The Soul Star Chakra Opening Symptoms Mystery

The Soul Star Chakra Opening Symptoms Mystery

Soul Star Chakra Opening Symptoms

You may have heard about the chakra energy system in our body and its seven chakras or energy centers. 

Besides these energy centers located within the body, there are more lying just outside the body. The most prominent among these is the soul star chakra or seat of the soul.

This 8th chakra is located above the top of the head, right above the crown chakra. This chakra is associated with spiritual wisdom, divine love, and transcendence.

If you are familiar with chakras and their functioning, you would be aware of the importance of maintaining them balanced and in good health to allow the free flow of energy within the chakra and among the chakras. The same applies to the soul chakra.

This article helps you to understand the basics of the 8th chakra. You will find here how to activate the soul star chakra and the signs of its opening. 

Some basic facts about the soul star chakra

Though not included in the major seven chakras, this 8th chakra is notable as the gateway connecting the body with the outside world and the Universe. In Sanskrit, it is called Viyapini, meaning, “one that is present everywhere”.

  • Location: A few inches up to 2 feet above the crown chakra
  • Color: Often shown as gold or white. Some consider it to be colorless or even iridescent
  • Symbol: Thousand petaled lotus
  • Element: Immortal soul
  • Crystals: Amethyst, Selenite, Clear Quartz, or Indigo Kyanite

The crown chakra also is linked to spiritual awareness and awakening but it is still connected to our physical body. When the soul chakra is active, we can connect to energies outside our physical awareness. It would be much bigger and more powerful than the energies available within ourselves.

Soul chakra helps us connect to the divine love of the Universe. As this involves the Universe, many believe that the soul chakra can’t get blocked. However, when we are not aware of its existence, we may not be accessing it or tapping into its potential. 

On the other hand, some believe that even soul chakra can get blocked or become low in energy. The symptoms will be similar to that of the crown chakra. Feeling of being not grounded, confused, directionless, or lacking clarity and purpose are the typical signs of blockage. The physical symptoms include dizziness and headache.

All we need to do is to become conscious of its existence and take the right steps to activate it and connect with it. When the soul chakra becomes active and opens up, your awareness will know about it.

How to activate and connect to the soul chakra?

Being the first among the higher chakras, the soul chakra is considered the gateway to the divine love of the Universe. As you may know, the Universe is always trying to fulfill your desires and taking good care of you. Anything you ask for will be granted. For this to happen, you need to establish a connection with the Universe. The soul chakra helps you with this.

Chakras are spinning energy wheels carrying energy up and down the body along the 7 chakras. This means a block in one of the chakras can impact energy flow within the body. This also means that the energy present in the soul chakra will be insufficient to establish a connection with the divine powers of the Universe.

Before taking steps to activate the soul chakra, it is important to ensure that the 7 seven physical chakras are in perfect health – open and unblocked. All the 8 chakras need to work in unison. 

To activate any chakra, you need to be consciously aware of it. Besides taking good care of your physical body, you also need to take care of your spiritual self through a good self-care routine. 

You can either do this with the help of an energy healer or do it yourself with self-care practices.

Energy healing or Integrated Energy Healing (IET)

This is a method to access high-frequency life force energy. While diverse methods are used for this, the “Soul Star Clearing” technique is the most popular among them. This technique is usually performed by an energy healer. In this, our karmic memory is accessed so that we can heal old wounds and get to know our life’s mission. 

Energy healing can help in becoming aware of our life goals and aligning our life to make them happen. It raises the chance to manifest our life goals and realize our potential. 

1. Transcendental meditation

If you are new to meditation, this may not come easy. Only with practice, you can get it right. You can take the help of guided meditation to learn to do it the right way. 

Here are the steps for meditation.

  • Sit in a comfortable position. You may remain seated or lie on your back. Your body must be completely relaxed.
  • Take the first few minutes to do deep breathing exercises. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Once you feel your body relax, you can return to normal breathing.
  • Imagine roots going down into the ground from the base of your spine. Feel the connection with the earth,
  • As you breathe in, imagine yourself drawing energy from the earth through these roots. As you breathe out, imagine this energy traveling up your body, cleaning and clearing every single chakra on its path. 
  • Feel the energy reaching the crown. Continue this mental exercise along with the breathing pattern for a few minutes.
  • Now, turn your attention to the crown of your head. Imagine a halo above your head, spinning slowly. 
  • As you breathe in, imagine this light traveling through the body and imagine yourself being fully drowned in it. Now you are connected to your higher self.
  • As your body gets enveloped in this beautiful light, visualize that it is washing away the presence of negative energy in your body. Remain with this visual for some time until you feel comfortable and stable. 
  • As you slowly finish your visualization experience, imagine the shimmering light washing down your body, cleansing everything on its way, and disappearing into the earth.
  • Conclude the meditation session with some more deep breaths. 
  • Slowly become aware of your physical body and your environment. Open your eyes when you feel ready.

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2. Crystal therapy

Crystals can be used in many ways including crystal meditation or during yoga. Keeping the right kind of crystal near you or next to your body such as wearing it as a pendant or bracelet can clear your body of negative energy and get the energy flowing. 

3. Using tuning forks

A tuning fork with a resonance of 1074 Hz is considered ideal to remove negative energy trapped in the soul chakra.

Soul chakra opening signs

As activating the soul chakra is a slow process, you may not sense the change as much. As you activate and connect with your soul chakra, you become gradually aware of your connection with the divine power of the Universe. The symptoms of blockage as described earlier will slowly fade away.

You will feel more spiritual or connected to the soul. You will feel peaceful, calm, happy, and content. You will sense that you now have a purpose and are moving ahead in a definite direction.

You will feel that your intuitive abilities are improved. You may have other-worldly powers and experiences. As this increases, your existence in the physical world will become limited.

Concluding thoughts

Does activating your soul chakra mean giving up on your physical existence? Not at all. Again, this is a personal choice. The purpose of activating the soul chakra is to tap its potential to harness the energy of the Universe and help you reach higher levels of existence.

You can do all these without losing interest in your physical body. In fact, only through your physical body, you can enjoy the fruits of your achievements.

Spiritual growth has historically been limited to the educated and wealthy. Everyone needs to grow, but few people will ever find that balance or “enlightenment” because it’s only available to the elite few. We’re here to change that. Our spiritual article, “Clearing Chakras for Beginners: A practical and easy guide for beginners”, takes a step-by-step approach to clear your chakras and attain enlightenment. This article teaches you how to clear your chakras and boost your spiritual energy like never before.

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