5 Things to do on a Full Moon for Good Luck

5 Things to do on a Full Moon for Good Luck

Things to do on a Full Moon for Good Luck

Once in 28 days, we get to see the moon in its full glory. We call it a full moon.

The lunar phases impact life on earth in a variety of ways – some apparent and others not so much. High tide and low tide are prime examples.

From ancient times many cultures around the world have believed in this. They have had rituals and practices to tap into this potential and improve their chances of success.

Full moon rituals are activities you can do when the moon is fully visible to improve your luck. 

This article explores the topic and lists 5 full moon rituals for good luck.

How can the full moon impact us?

As we all know, the moon doesn’t emit light on its own, just like our planet earth. Unlike the sun, that is the only source of light in the solar system. What we see as the lit-up moon is the sunlight reflected by the moon. This happens when the moon is aligned in the middle of a straight line with the sun and earth.

As all heavenly bodies, including the moon and the earth, are in constant motion, this alignment exists only for a short period. On a full moon day, the sun shines the brightest on the moon. This day is special and auspicious because of this unique alignment and resultant impacts.

Ancient cultures that followed lunar cycles believe that the full moon opens up the gateway to connect with the Universe. It offers us an opportunity to align ourselves with it. Any ritual performed during a full moon benefits us in many ways.

The law of attraction and manifestation stresses the importance of this alignment. The more tuned in we are, the better our chances of noticing the signs of the Universe. This can help us avert missteps and dangers and take advantage of every opportunity the Universe is sending our way.

Does the full moon always bring good luck?

Not exactly. There are many beliefs probably based on the experiences of our ancestors as to when a full moon is good luck and when it can bring bad luck.

Here are some examples to show whether what happens during a full moon is good luck or bad luck.

  • A full moon on a Monday is good luck but when it falls on a Sunday, it is considered bad luck.
  • It is lucky to see the full moon in a sky without obstructions.
  • It is unlucky to see the full moon through a window.
  • It is lucky to move into a new house on a full moon day.
  • It is unlucky to sleep under the moonlight or be born in the moonlight.
  • It is lucky to expose a newborn to the moonlight of the waxing moon.
  • It is unlucky to see the faint image of the full moon when it is waxing.

5 full moon rituals for good luck

All of us can do with some good luck, at least once in a while. If we pay attention, we can do certain things or do them in certain ways to improve our chances of success. And a full moon raises the odds of gaining good luck by a few notches. 

This is more so when you are on a manifestation path. By following the full moon ritual for manifestation, you can reach your goal faster without getting lost. The manifestation practice highly recommends you take a breather weekly and/or monthly to assess your progress. You need this if you are trying to manifest something big in your life. 

The full moon is the right time to take this self-assessment. You can evaluate how far you progressed in your manifestation journey during the previous lunar cycle. This will help you detect gaffes and slip-ups and take corrective action to rectify them.

Before getting started on the full moon ritual for manifestation, you should be aware of some basic requirements. The most important among them is to make sure that it is a full moon day. It is hard to ensure this by looking at the moon. The day before and the day after, the moon looks almost full. So better use a moon tracking app or check it online.

And wait until it is completely dark and the moon looks bright and large and is high enough in the sky. This can be 2-3 hours after sunset.

So, what to do on a full moon?

1. Clear your physical and mental space

The full moon is the time you are receiving a big boost of energy. And to make the best of this, you need to remove the pent-up negative energy in your body, mind, and living space. 

In the physical space, this is easier to do. Go through your possessions and give away things you are no longer using. There is no point in holding onto things that have no use for you anymore or have not been used for a while. Full moon cleansing ritual can do you a world of good.

In the mental realm, it is a different matter. You can scan and evaluate your belief system to weed out beliefs that are not serving you or your life’s purpose. Just by being there, these beliefs are hampering your progress in life. Getting rid of them may not be easy. Affirmations are known to help with this.

2. Learn and practice meditation

Often a full moon is considered a beginning but this is the wrong perception. It denotes the end of a phase. And this calls for some introspection and self-assessment. Meditation helps you gain clarity of mind to undertake this difficult task.

If you have not done meditation before, this is the best time to begin. If you are a regular practitioner, you will notice that meditating on a full moon is a more intense, effective, and satisfying experience. 

3. Get rid of negative entanglements

You may have noticed that the presence of some people in your life is pulling you down without adding anything to it. Some relationships are not meant to be. Or it can be your own habits that are creating negative energy in your life. Your behavior, memories, or even materialistic possessions can continue to fester negativity with their mere presence.

The full moon is the right time to reassess your life and let go of all things negative. With the negative energy sources out of your life, you can use the opportunity of the full moon to fill it up with positive energy.

4. Check the progress of your to-list

This can be a physical list or one you have in your mind. Over time, you keep adding to your to-do list and often forget about it. You must go through the list now and then to assess the progress you have made and strike off the ones you have finished. 

Having too many things on your to-do list is not a good sign. It is a cause for negative energy. Use the full moon as an excuse to review this list and finish at least some tasks to lighten its load.

5. Relax your mind to gain mental peace

It is not always action and work that brings you positive energy. Taking time out of a busy life to relax is as important. Forcing yourself to sit back and relax is not as easy as it sounds. Most of us have this mental block about taking it easy. As if you are wasting away your precious time.

You may need much convincing to do this than any of the other activities listed above. Doing nothing can also be good for you. Use the opportunity to do a status check of your mental health, get close to nature, or pursue your hobbies. Anything but regular work. At the end of the session, you will feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world.

Bottom line

The full moon is not always about choosing to do the right things to bring you good luck. It is also about avoiding certain activities to avert bad luck. Such as desisting from reacting or overreacting to not-so-important things, getting a handle on your impulses, and resisting the urge to start something new. A full moon is not the ideal time for beginnings, impulsive decisions, or jumping to conclusions. 

Instead, turn your focus to what you have been doing during the last 28 days. Use this as an occasion to reassess, regroup, and reorganize your life. Lady Luck is sure to smile at you.

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What do you think of for good luck?

It can be anything like a rabbit’s foot, horseshoe, or four-leaf clover. The truth is that many things bring good luck to your home. That’s why we put together this list of 9 things that bring good luck to the house.

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