Speaking Things into Existence: The Law of Attraction

Speaking Things into Existence: The Law of Attraction

how to speak things into existence

Words—so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them.

The power of the spoken word cannot be emphasized enough. Choose the right words and anything is possible. 

The immense power of the words we utter is what makes prayers potent and effective. This simple truth has been known to us for ages.

All religions tap into the magical effect of the spoken word through prayers, chants, and songs. In fact, you may use these methods of manifesting to get what you want. 

This article explores the topic in-depth and comes up with suggestions on how to speak things into existence.

Spoken word is powerful

Words have a magical power. They can either bring the greatest happiness or the deepest despair.

Often, we are not aware of the impact of the words we speak. It works both ways. You can choose them wisely and use them to your advantage or be careless and squander away the opportunity.

Many of us casually use words to give expression to our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. You must be careful about them as well. But your words can cause much more damage than what goes on in your mind because they can hurt others. This means you need to be more careful with them.

Being mindful of the words you speak can make life easier and better for you. You can create your own happiness and comfort to others as well as yourself with carefully chosen words. Through your words, you can raise your self-belief, confidence, and positive energy.

From the perspective of manifestation using the law of attraction, the spoken word gains more significance. Spoken words are not just the ones you say out loud. They are also the ones you speak to yourself in the mind. This means your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

It is the best tool to boost your energy vibrations. This will ultimately help you match your energy with that of your desire and lead to manifestation.

You can use the power of words for speaking things into existence. 

Manifesting things into existence with words

You can make the power of the words work for you by paying attention to a few things. Do remember that thoughts are the words you say to yourself. 

Take care to:

  • Think positive
  • Choose the right words
  • Frame it on a positive note

Be careful not to:

  • Engage in negative self-talk
  • Think ill of others
  • Project a wrong image of yourself to others
  • Keep the company of people who are critical and unsupportive

Manifestation is all about setting goals and making them a reality. You begin with scanning your mind to know what you want to manifest. You may have so many wishes you want to manifest but you need to choose one that you really want and are passionate about. 

Once you have decided what you want, you start your manifestation journey by focusing your energy on it. If you are using a manifestation journal, you write down your goal. With this simple step, you are adding another facet to your desire. 

With manifestation techniques like visualization and affirmations, you are adding more and more depth and intensity to the goal. When you visualize your future in your mind’s eye, or when you create a vision board with images and words related to your goal, your focus improves. Repeating affirmations, whether you are writing it down or saying it aloud, adds to the depth.

When you speak out loud, you are adding an extra element to the goal. With this, you are raising your positive energy as well as making your intention about the goal clear to yourself and the Universe.

Keeping your desires within your mind has its own limitations. However, when you say it aloud, even if you are the only person to hear it, the impact is huge. You feel more committed and responsible to make it happen. 

Here are 6 powerful manifestation techniques that you can use to speak your desires into existence.


These simple positive statements offer you the perfect chance to speak your wishes into existence. Though you can use affirmations in diverse ways, such as say it in your mind, write it down, listen to the audio, watch the video, or even include them in a vision board, the easiest, fastest, and best method to repeat affirmations is by saying them aloud. 

Make sure that you choose or frame affirmations clearly and concisely. Use present tense and add emotive words to make them more impactful. For daily affirmation, pick one, memorize it, and repeat it as often as possible during the day. 


Chants or incantation

These are shorter versions of affirmations, usually a word or a phrase. You assign the meaning and power to the chants and when said with conviction and passion, it brings so much intensity to the manifestation process. 

Incantations are easier to memorize and repeat. So, the chances are you would be using them more.

Meditating with mantras

Meditation is helpful to calm down your mind and maintain your focus on the goal. By adding mantras into the mix, you can raise the potency and effect of meditation multifold. 

Meditating with mantra involves choosing a mantra that helps you focus and is compatible with your goal. Most people find regular meditation hard to practice as it involves emptying your mind and keeping it still. However, mantra meditation is much easier to practice as you can focus on the mantra.

Mantras are believed to be powerful and carry vibrations to help you boost your energy frequency.

Ask the Universe

This is an important step in the manifestation process. After you have made up your mind about what you want to manifest, you need to ask the Universe to bring it to you. 

As in the case of affirmations, you can do this in many ways. Say it in the mind or write it down. But saying it aloud gives it more acceptance and credibility than otherwise. You feel more confident that your request has been conveyed to the Universe and it has been heard.

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Mirror work

This involves you standing in front of a mirror and talking to your image. This may seem a bit weird in the beginning but when you do it regularly you will get used to it and may even start enjoying and take comfort from it.

Mirror work is a perfect method to raise your self-esteem and confidence. Often you have trouble manifesting because you feel you don’t deserve to have it. Through mirror work, you can convince yourself otherwise.

Positive self-talk

Again, you can do this in your mind. Most of us do this all the time. Saying it aloud is more impactful and you feel more accountable. A problem with engaging in self-talk in the mind is that it can turn negative without you noticing it. When you are talking aloud, you have better control over what you are saying and your focus is better.

Concluding thoughts

Speaking things into existence with the law of attraction involves the core aspect of manifestation – you attract what you focus on. When you are saying things aloud instead of thinking in the mind or writing them down, you are bringing more focus and clarity to the manifestation process.

Spoken words do not just bring more focus, they seem to have additional energy on their own. Set a clear intention and speak it with unwavering belief and trust to bring it into existence. 

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