Spiritual Protection: How to Protect Your Energy Spiritually

Spiritual Protection: How to Protect Your Energy Spiritually

Spiritual Protection: How to Protect Your Energy Spiritually

Ever sensed something wrong with the atmosphere when you walked into a room? Or felt your energy draining when you were near someone?

You are absolutely right in your assumptions. It is the working of your spiritual energy system.

When you are near someone or you enter a place, there is an exchange of spiritual energy happening. This means you gain energy in a positive atmosphere and lose it in a negative environment. All the more reason why you should surround yourself with positive people.

The next question that will pop up in your mind is “Can I protect my spiritual energy?” After all, it is not easy to always avoid negative people or situations.

Read on to learn more about spiritual energy and how you can protect yourself from negative energy and guard against energy-draining people and situations.

What is spiritual energy or aura?

Within and around your physical body, there exists an energy field that is invisible called aura. This is interconnected with the seven energy chakras that lie within your body. Aura comprises seven layers. Energy is always emanating out into the universe from your aura.

It is not just you that has a protection aura. All living and nonliving things in this universe have auras or energy fields enveloping their physical form. This includes human beings, animals, trees, and even inanimate things around you.

Auras surrounding human beings are more extensive and detectable than in other living beings and inanimate objects. Our aura is known to alter in its expanse, color, and intensity depending on our emotional situation. For a happy person, the aura would be bright and yellow, while for a person suffering from fear or depression, it would be weak and gray.

When you are under stress, angry, agitated, or sick, your aura becomes weaker. Addictive substances like alcohol and drugs can also adversely affect your aura. 

Why do you need to protect your energy?

Everything in this universe is interconnected spiritually. This means there is an exchange of spiritual energy whenever two things come near each other. This is needed to maintain a balance in the universe. Energy exchange may also happen long-distance through thought waves. This is essential for your spiritual growth.

When you are near someone or something with low spiritual energy, some of your energy is transferred to keep it balanced. In simple terms, this is an energy drain for you.

The universe works in such a way that people and things with low aura gravitate towards people or things with higher energy to maintain balance. This also means you need to be aware and alert to this possibility to prevent energy drain. You already know how low aura will make you feel – depressed, angry, fearful, or sick.

Protecting your energy or spiritual protection involves invoking your spiritual guide (the universe/god/angel/higher power), using a protective shield, or using a protective object.

How to protect your aura?

Avoiding low aura entities is a simple method to defend yourself. However, for most people, this is not possible. In the course of our daily lives, we are forced to interact with a multitude of people and any one of them can sponge on our energy.

The more practical methods to protect yourself spiritually are described here.

1. Ask for protection from your spiritual guide

You may call your spiritual guide by whatever name you want to – God, Higher Power, angel, or the Universe. The act of asking for protection may also differ from person to person. Some call it prayer. Or if you are in the habit of talking to your spiritual guide like a friend, you can include this in your conversation.

It is believed that your spirit guide’s hands are tied if you don’t request help. Even if it is aware of your need for protection from negative energy, it may not be able to do much. Divine intervention can only achieve so much. Asking can help in getting the protection you want.

You can use the prayers if you are comfortable using them or ask in a plain and straightforward manner. Or else, you can come up with a mantra such as “Aum” or “I invoke the light inside me”. Commitment to spiritual practices and spiritual values are also found to be helpful.

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2. Bring on a protective energy shield

Protective shields come in varying colored lights and materials. 

  • White light shield: This is suitable for complete protection. This protective shield can keep you safe from any kind of danger or harm. It is often used as protection against physical violence or crimes.
  • Gold light shield: This is a maximum protective shield that will allow only high-energy vibrations. It may even raise your vibrational energy.
  • Greenlight shield: This shield is used to heal and rejuvenate. It is mostly used when the person is sick.
  • Lead shield: Lead offers the ultimate protection against negative energy. Bring this shield on whenever you are in a toxic environment at home
  • Mirrored ball: This is useful when you feel vulnerable and are entering a conflict-filled environment. The mirror will bounce off all negative energy coming your way and won’t let it reach anywhere near you.

All you need to do to bring on the protective shield is to hold the thought and the shield will automatically envelop your physical body. The shield is like a Bubble Ball or Zorb Ball, totally enveloping you inside it.

Protective shields are effective only for short periods. In peaceful environments, the shields may last up to 12 hours. However, in a toxic environment, the protection wears off faster. The more toxic the environment, the fewer hours of protection you have.

This means you need to re-shield periodically. 

Some people are able to sense the protective shield around them as warmth, chill, tingle, or vibration. Even if you are unable to feel it, it will be in place as long as you invoke it.

3. Use a protective object

You can protect yourself from bad energy and prevent energy drain by keeping a protective object near you or by wearing it. Idol, talisman, charm, amulet, icon, essential oils, and crystal come with their own strong energy fields and can help you with energy protection.

If you believe in it, you can add to the protective capability of these objects by getting them consecrated or blessed by a spiritual healer or leader.

Crystals are highly effective as protective shields and psychic protection stones. Depending on the kind of protection you want to have, you can choose from a variety of crystals for protection from spirits. Each comes with its own meaning and purpose.

Some of the common crystals used in protecting the aura are black tourmaline, hematite, tiger’s eye, black obsidian, kyanite, citrine, selenite, and smokey quartz.

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Bottom line

Besides invoking a protective spiritual shield, it is important to stay grounded for spiritual resilience. This means staying focused and mindful. Deep breathing and mindfulness meditation are the best tools to ground yourself. Walking barefoot is also believed to help.

Spending more time outdoors is considered good for your aura. Nature exudes high vibrational energy, the time spent in its proximity will help you absorb more of the positive energy vibrations. Spiritual transformation is possible in high-energy environments.

Do remember that what works for one may not work for another. Choose the protection you want to invoke after doing your own homework. It is your intention that matters the most.

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