The Devotion System Review

The Devotion System Review: Is it Worth Your Money?

The Devotion System Review

When it comes to dating advice, books are the best choice. Especially if it is tried and tested by thousands and written by someone who has deep knowledge about relationships – like a relationship coach.

If you are searching for a dating advice guide, you may have come across The Devotion System by Amy North. The book teaches you how to make a man fall in love with you. The testimonials for the book attest to the success of the relationship program it charts out for you. 

The Devotion System is not a run-of-the-mill dating guide for women. It opens a unique path and reveals an exclusive perspective for women to pursue to achieve their objectives. 

You will find The Devotion System review in this article. This will help you gain a better understanding of what the book offers and how it can help you. You will also find more about the author, Amy North, and the psychology of the method used by the author in the book.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

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    What is The Devotion System?

    Before you buy a book, naturally you want to know what the book is about. 

    The Devotions System is a best-seller among relationship advice books and is written by Amy North. The author is a relationship coach who taps into her experience to offer unique advice on how to build and nurture love and a healthy relationship with the man of your choice.

    This comprehensive guide is suitable for all women irrespective of where they are in their relationships. Here, you will find everything from how to send him the first text to how to maintain the spark in your relationship over years. 

    The Devotion System is specifically helpful to:

    • Single women who feel apprehensive about dating
    • Women who have gone through difficult relationships
    • Women who are in a happy relationship now and want to improve it

    The Devotion System contains a main interactive ebook that is divided into 3 parts. It teaches you how to bring out your authentic self, how to understand men, and how to build the perfect relationship with the man of your choice.

    When you buy The Devotion System, you get access to the main ebook as well as to the video training series (13 parts) and adaptive quiz (3 parts). Besides these, you will also get access to three bonus ebooks dealing with various aspects of modern dating.

    1. Bonus book 1: Textual Chemistry – An ebook to help you learn texting secrets to make him worship you after reading your text messages
    2. Bonus book 2: Finding Love Online –  An ebook to help you with how to find your soulmate
    3. Bonus book 3: Cheat-Proofing Your Relationship – An ebook sharing the secret to long-lasting love. It helps you discover ways to get a guy to like you and turn him into a devoted, loyal, and faithful partner. 

    The 13-part video training series helps you understand the concepts explained in the main ebook better. The 3-part adaptive quiz will help to test whether you understood the concepts well.

    The Devotion System program doesn’t rely on manipulation or ask you to fake yourself. It is based on psychological concepts and principles that have been tried and tested during the author’s stint as a relationship coach.

    Amy North: An introduction to the author

     If you search the dating guide scene, you will find very few women authors offering innovative dating advice specifically tailored for women. The woman-to-woman approach makes The Devotion System a stimulating read. As you read the book, you will get the feeling that she understands exactly how you feel. No wonder women find her relatable, besides being frank and intelligent.

    The Devotion System is written in a captivating and no-nonsense style. It contains practical advice for dating and stays away from empty words of platitude. 

    Amy North is a dating and relationship coach based in Canada. She has been working in the field for more than 5 years. Her expertise ranges from dating, building relationships, and marriage to breakups, and divorce. 

    She came up with the program from her own real-world experience as a relationship coach. Her program has been incredibly successful in helping couples in difficult relationships. The author, Amy North, wanted her program to reach a wider audience and help more couples create happy and long-lasting relationships. Hence the book.

    Inside The Devotion System

    The Devotion System ebook comes in 3 parts. 

    1. Letting Go and Moving On
    2. Men 101
    3. Stages of Love

    1. Letting go and Moving On

    The first part entirely focuses on the importance of loving oneself and getting rid of fixations, inhibitions, and unhealthy behavioral patterns. Amy North tells us this step is vital for the success of building a loving and lasting relationship. The author has stressed the significance of eliminating past relationship hangovers. 

    In The Devotion System, you will find excellent tips for self-improvement by detailing the 5 fundamental personality traits. It also offers a 6-step approach to boosting self-confidence. There is no doubt about the need for happiness, confidence, and a positive self-image to develop a meaningful relationship with a man. The Devotion System will teach you how to be the best version of yourself.

    2. Men 101

    The second part of The Devotion System is devoted to the psychology of man. The author, Amy North, believes this is important for forming healthy relationships. 

    We all know that the brains of men and women are wired differently. When a woman’s understanding and expectations from a man are inaccurate, she is headed for failure.

    Men are not accustomed to much self-reflection, while women are. This can be confusing for a woman. Women tend to ponder over their past and analyze their actions, choices, and decisions minutely, whereas men rarely indulge in this. This makes it hard for them to work together as a couple. 

    Amy North has tapped into her vast experience in male psychology as a relationship coach to help women understand how to make a man happy and what makes a man tick. She decodes the fears and insecurities in men besides revealing the triggers for their sexual desires.

    3. Stages of Love

    The last part of The Devotion System summarizes the whole program, making it easy for you. Here you will find how you can use the concepts detailed in the first two parts. This part also guides you about the dos and don’ts of relationships and ways to detect an incompatible man and a flailing relationship.

    In The Devotion System, you will find how to figure out the profile of a man and what to expect from him. Practical psychology, scientific tips on how to text, understand, and flirt with a guy – the book has them all and more.

    The Devotion System: Pros

    1. Practical advice

    Unlike most dating guides, the strategies mentioned in The Devotion System are practical and implementable. Other dating guides may be entertaining and fun to read, but the suggestions may not be feasible. The real-life experience of Amy North with clients has helped with this.

    2. Focus on self-improvement

    This is much more than a dating guide. That doesn’t take away its importance as a dating guide. It underscores the importance of self-improvement for a happy and healthy relationship. The Devotion System takes a holistic view, urging you to be the best version of yourself whether you are dating or not.

    3. Ideal for all women

    No matter what stage of the relationship you are in, this dating guide has something to offer you. It works well for single women and women who are already in a relationship. The Devotion System gives equal prominence to dating and relationships.

    4. Money-back guarantee

    This is the best scenario if you are unsure or apprehensive about the success of the program. With this guarantee, you can go ahead and buy it without risk. While buying the book, you have an unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee. 

    The Devotion System: Cons

    1. Patronizing language

    The dating guide takes a patronizing view towards men at times. Amy North tends to generalize and sees all men in the same light. Even if men have some common traits, such generalizations make some information provided in the book inaccurate.

    2. Available only in ebook format

    While some may view this as a positive thing, those who prefer hard copies may not find it appealing.

    Alternatives to The Devotion System

    Dating guides are plentiful. So, there is no dearth of alternatives to The Devotion System. Here is a comparison of it with 3 popular dating guides.

    His Secret Obsession vs The Devotion System

    Another best-seller dating guide from the dating coach James Bauer, His Secret Obsession talks about triggering a man’s inner hero to bring out his hero instinct. This will help bring him closer and make a man want you. However, this book focuses only on getting the man into a loving relationship while The Devotion System begins with self-love and self-improvement. It offers you much more.

    Make Him Worship You vs The Devotion System

    Make Him Worship You is a dating guide by Michael Fiore that reveals the ugly truth about men’s struggle with love and sex due to societal expectations. While this book deals more with men and their problems, The Devotion System explores how you can build a better relationship by improving yourself. However, if you want to know more about the dirty secrets of men, Make Him Worship You is a good alternative.

    Text Chemistry vs The Devotion System

    By the same author, Amy North, Text Chemistry teaches how to build sexual chemistry through text messages. While The Devotion System deals with various aspects of dating and relationships, Text Chemistry focuses solely on using texts to improve communication with a man. This may be a good alternative if you are only interested in attracting a man solely through texts.

    The Devotion System: Frequently Asked Questions

    In case you still have doubts about this dating guide, you will find them answered here.

    1. What is The Devotion System?

    This is an ebook offering a dating program to women at various stages of their relationships. This program is based on practical male psychology and scientific tips combined with the real-world experience of the author, Amy North. It consists of a main ebook, a video training series (13 parts), an adaptive quiz (3 parts), and 3 bonus ebooks. 

    2. Who is the author?

    The author of The Devotion system is Amy North, a relationship coach and YouTube host. Her expertise is well-established in dating, relationships, marriage, breakup, and divorce.

    3. Is it necessary to understand male psychology?

    For a woman, men and their thought processes are confusing. If women want to attract men and develop healthy relationships with them, they need to understand how men think and what makes them tick. 

    4. Does the program actually work?

    The simple answer is yes. Its popularity is testimony to the success of its program. Over years, The Devotion System has helped numerous women build strong and healthy relationships with the man of their choice. 

    5. Is The Devotion System worth it?

    The Devotion System is currently sold at an introductory price of $48.25. This includes the ebook, the 13-part video, the 3-part quiz, and 3 bonus ebooks. The no-questions-asked 60-day money-back guarantee makes the decision easier. This will help you in getting your money back if you find the program unhelpful.

    6. Is this a scam?

    The program detailed in The Devotion System has helped thousands of women. The popularity of The Devotion System has made it a best-seller. Amy North uses her practical knowledge acquired as a relationship coach to come up with The Devotion System. 

    The Devotion System Review: The Final Word

    Now, you should be familiar with what The Devotion System has to offer and how you can use it to form a loving relationship with a man. The Devotion System also teaches you how to let go of past troubles, practice self-love, improve yourself, and become the best version of yourself. All in all, this is not just a dating guide but much more than that.

    In case you aren’t feeling assured about trying it, the 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee may convince you of its effectiveness. At $48.25, this doesn’t come cheap when you have so much free resources at your disposal online. However, if it helps you find the man of your dreams, this money is no big deal. If you find The Devotion System not helpful, you can always ask for the money back. 

    Either way, you win.

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