9 Things That Bring Good Luck in The House

9 Things That Bring Good Luck to the House

Things that bring good luck in the house

Believing in luck has nothing to do with superstition. 

Luck comes with a wide range of definitions to suit the belief pattern of each individual. For some, luck merely means chance. For others, it is a force that brings about good or bad tidings. This force may acquire supernatural qualities if your belief supports it.

Irrespective of the meaning of luck you believe in, luck is always welcome. Everyone wants to have a bit of luck that can make our hard work complete and bear fruit.

While some follow certain behavioral patterns to attract luck, some others wear lucky accessories for the same. Many use good luck charms in the decor to invite luck into their homes. 

Filling the home with these good luck symbols is expected to bring happiness, abundance, good health, and wealth to all its residents.

This article attempts to present a list of such things that bring good luck to your home. While some of these symbols of good fortune have their origins in feng shui or Native American folklore, which most people know of, every corner of the world has a collection of charms that can attract good luck and wealth.

9 Lucky Charms to Adorn Your Home

Red door

1. Red door

The luck that fills your home begins from your front door. Across many cultures, red is the most popular color for the front door. However, if you are a believer in feng shui, this may not always work. The direction your door is facing decides its color. As per feng shui, front doors need to be painted red, orange, or yellow if they are south-facing. 

Feng shui insists that north-facing doors should be painted black, blue, or deep dark shades, east-facing ones green, brown, or earth tones, and west-facing ones white, gray, or soft neutrals for good luck. 

2. Horseshoe

This is considered a lucky charm in various cultures for a variety of reasons. The general idea is that it wards off evil spirits and keeps evil away. It is typically hung upside down on the front door, sometimes even used to serve the purpose of a knocker. 

Some believe that the count of nails used in the horseshoe has to be seven to bring good luck. Those who insist that the horseshoe be hung upside down believe that it passes on good luck to everyone who walks beneath it.

3. Fruit bowl

This is a lucky symbol in many cultures across the world including feng shui. A bowl of different fruits is a sight to behold with its variety of colors. It is a picture of nature’s bounty. 

In feng shui, each fruit is associated with a specific meaning. Apples are for peace, peaches are associated with immortality, and grapes represent abundance and success. It is believed that a bowl of nine oranges can bring good luck to all.

4. Goldfish

It is not just goldfish but all kinds of fish are associated with wealth and prosperity. As it is difficult for most people to have a huge aquarium in their homes, most opt for a smaller version of it – a goldfish bowl.

The color of the goldfish naturally relates to wealth and good luck. A goldfish bowl is the best choice for a small apartment in big cities where space is premium.

5. Acorns

Acorn is sometimes worn as a pendant or kept in the pocket for good luck. However, it is easier to keep them at home to bring good luck to all its members. The idea of acorns as a good luck charm must have originated in ancient times when druids believed the oak tree was sacred and used to carry acorns for good luck.

Acorns are not just associated with good fortune but also connected to long life. It is often kept on windowsills to keep bad weather at bay. They are also believed to protect your health and keep pain, aches, and illnesses at bay.

6. Elephants

These gentle giants are the symbols of strength, wisdom, and memory. Their loyalty and dependability are an inspiration to all. An elephant with its trunk turned upwards is considered a good luck charm in many parts of the world.

Often elephant figurines are kept near the front door for protection. Or wall hangings or pillows with images of elephants are often used to fill the home with positive energy and to attract abundance and good fortune.

7. Fresh flowers

Just like a bowl of fresh fruits, fresh flowers bring nature into our homes. Every moment, they remind us of how beautiful our Universe is. With their vibrant colors and pleasant fragrance, the best aspect of nature is evident in the diversity of its shapes, sizes, and variety.

In feng shui, flowers are considered harbingers of good luck as long as they do not come with a thorny stem. Chrysanthemums, marigolds, orchids, azaleas, hydrangeas, peonies, … the list is endless.

8. Incense

Most religions consider incense as a purger of evil spirits. This practice dates back to ancient times and is often linked to religious practices. When lit during religious ceremonies, the smell of incense fills up the home and casts a spell on all its inhabitants. In many Asian cultures, incense is burned to appease the Gods to persuade them to protect us from evil forces. 

Burning incense is still used in many cultures to ward off evil forces and cleanse the home of negative energy. Incense can bring good luck and peace of mind even without its spiritual connotations. As per feng shui, burning an odd number of incense sticks can bring you good luck. 

9. Lucky bamboo

One of the most popular lucky symbols in Feng shui, the lucky bamboo is a highly effective and powerful means to ward off bad energy. This versatile plant can do much more than be a lucky symbol. With its greenery, it brings nature into your home. 

A lucky bamboo plant is easy to maintain and it pays you back in ample measure by uplifting your mood. It offers you happiness and peace of mind besides good fortune.

Should You Start Building Your Collection of Lucky Objects That Bring Good Luck to The House?

So, here are nine things to do for good luck in your home. Feng shui believes nine of any of these things as lucky. 

There are scores of such symbols of good fortune from around the world that attract good luck and wealth. You may adopt any of them as long as you believe in them. Burning sage, hanging a dreamcatcher, placing crystals, using salt lamps, placement of mirrors, barn stars, vulture heads, and a statue of Saint Joseph are all believed to bring luck for everyone at home.

An uncluttered home and a circular arrangement of furniture can also bring good luck to your new home. 

If you are still apprehensive about the efficacy of good luck charms, maybe you will find it easier to believe that they can help you fend off bad luck. Isn’t this good enough?


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