Twin Flame Divine Masculine Traits

Twin Flame Divine Masculine Traits

Twin Flame Divine Masculine Traits

You may have heard about twin flame relationships and divine masculinity.

Do you understand the meaning of these terms? Could you bring the two concepts together and understand what it means to be the divine masculine in a twin flame connection?

Read on to know more about divine masculine energy in a twin flame relationship. 

What is a divine masculine?

Across the world, most religions, cultures, and mythology have promoted male archetypes. Such as Zeus of Greek mythology, Shiva in Hinduism, and the concept of God as “Father” in Christianity.

These religious and mythological figures form the basis of divine masculinity through their attributes. The divine masculine is all about masculine archetypes and not related to the physical gender of the person, even though these figures are all biologically male. Their traits are used as a reference to draw up the image of the divine masculine.

Let’s see the traits of the divine masculine. “Manly” will describe the divine masculine traits in one word. The emphasis is on “doing” rather than “being”. Here are the traits of a divine masculine in detail.

  • Action-oriented
  • Assertive
  • Risk-taking
  • Confident
  • Logical
  • Analytical
  • Objective 
  • Disciplined
  • Clear boundaries
  • Survivor

Divine masculine traits are present in both genders – males and females. Irrespective of gender, everyone should strive to find a balance between their divine masculine and divine feminine qualities to make the best of their lives. 

In case your divine masculine is weak or not active enough, you can awaken your divine masculine side. Affirmations are considered the best bet for this. You can adopt any method that will help raise your confidence level, assertiveness, and overcome your indecisiveness. Associating with strong male characters can help you to get rid of internalization and become more action-oriented. 

As you try to awaken your divine masculine energy, you can look out for its signs and symptoms. Divine masculine awakening symptoms are hard to miss. Your attitude towards life, in general, undergoes a transformation and you will feel and behave with more confidence and self-belief. 

You will be ready to stand up for yourself and stand your ground. You will be raring to go whether you are ready or not. 

What is a twin flame connection?

A twin flame relationship is different from a regular relationship. At times, a soul will split into two and inhabit two different people. They may not know each other or be aware of their presence or relationship. However, the Universe, the biggest match-maker of them all, plays cupid and brings them together.

Not everyone has a twin flame. So, when another person enters your life, becomes a huge influence on you, and transforms your life for the better, there is a good chance that the said person is your twin flame. 

How to recognize your twin flame? “Homecoming” is the feeling that describes the relationship in a word. Your twin flame can understand your thoughts and feelings instinctively without a word being said. They inspire you to do better and help you realize your potential. 

However, the twin flame relationship comes with its own challenges. Your twin flame is like a mirror reflection of you and living with such a person is never easy. All your own defects and shortcomings you have been trying to ignore or hide will be right there in front of you. This makes the relationship intense and strewn with confrontations. 

Because of the volatile nature of the relationship, twin flames may not stay together for long. However, after separating, they cannot resist coming back together again. That is the lure of a twin flame relationship. Breakups and reunions are common and happen multiple times.

The role of divine masculine in a twin flame relationship

When the soul splits up into two, one of the resultant soul halves is masculine and the other feminine. This is in agreement with the balance maintained by the Universe and everything in it.

This means in a twin flame union, one will have dominant masculine traits (divine masculine) and the other will come with dominant feminine traits (divine feminine).  Both the masculine twin flame and the feminine twin flame need to be awakened and in their divine essence to set the stage for the twin flame union. 

Twin flames are ready for their union only when both realize their own divine masculinity and divine femininity. Between the two, the twin flame with divine feminine traits wakes up to the relationship before the masculine twin flame becomes aware of it. 

The connection can happen only if they are in their elements. Only polar opposites attract and unite. When the twin flames have not yet been awakened, they tend to repel each other.

The first step for a twin flame is to identify their masculinity/femininity and take steps to enhance it to the utmost. For the twin flame with the divine masculine trait, this is how it will unfold.

Traits of an underdeveloped divine masculine:

  • Angry and aggressive
  • Impatient and weak
  • Insecure and uncertain
  • Unsteady and not grounded
  • Inundated with negative thoughts

You need to work on these traits and master your divine self. Once achieved, your traits will be:

  • Confident and clear-headed
  • Kind and compassionate
  • Mindful and grounded
  • Competent and efficient
  • Showing leadership qualities
  • Courageous and tough
  • Supportive and loving

Once the full potential is realized, a divine masculine will be ready to take the lead in the twin flame relationship with confidence. As you feel strong and secure about yourself, you don’t need to rely on aggression. Nor will you feel the need to dominate the relationship. You will patiently listen to your partner and do your best to make them feel happy and safe. As you have a plan in place and know how to execute your plan, you are not in a rush.

Final Thought

A point to remember here is that twin flames do not actively pursue or look for their partners. Once you realize the existence of your twin, all you need to do is to work on yourself to reach your divine self. Your work is to become the best version of yourself. Your twin is naturally drawn to you. That is the part played by the Universe in bringing the twins together.

The closer you get to your divine masculine or feminine, the closer you are to your twin flame.

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