Twin Flame Reunion Anxiety: How Can You Deal With?

Twin Flame Reunion Anxiety: What Is It and How Can You Treat It?

Twin Flame Reunion Anxiety
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    The twin flame journey is as hard and painful as it is pure and beautiful. Separations and reunions are an inevitable part of this exciting twin flame relationship.

    Twin flames may part ways for a variety of reasons. Unlike ordinary relationships, this is not the end of the story. The Universe has better plans for twin flames. 

    When the twin flames have put the heartbreak behind them and moved on, the Universe will signal to them that it’s time for a twin flame reunion. This may take some time to sink in. 

    The prospect of reuniting with the twin flame may give rise to mixed feelings. You are thrilled and terrified at the same time.  Of course, you would love this to happen but there is also apprehension about coming face to face with your twin flame and living together again. What if after all these, it doesn’t happen?

    The twin flame reunion anxiety is true. The pains and pleasures of anticipation are as real as it gets. The fear of the unfamiliar or unknown is the greatest fear of them all. It is often much more than the fear of the actual thing. 

    Let’s take away this uncertainty to put you at ease. This article explores the topic of twin flame reunion anxiety, its symptoms, and treatment.

    What is twin flame reunion anxiety?

    As the name suggests, it refers to the anxiety a twin flame feels when the reunion is approaching. When going through the twin flame separation phase, the twin flames may come across signs that draw them closer. This makes them think more of each other and get back in touch with each other. 

    Once this process is in progress, a twin soul may feel uneasy and anxious about the impending twin flame reunion. Even when they want this to happen, there may be a variety of reasons why they feel apprehensive about it. For instance, the way they parted ways or that they may end up making the same mistakes again.

    After the breakup, the twin may have gotten over the heartbreak and managed to move on. This doesn’t mean they learned anything from the fiasco. Unless they feel that they have sorted out the mistakes they were making earlier which eventually led to the breakup, the twin is justified in feeling uneasy about the reunion.

    Another reason for the worry may be that the reunion may never come through despite the signs. After the excitement of the anticipation, they may be nervous that nothing good will come out of it. They may be scared to feel disappointed again.

    Ultimately, it is the fear of the unknown that is creating so much stress and anxiety. A twin soul approaching reunion will have too many unanswered questions to handle. 

    However, the answers are right there if only they know where to look and what to see. The Universe has a way of letting you know what is about to happen through synchronicities. 

    Let’s first understand more about the signs of a twin flame reunion.

    11 twin flame reunion signs

    As twin flames, you may encounter these signs before your reunion.

    1) You are thinking more about your twin

    After separation, you moved on and found your own path. You got so engrossed in your new life that you rarely remembered your twin flame relationship. However, things have changed of late. You don’t know what triggered it, but you find yourself thinking of your twin a lot.

    Something or someone you see in your daily life reminds you of your twin. Or you find yourself considering how your twin soul would react to a situation or your part in it. When you make a decision, you would want to know what your twin will think of it. You are drawn to places, people, and situations that you connect with your twin and your time together.

    2) You want to hurry things up

    You have this feeling that you should do something but don’t know what. You could sense the need for a change in your life but have no clue where to start.

    Maybe it is a career change or changing your personal appearance or even a shift in your mindset. You may even feel the need to break up with the current partner without any indication as to why. 

    Out of nowhere, you might have a sudden rush of creativity or spirituality. You feel a sense of urgency to get all these done. 

    3) You sense their presence

    If you have never experienced this before, you may find this a bit scary. You know that your twin soul is miles away. But when you are alone and lost in your thoughts, you could feel that they are nearby. You know what you feel but you have a hard time explaining it.

    This feeling is often associated with one or more of your senses. You may feel the touch or caress of your twin. Or hear their voice or sense their smell. No matter how you detect their presence, it will fill you up with love, desire, and warmth.

    4) You are often reminded of your twin

    When you are about to reunite with your twin, the Universe will send you signs to prepare you and set the stage for the events that are unfolding. The most prominent among these signs are the ones reminding you of your twin. 

    You stumble upon seemingly inconsequential things that somehow shift your focus to your twin flame. This can be someone resembling your twin or someone with a similar voice or habits.

    You find yourself thinking more and more about your twin. When your focus shifts to your twin, it is a clear indication of an impending reunion.

    5) You feel calm and excited

    Usually, these two feelings do not go together. But now, you feel calm and peaceful as if you are home. At the same time, you could sense energy buildup within you. You feel exhilarated and on top of the world. 

    You don’t understand exactly why you are feeling this way but have a sort of inkling that something good is about to happen. In this excitement, you find yourself throwing caution to the winds and become more adventurous and daring.

    6) Your intuition is alive

    You have never felt this intuitive before. For some unknown reason, you seem to guess what is about to happen and get it right every single time. You could guess that some strange forces are at work and things are going on that you are unaware of.

    You also find your spirituality awakened. You find answers to many unanswered questions and things start making sense all of a sudden. You see synchronicities and gain the ability to interpret their meanings correctly. You are often reminded of your twin soul and could feel their presence.

    7) You sense a missing link

    Despite things falling into place and feeling on top of the world, you feel that something is wrong. You could sense a nagging feeling in the back of your mind that you forgot something important or left out something vital. You feel incomplete.

    You keep scanning your mind to figure out what it is that you have forgotten or missed. It finally dawns on you that this feeling relates to your twin. You are missing your twin flame and recognize the fact that only they can make you feel complete.

    8) You dream about your twin

    A dream is a bridge that connects your conscious mind with your subconscious. This is a tool used by the Universe to transfer information from one to the other. 

    Things are happening around you that your conscious mind is not noticing or isn’t aware of. Your subconscious stores all this information and brings it into your awareness when you need it. 

    The memories of your twin have always remained with you in your subconscious, even during the separation phase. Now, that you are getting ready for the reunion, the Universe is bringing them back into your conscious mind through dreams.

    9) You see angel number 1111

    You may see this as “11:11” on the face of a clock or as part of a phone number or on a license plate. According to numerology, the number 1 signifies a beginning. By repeating it four times, the Universe is emphasizing the importance of this message. 

    When you see angel number 1111, it is an indication of a significant change in your life. This can be anything. But when taken in conjunction with other signs, this inevitably points to a twin flame reunion.

    10) You feel whole

    As you get nearer to the twin flame reunion, you get a feeling of being complete. All this while you have been missing something unknown and had the feeling of incompleteness. This suddenly changes.

    This experience may be unique for each person. The feelings of anxiety and fear vanish and your heart overflows with love, gratitude, and contentment. Maybe your mind figured out the missing links or you found what you have been searching for all along. You feel as if you are where you want to be.

    11) You realize that a reunion is imminent

    You may hear a voice or see a vision. But somehow you realize that you are about to reunite with your twin. Now, everything makes sense to you – all the signs you have been seeing and the feelings you have been experiencing. You feel happy and content.

    How to deal with twin flame reunion anxiety?

    As we have seen, it is the uncertainty and consequent fear of the unknown that is creating this undesirable feeling in you. The best way to deal with it is to remove the uncertainty by gathering more details about the unknown.

    Here are some suggestions to help you deal with twin flame reunion anxiety.

    1) Use the visualization technique

    When you are anxious about the reunion, visualizing it can remove most of the apprehensions you have about it. Once you are aware of how it will unfold, the “unknown” factor disappears. Visualization will also help you anticipate your reactions and resistances and help you figure out solutions.

    2) Amp up your intuition

    Your gut feeling can help you figure out future events and help alleviate your anxiety about them. You might be worried about your reaction to the reunion or its impact on your life. What are your instincts telling you? Listen to them. It will help you stay calm.

    3) Invest in self-love

    This is not just an antidote for twin flame reunion anxiety but to get rid of any negative emotions. Taking time out for self-care, being kind to yourself, and embracing yourself as you are can only make you a better and happier person. Love and acceptance are the healing touches you need to overcome this predicament.

    4) Find some me-time

    The best remedy for stress and anxiety is taking some time off from your schedule to be alone and relax. You can use this time to get back in touch with your inner self and remove the mental blockages and negativity. You may try breathwork, mediation, and yoga to revitalize your body and mind.

    5) Be calm and patient

    Consider the twin flame reunion anxiety you are feeling as normal and part of the process. Realize that you haven’t done anything wrong. Just as the time with your twin flame is exciting and beautiful, the time leading up to it can also be equally good if you want it to be. Try to be more patient.

    6) Know how far you have progressed

    As you realize that you are on a twin flame journey to reunite with your twin, it helps to alleviate the anxiety if you know where you are. This is part of eliminating the unknown factor from the equation and bringing more clarity. Even if you don’t know all about the reunion, it is alright. The more you know about it, the better you will feel.

    Bottom line

    Gaining more understanding about twin flames, reunion, and associated anxiety can help you get rid of it. You need to convince yourself that this is the time for joy and excitement and not worry and apprehension.

    Keep the faith and be patient. Trust the Universe to find what is best for you. Believe that whatever is happening is happening for the good. Just relax and enjoy the twin flame journey.


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