse. You are completely distracted from the task on hand. You find it hard to focus on the work and struggle to finish it. Your mind keeps drifting off to thoughts about your twin.

When someone is thinking of you, they are sending you sexual energy vibes. And, when these energy vibrations get added to yours, it can upset the energy balance in you. This is the reason for the feeling of distraction. It takes some time for you to regain balance and get on with whatever you were doing.

When you experience this for the first time, it can be quite confusing. You have no clue why you are feeling distracted and why you are finding it difficult to focus on anything. Reading up on this can help you understand what is happening. This will help you deal with the situation the next time around.

6. You don’t feel alone anymore.

When your twin is constantly thinking about you, it is reflected on you as various sensations. At times, it is erotic thoughts. At other times, you may feel the touch or you can hear them. You may also feel hugged or kissed by your twin, even when you are miles apart.

This means you feel your twin’s presence around you at all times. This also means you don’t feel alone or lonely any longer. 

Initially, you may find this a bit scary. When you are all alone at home, you can feel the presence of someone nearby. But once you figure out the reason for this sensation and start accepting it, you would even start enjoying it.

7. You come across synchronicities.

These are also known as meaningful coincidences. They may appear to you as coincidences but they have a purpose and a message for you. Some of the most common synchronicities are angel numbers, being at the right place at the right time, thinking of someone and they calling you, dreams, or physical manifestations like goosebumps and eyes twitching.

When you experience such strange happenings, instead of rubbishing them off as weird, you should notice them and try to understand their meaning. Typically you come across them when someone is trying to send you a message or a signal. 

In this instance, your twin thinking of you is triggering it.

Can you feel aroused by your twin’s sexual thoughts?

The answer is yes when the circumstances are right. One of the most important preconditions to this is that the bond you share with your twin needs to be strong and healthy. Only when your energies are well-aligned with each other, you can receive the twin flame sexual energy vibes your twin is sending your way with their sexual thoughts.

You may be miles away from your twin, living in different cities or countries. However, if your relationship is robust, nothing is preventing you from enjoying the pleasures of spiritual connection. Merely with your thoughts, you can arouse sexual feelings in the other. 

To make this possible, both twins need to be free of energy blocks. Twin flames can work on their individual energy vibrations to finetune it to perfection. Your sexual chemistry needs to be perfect. 

Once they make sure that there is no element of negative energy in themselves and their twin flame energy alignment with each other and the Universe is excellent, they are ready to experience the long-distance magic.

Why doesn’t this work for some twins?

Due to multiple issues, this long-distance transfer of thought may not happen. One primary reason is the weakening of the twin flame relationship. 

The twin flame connection is believed to be the best and purest of all relationships. The two halves of the same soul reside in them, making them mirrors of each other. Though this makes the relationship perfect on various levels, in the practical sense, it can become hard for twins to get along with each other for longer periods.

Conflicts and disagreements slowly start appearing in the relationship, driving them slowly apart. Besides this, their own mental state can also prevent twin flames from receiving sexual energy vibes from each other. Negative emotions like anxiety, anger, fear, and resentment are the main culprits. It is also believed that karmic issues also can create disruptions in energy reception.

If you feel the absence of sexual energy vibes from your twin flame, you should look inwards for such blockages and malfunctioning. Then it is time to pay attention to your sexual chemistry and find ways to deal with the lack of it. This is the only way you can feel close to your twin flame and revive your unique relationship.

You also need to remember that the energy blockage may not be happening with you. Maybe it is your twin who is experiencing these troubles. On your part, you can help them realize this and overcome it without being on-the-face and overbearing.

Bottom line

The Universe is exhaustively intertwined in such an intricate fashion that every feeling, thought, word and action of one will affect everyone and everything else in the vicinity. What we often fail to realize is how much our emotions and actions reflect on others. This is all the more reason why you should be careful not just about your words and actions, but also about your thoughts and emotions.

However, this works well for partners on a twin flame journey. Whenever something is going wrong, either individually or in the relationship, they can get it back on track by working together as a unit. It would be helpful if you can make it a habit to scan your mindset for impurities and negativities and remove them if you detect any. 

If you are in a twin flame relationship, don’t ignore these signs. They are in fact messages from your twin for more love, physical proximity, and sexual intimacy. 

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