The Ultimate Guide To Twin Flame Runner Awakening Symptoms

The Ultimate Guide To Twin Flame Runner Awakening Symptoms

twin flame runner awakening symptoms

Have you already met your twin flame? If yes, you should know how intense the relationship can be.

Maybe you have already experienced the separation-reunion phases. Though crucial and inevitable, these stages are heart-wrenching and can turn your life upside down.

If you are going through the stage of separation now, you can do a lot to awaken a twin flame runner. The awakening process is definitely not easy to handle but this can get you started on the long arduous way to the twin flame return. After all, it doesn’t happen overnight.

This article delves deep into twin flame relationships, the separation-reunion stages, the runner-chaser equation, and the awakening of twin flame runner signs.

Twin flame stages: An overview

A twin flame relationship is like none other. The emotional rollercoaster and experiences are so powerful and different from a regular relationship. There are 8 well-defined stages that twin flames go through.

  • Stage 1 – This is marked by yearning and begins before you meet your twin flame. It may last for a long time.
  • Stage 2 – This is when you meet your twin flame.
  • Stage 3 – You connect and start your journey together.
  • Stage 4 – At this stage, things start falling apart because of the challenges in your path.
  • Stage 5 – And things come to a head. Crisis looms and you go separate ways.
  • Stage 6 – One of you will be the runner and the other the chaser. This stage can last for years.
  • Stage 7 – This is the awakening stage when you realize how important the relationship is to you. You finally realize that you two are meant to be together.
  • Stage 8 – You surrender to the plans of the Universe and come together. Calm and peace replace conflicts and disagreements.

Twin flames: The runner-chaser setup explained

The sixth stage of a twin flame journey follows the challenges and crises. The tumultuous nature of the relationship can make one of the twin flames jittery. They may find the ups and downs of the union too much to handle. They may run away from it.

While the other twin flame may wake up to the significance of the relationship and start chasing. This run-chase routine is an integral part of all twin flame relationships. It can last for years until both the parties involved gain maturity and are ready for a twin flame reunion.

The runner is the twin flame who finds it hard to deal with the volatile nature of the relationship and refuses to accept the efforts of the partner for a compromise. They literally run away from it all, feeling scared and overwhelmed by the instability and unpredictability.

A runner may turn to other people as a distraction. They may also take recourse to alcohol and other addictive habits. The truth is they are not mature enough to handle a twin flame relationship and need to grow emotionally and spiritually to live it. And the separation phase helps them with this.

The twin flame chaser, on the other hand, is more mature and understands the importance of the relationship. They try to reconcile and pursue their twin flames relentlessly. They use the time apart to grow and make adjustments in their approach to avoid the same mistakes.

Twin flame runner awakening 

When the relationship is going through trials and tribulations, all that the runner wants to do is to get as far away from their twin flame as possible. However, after the escape, they feel unhappy and empty inside. 

Twin flames are two halves of a soul and so, meant to be together. The Universe also pitches in with its effort in bringing them together. Though the separation stage is part of the deal, the runner feels forlorn and out of sorts without their twin flame in their lives.

They may try all kinds of distractions to take their mind off their twin flame and live their lives peacefully. At this point, they don’t realize that they can’t have a happy and peaceful life away from their twin flame. 

They may try entering into regular relationships with others. This will only help them realize the futility of running away from their twin flame. Ultimately, they realize that the most beautiful and perfect relationship they can ever aspire for is with their twin flame. And they made a mistake running away and need to reunite.

This is the moment of awakening.

Once the runner undergoes an awakening, they begin to perceive reality differently. They would be able to see things they couldn’t earlier because they weren’t mature enough for it. The enlightenment may take a long time to come for the runner. But once they are awakened, they realize that their life is complete only with their twin flame.

How to awaken your twin flame?

As a chaser, what can you do to make your runner twin flame come to their senses? This is a question haunting all chasers.

Yes, a chaser has an important role to play in the awakening process. However, the involvement is not as direct as one might imagine. The awakening process has to evolve on its own for the runner and the chaser can help by stepping back and giving them enough space.

For a chaser, who already understands the significance of the relationship, this can be the hardest thing to do. But as a chaser, you should do this no matter what. Actually, this is the best thing that you can do. 

On the other hand, if you push and pressurize them for reconciliation, they would want to get further away from you. And the whole process of awakening may take longer than otherwise.

Twin flame runner awakening signs

It is hard to generalize the signs or symptoms of a twin flame runner enlightenment. However, it is possible to draw a few common threads in them.

Here are the common signs that a twin flame runner is ready for awakening.

  1. The runner begins to enjoy their own company and would be happy to get away from the crowd.
  2. They wake up to the beauty of nature and try to connect with it more often.
  3. They find animals more loyal and loving than humans.
  4. They develop more empathy towards fellow human beings.
  5. They begin to perceive the world in a different light.
  6. They open up their minds to newer ideas and things.
  7. They start seeing and accepting themselves for who they are.
  8. They begin to love themselves.
  9. They begin to have spiritual insights and go deeper than ever before.
Bottom line

The challenges and separation stages of a twin flame relationship are hard to endure for both twin flames. However, there is no escape from this. This is an inevitable and necessary process. It can also be termed as beneficial as it helps the twin flames to grow emotionally and spiritually.

The separation stage lasts until the runner finds enlightenment. As a chaser, the best you can do is to take a step back and give them space. This can help to speed up the reunion with as little heartache as possible. 

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