11 Signs Your Twin Flame Loves You

Signs Your Twin Flame Loves You

Signs Your Twin Flame Loves You

If you are in a twin flame relationship and looking for signs of love from your twin, it can only mean either of the two things.

One, there is so much love that you are pinching yourself to make sure it is real. And, two, you are having trust issues and looking for proof. Either way, you will find what you are searching for by reading the signs mentioned in this article.

When you are unsure of where you stand and don’t know which path to take, signs are your best bet. Some can recognize and understand signs naturally, while others need to work on their intuitive skills. Learning to read and interpret signs will always be handy in diverse life situations.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s dive right in and get going.

Before we list the signs twin flame loves you, here is a short intro on twin flames and the unique soul connection they share. If you are already familiar with this, you can skip the next section and move on to the twin flames spiritual signs directly.

The story of twin flames

At times, for reasons unknown, a soul splits into two and inhabits two bodies. As can be expected, the basic character of these two individuals would be similar. In fact, they will be mirrors of each other.

Appearance-wise the twin flames would be different. But their behavior, likes/dislikes, and approaches would have uncanny similarities. You can call them clones of each other mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Everything except their physical appearance is similar. 

However, they are unaware of each other’s existence. Only when the time is right, the biggest matchmaker of them all, the Universe will set things up to bring them together. 

The coming together of twin flames is so unique and intense that there is nothing to compare it with. The moment they set eyes on each other, they know right away that they have found what they have been searching for all their lives. 

However, the intensity of the relationship is also the reason for its downfall. For one thing, it is hard to live with a person who is a mirror reflection of your personality. You may not like some aspects of your personality and want to run away from them. But having this person with you 24×7, you find it impossible. Soon enough you will get into each other’s nerves and the relationship will blow over.

Another reason for parting ways in twin flame relationships is the high intensity of love and passion associated with it. Humans are not designed to sustain such levels of passion for a long duration.  Such relationships always go through ups and downs. 

Twin flame relationships pan across lifetimes. After each rebirth, the souls come together for an on-and-off bumpy kind of passionate relationship. For twin flames, breakups do not constitute an end of the story. No matter how long they stay apart, they always come back together in a twin flame reunion. 

Twin flames may go through multiple breakups and reunions in a lifetime. Once one lifetime ends, the story is repeated in the next. 

Signs twin flame loves you

The ups and downs in twin flame relationships may be hard for some to comprehend. Especially, if your intuitive skill is not refined and you need reassurance. 

Here are some clear twin flames spiritual signs to look out for to assure yourself of your twin’s love for you.

1. You dream of their love for you.

What better way to become aware of your twin’s unconditional love than through dreams!

Dreams are the conduits of messages to your conscious mind from beyond your awareness. Be it from your own subconscious mind, the Universe, or your twin. This is how soul connections work. Messages are conveyed as energy vibrations without any need for spoken words.

A twin flame relationship is a soul connection and naturally, synchronicities like dreams play a huge role in communicating messages. Think back to the days before you met your twin. You must have dreamed about them beforehand and knew that you were about to meet twin flame.

When your twin flame is thinking romantic thoughts about you, it gets conveyed to you as energy vibrations and you see the same in your dreams. Depending on how strong your bond is, the more accurate your dream would be to reality.

If you are frequently dreaming about your twin showering you with love and affection, have no doubt. It is a clear sign of love in real life.

2. You feel their presence even when you are far away.

As mentioned earlier, the twin flame connection is a high-intensity soul relationship. There is nothing restrained or subdued about it. Moreover, twins are mirror souls with so much in common than ordinary couples. This helps them detect each other’s presence even when they are physically miles apart.

If you haven’t experienced this phenomenon, you must be wondering what it means. When you are alone and deep in your thoughts about your twin, you can feel their presence near you. If your connection is strong enough, you will even sense them touching and caressing you and you can hear their voice speaking to you.

This may seem scary and uncanny. It can spook you when you experience it for the first time. But once you understand the idea behind it, you will calm down and be relaxed enough to take it in your stride. You may even begin to enjoy this unusual time together and the conversations you are having.

Your twin is summoning all the love they feel for you to make this happen. So, think of this incident as a sign of love from your twin flame. 

3. They stand steadfast with you.

You may have heard about fair-weather relationships. They are there for you only when things are going great. Twin flame relationships are just the opposite of this. Your twin flame will not leave you stranded ever. Their love and support for you are as sure as life and death.

Ordinary relationships begin with so much bang and then, they will slowly start fizzling out. Love is the most intense in the early days of the relationship. Then, gradually it will start to diminish. If you are one of those lucky ones, it will settle down to a stable level and continue in the same way for the rest of your life.

For twin flames, the intensity of love and passion never abates. It is as strong years later as it was at the start of the relationship. As long as love is there, they are ready to do anything for each other. Even when things don’t look bright, when you are in trouble, your twin will invariably rush to your aid. Abandoning you is not even under consideration.

The twin flame relationship itself will go through rough patches but that doesn’t matter when it comes to love and support for each other.

4. You challenge each other to bring out the best.

This is common for all soul connections, especially twin flames. The Universe has created soul connections for mutual support and to help each other grow and realize their potential. 

It is easy to misunderstand the intention behind this. When your twin is challenging you, if you are not aware of its purpose, you may mistake it as an act of pulling you down. You need to wake up to the fact that you are in a twin flame relationship and this means challenging and pushing each other to greater heights is part of the deal. 

If your twin is fulfilling this part of the relationship, it is up to you to understand the reason and the thought behind it. It just means that they care for you and love you without expecting anything in return. They are even willing to earn a bad name for themselves in the process.

How far they are pushing you depends on the kind of situation you are in and the strength of your relationship. If you are going through difficult times, you may need this push to overcome the predicament you find yourself in. This is exactly the purpose of a twin flame relationship. Your twin is just fulfilling their destiny.

The success of a twin flame relationship depends on the progress made by both in life. Instead of focusing solely on individual successes, both should ensure that the other is also doing well.

5. They are always there to help you deal with your troubles.

Love and unconditional support are the two cornerstones of a twin flame relationship. When you falter in the path of life, your twin will automatically rush to your aid and prop you up with their strength and stability. You can rest assured that they will never let you stumble and fall by the wayside. 

This is one of the main differences between an ordinary relationship and a twin flame connection. In a standard relationship, you are required to keep up your end of the bargain to remain in the relationship. You have to fulfill your promise to your partner. Among twin flames, the promises are not verbal and are made at the soul level.

Your twin will love and support you no matter where you find yourself or what you have done. In fact, you get to see the unconditional love of your twin the most when you are in trouble. They will never abandon you. 

They say a friend in need is a friend indeed. This merely remains on paper in most relationships. This is realized in the true sense in a twin flame relationship. 

6. You enjoy a strong and passionate bond.

Love and passion are the underlying themes in a twin flame relationship. This is felt in all facets of the connection, including physical and sexual relationships. 

There is always a strong urge for physical aspects of the relationship, including sexual activities. Erotic dreams are an integral part of the relationship to spice things up. 

If you haven’t yet consummated the relationship, there is nothing to worry about. Unlike normal relationships, in which two individuals are attracted to each other physically and sexually, in a twin flame relationship, the twins are attracted to each other because they possess two halves of the same soul. In this soul connection, the physical aspects kick in later on.

However, once you get started, the intensity is all-consuming. You would start wondering where all this hunger for each other was hiding all these years. There is nothing carnal about the merger of the two souls. There are spiritual and emotional elements in this act of love.

Despite this, sexual activity is as vital to the success of the twin flame relationship as the other aspects.

7. They don’t hide anything from you.

The twin flames understand each other intuitively and can read each other’s minds like an open book. Due to this, they don’t feel the need to keep secrets from each other. This is the kind of relationship all of us dream about.

Everything about a twin flame relationship is so perfect and close to how an ideal relationship should be. Mutual respect, open communication channels, and unconditional love and support are the hallmarks of a twin flame relationship.

Twins won’t feel the need to betray each other. They are always eager to share anything new in their lives with their twin flame. In fact, it is their twin flame that they seek to share, be it good news or bad news, or anything in between.

At times this tendency to overshare may create friction in the relationship. While in an ordinary relationship, individuals are always cautious about sharing their personal details with their partner, this is not an issue in a twin flame relationship. You are accepted without any preconditions because that is what the relationship is all about.

8. You can sense what is on their mind.

Again, the strength of your relationship determines your capacity to read the mind of your twin flame. You can even feel all that they are feeling. When your twin is happy or in pain, you can feel the same sensations.

This makes it easy for twin flames to be aware of each other’s moods. When your twin is feeling low, there is no need for them to tell you about it for you to act with sensitivity. However, in a similar situation, couples in a regular relationship struggle to keep up with the mood swings and tantrums of their partners.

When the twin flame relationship is going great, the twin flames are perfectly tuned in to each other’s mood, making it easier for them to get along with each other. You can say that the twin flames fit into each other’s lives like a perfectly fitting glove. 

If you can sense this in your twin, it is because they love you and care for you deeply.

9. They made changes in themselves to suit your needs.

That is love at its pinnacle. Often, you are reluctant to make changes in your own life to help you achieve what you are aspiring for. Even when there is so much at stake for yourself, you are too timid and lazy to put in the effort.

However, your twin would happily do this for you. They won’t think of this as a huge sacrifice because they are in love with you. When you are in love, nothing is too much. You also need to remember that you never asked them for this sacrifice or to make changes in their life. But that is how the relationship works.

This change that we are talking about here is not a conscious one. Nor does it need any effort on the part of your twin flame. It comes naturally without any thought or extra effort.

Such as changing jobs to suit your schedule. Or relocating to be near you. It can also involve changing food preferences or giving up bad habits to make it easier for you. 

Changing lifestyles and habits never come easy for anyone, including twin flames. Neither is it easy to give up your own ambitions and goals to build a life together with your partner. The fact that your twin did all these without a grumble speaks volumes of the love they have for you.

10. They are not bothered by the conventional approach.

Two individuals meet and if they like each other, the relationship begins. From there onwards, the relationship proceeds in stages in a fixed pattern. However, in a twin flame relationship, conventions are thrown to the wind and it starts on a high note. There is a reason for this.

Twin flames, even when they are meeting for the first time, feel as if they have known each other for ages. Due to this sense of familiarity, they skip most of the initial stages of a relationship that regular couples follow.

Twin flames find it easier to open up to each other and have no hesitation in revealing their love for each other. If you had experienced a regular relationship before, it wouldn’t help if you compare both. Because a twin flame relationship is so different in various aspects from a regular relationship. 

There is no compulsion on the twin flames to follow the steps or a set path. They can go forward at breakneck speed or proceed at a snail’s pace if they feel that is what is right for them.  As long as your relationship is going great, it is proof enough of your twin’s love for you.

11. Your twin pines for you.

The bond shared by twin flames is one at a soul level unlike in an ordinary relationship, where it often begins with physical attraction. This doesn’t mean the twin flame relationship is only a spiritual connection. The emotional and physical bonding happens later in the relationship.

The bonding at various levels is so strong in a twin flame relationship that there is a constant urge to be together at all times. Twins find it hard to keep away from each other. They find an excuse to be together. 

Phone calls and messages are the best bet when you are separated by long distance. However, those who are fortunate to be closer can plan impromptu meetings any time they want to. Twins are always making plans to be together, just like regular couples do.

Unlike regular couples, the kind of love and passion in twin flames is another level altogether. The attraction of the souls adds more passion and love to the relationship.

Bottom line

In a twin relationship, even when you are going through tough times, love is always present. Sometimes it is visible, at other times, it is hard to detect. A twin flame relationship cannot exist without unconditional love and support.

If you are going through the twin flame separation stage, you may think that the love is gone forever. However, it is the invisible love that is drawing the two of you back together for the twin flame reunion. 

This is a relationship that starts and ends in love and is always overflowing with love.

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