9 Spiritual Signs Your Ex is Thinking About You

9 Spiritual Signs Your Ex is Thinking About You

Spiritual Signs Your Ex is Thinking About You

You broke up recently but you’re finding it difficult to stop thinking about your ex and your time together. Is your ex thinking about you?

After a breakup, this is a thought that haunts us. You feel a deeper connection with your ex, though you’re not together. You have no clue why you feel this way. The more you think about it, the more confused you feel. Because there is nothing scientific about this feeling. You just have it and that is all.

Now, the questions before you are these – How to know if your ex misses you? Are there spiritual signs that someone is missing you? Is manifesting spiritual signs your ex is coming back possible?

This article delves into breakups and the associated signs of a relationship. Here you will find undeniable spiritual signs your ex is thinking about you. Once you are aware of how your ex feels towards you, you can initiate steps for reconciliation.

Spiritual signs your ex is thinking about you

Typically spiritual signs are perceptible only if you pay attention to them and make the effort to notice them. While some spiritual signs are strong and hard to miss, as in the case of soulmates and twin flames, others are more subtle and subdued. You may experience these spiritual signs whether you believe in spirituality or psychic powers. 

For instance, you may find yourself smiling for no apparent reason. Or you may experience goosebumps for no particular reason. If you are caught up with other activities, you may dismiss these episodes as strange happenings or coincidences. Only if you care to dig deeper, you may find the connection. 

When you are dealing with spiritual signs, here are a few words of advice and caution. You need to keep your mind open and be ready to accept things that may not come with proof. You should be patient as these things cannot be rushed. Also, use these signs as pointers as you cannot rely on them completely. 

Let’s begin checking out the signs of spiritual connection with your ex.

1. Your ex often comes into your dreams 

It is believed that dreams connect our subconscious mind with our consciousness. When you have a spiritual connection with your ex, like that in a twin flame relationship, this will be reflected in your subconscious mind. Through dreams, these feelings and thoughts are transferred to your consciousness. 

When you dream a lot about your ex, it is a sign of a strong spiritual connection between the two of you. It is an indication that you are missing your ex a lot and they are missing you. Your ex is thinking about you a lot and maybe even regrets breaking up with you. They may be trying to reach out to you, sometimes not even being aware of it.

2. You have mood swings

You may have heard about energy transfer happening between individuals when they think about each other. When you think about your ex, your thoughts will reach your ex as energy vibrations. This will result in their emotions going up or down, depending on what kinds of thoughts they have. It’s the same when your ex is thinking about you as well.

When you have unaccounted-for mood swings, it is a sign of someone thinking about you. This someone must have a strong spiritual connection with you to influence your mind space like that. 

A relationship is not just about physical connection; it also involves bonding at an emotional and spiritual level. So, if you recently broke up and are experiencing mood swings, the chances are that it is one of the signs your ex is thinking about you.

3. You see angel numbers

When our guardian angels want to send us messages, they use angel numbers. Angel numbers are a repetitive sequence of numbers like 111, 222, and 121 that carry specific messages from your guardian angels. You may come across these angel numbers in your everyday life such as on the face of a clock, as phone numbers, on billboards, and on license plates.

When you see the same number repeatedly within a short span, it’s up to you to take note of it and figure out the message it contains. Numerology is used to interpret the meaning of angel numbers. As each angel number comes with a range of meanings, you need to choose the one that is relevant to you. You can get it right with experience.

4. You may come across your ex unexpectedly in weird circumstances

Call it fate, coincidence, or synchronicity. The evidence of a spiritual connection between two people is often called by these terms. Though you decided to part ways, you seem to see each other a lot more than you would expect. You tend to run into each other way too often to be written off as coincidences.

It is as if some unknown force is drawing both of you to the same place at the same time. Some believe that the Universe is fond of playing cupid to estranged souls. When two people are meant to be together, the Universe makes it possible in its own subtle ways.

This would be more felt when you and your ex are soulmates, twin flames, or karmic partners. When there is a soul connection between the two of you as in the case of twin flames, you tend to come back together for a reunion every single time you break up.

5. You just feel it in your bones

There is no easy or simple explanation for this feeling. Maybe you are receiving some strong spiritual signs from your ex in your subconscious mind and this is making you feel this way. In your heart of hearts, you know that your ex is still in love with you and constantly thinking about you. You just know that they regret breaking up and want to reconcile.

Intuition or psychic abilities is something all of us have, but only a few care to hone them. The more you use your instincts and rely upon and believe in them, the more accurate and better they will be. In a situation like this, intuition is the most valuable tool you can have in your repertoire. 

6. You find yourself smiling without reason

If you find yourself smiling without any reason, it’s a spiritual sign that your ex is thinking about you. You may be unaware of how they feel; but your spiritual connection with them will make them express their feelings, which will eventually reach you. Smiles are contagious and can even spread from one person to another without them knowing.

This spiritual sign is especially visible if you have spiritual connections with your ex, such as twin flames, soulmates, or karmic partners. This spiritual connection would be so strong that you can feel and pick up the energy they are sending out even when they are miles away from you.

7. You feel the presence of your ex near you

If you feel the spiritual presence of your ex near you when they are not actually there, it could be a spiritual sign that your ex is thinking about you. This is yet another spiritual sign of a strong spiritual connection between two people or souls. It’s like a spiritual bridge connecting the two souls and keeping them close even if they are miles away from each other.

If you feel your ex’s spiritual presence near you, it could be a sign of reconciliation and reunion between you. It’s an indication that they are missing you and long to be with you again.

8. You get hiccups for no reason

Receiving spiritual signs from your ex, such as hiccups for no reason is a sign that your ex is thinking about you. Hiccups are known to be spiritual signs of someone’s thoughts, and it doesn’t always have to be negative or something to worry about. It could mean that your partner is missing you and thinking about you.

This spiritual sign is more common when the spiritual connection between two people is strong, such as twin flames or soulmates. If this spiritual sign keeps happening regularly, it’s a sure indication of your ex still having feelings for you.

9. You may hear your ex’s name mentioned too often

If you keep hearing your ex’s name mentioned too often, it could be spiritual sign that your ex is thinking about you. This spiritual sign usually happens when two people have a spiritual connection. It could be a sign of reconciliation and reunion between the two of you.

This spiritual sign may also manifest if one person keeps thinking of the other one. It’s like a spiritual way of communicating and showing their feelings towards each other. If this spiritual sign happens to you, it could mean that your ex is still having feelings for you and trying to reach out.

These spiritual signs don’t always come from our former partners, however, if they are, they are spiritual signs that your ex is thinking about you and missing you. It can be hard to shake off the feeling that your ex is still in love with you, but spiritual signs can give us insight into what our former partners may be thinking and provide some comfort.

To manifest these spiritual signs of reconciliation, it’s important to trust your instincts and spiritual connections. It’s also important to keep an open mind and think positively, as spiritual signs can manifest in many ways. With a bit of spiritual insight, you can begin to make sense of the spiritual signs that you may receive.

Some more spiritual signs your ex is thinking about you

  1. You feel touched by your ex.
  2. You feel an intense yearning to see your ex.
  3. You feel a sudden surge or depletion in your energy levels.
  4. You can’t stop thinking about your ex.
  5. You get hiccups.
  6. Your eyes itch or twitch.
  7. You sneeze without any triggers.
  8. You feel that something is missing in your life and feel incomplete.
  9. You see or hear your special “thing” everywhere you turn. This can be a song, a place, or a person you both like.

Bottom line

You need to realize that signs are just pointers and not proof or facts. When you come across a sign, it is suggesting something as a possibility. To accept a possibility as fact, you need to eliminate all other possibilities. For example, when your eye is itching, rule out medical reasons or any other factors that you can think of. 

Once all other possibilities are ruled out, each one of the signs listed above will tell you only one thing – your ex is thinking about you constantly. Once you know this for sure, you can decide how you want to act on it and how you want to take things forward with your ex. 

If you feel the same way and want to reconcile, make efforts to meet with your ex and iron out the differences. Just remember that even when both you and your ex want to get back together and can sense a strong spiritual bond, the going may not be as easy as you hope for. But where there’s a will, there’s a way.


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