Twin Flame Runner Denies Feelings: 10 Things You Should Know

Twin Flame Runner Denies Feelings: 10 Things You Need To Know

Twin Flame Runner Denies Feelings

When twin flames meet for the first time, sparks fly. Twin flames feel that they have found what they have been searching for all their lives. They feel they’re home.

There is no way to predict how long the euphoria of new love will last. One of them will find the relationship too confusing, overwhelming, intense, or painful that they run away from it. The relationship is headed for a twin flame separation stage.

A twin flame runner is aware of the discomfort they feel within the relationship but often fails to truly understand their own feelings or why they are running away. In this instance, being a chaser is hard because you don’t know what you are chasing or how to convince the runner to come back.

This article attempts to gain clarity on the twin flame runner feelings. Here you will find the answer to why a twin flame runner denies feelings and how you can handle it.

Why does a twin flame runner deny feelings?

1. Your twin is unprepared for the relationship

As you already know, a twin flame connection is intense and powerful. To handle it well, both twin flames need to have high levels of mental preparedness and spiritual awareness. Typically the Universe prepares you well before arranging the first meeting. But things can get unpredictable at times.

Even after you met your twin flame, they may not be willing to consent to the relationship immediately. You need to give them time and space to prepare themselves emotionally and spiritually. Or else, you end up scaring them, forcing them to run, leading to twin flame rejection.

2. Your twin is scared of hurting your feelings

When one twin flame in the relationship is too concerned about hurting the feelings of the other, things may be a bit tricky. No amount of persuasion can convince them not to deny feelings. 

This feeling of causing pain or harm to you becomes so overwhelming that they find it hard to stay in the relationship. They feel the intense urge to leave everything behind and choose twin flame rejection. 

3. Your twin flame is in another relationship

Before you met your twin flame, they were in love with someone. They do sense a powerful soul connection with you but they don’t want to break up with their current partner yet. Either they are genuinely in love with them or they don’t want to cause them the pain of separation. 

In this instance, all you can do is wait patiently for your twin to end the relationship. You should give them time and space to settle the previous relationship amicably. Or else, they are bound to feel scared and opt for twin flame rejection.

4. They need to undergo a twin flame awakening process

A twin flame awakening process or spiritual enlightenment is key to the success of a twin flame relationship. The more awakened both of you are, the less twin flame separation pangs and pain you experience.

When two people from different backgrounds and upbringings come together in a twin flame relationship, even if they share the same soul, it can get hard to understand and adjust to each other. Gathering more life lessons will help you here. If you haven’t yet learned enough lessons, your twin flame journey may end up in trouble or even twin flame rejection.

5. Your twin flame is not ready to commit to a single person

Maybe they are unable to recognize the special and unique relationship you share. They may still want to play the field and explore other options. Just like in any regular relationship, one partner may think that it’s too early to be exclusive.

They may fear that committing to this twin flame journey will take away their freedom to explore other opportunities. If you insist on commitment, they may feel uncomfortable or scared, leading to twin flame rejection.

6. Your twin flame thinks the timing is not right.

There are periods in the life of an individual when they need to invest their time and attention to certain things and people. If your twin flame is already committed to something that they feel needs to be taken care of before they can commit to the twin flame connection, you need to respect that.

This can be regarding their career or financial stability. When a twin flame isn’t ready to commit yet, he/she denies feelings to you and turns a runner. This may end up in twin flame rejection.

7. Your twin flame may have leftovers from the past to deal with

They may be trying to make sense of the failure of their past relationships. Or it can be something unrelated to relationships as well. Such as an incident in their childhood or the career choices they made. When such thoughts are occupying their minds, they may find it hard to focus on you and their relationship with you.

If the past experiences included abuse and trauma, it can be incredibly hard. They may be stuck in the past, trying to figure out the answer to “why me?” and heal old wounds. You need to give them time and space to resolve these past issues and feel ready for the twin flame connection. A twin flame separation might be on the cards.

8. Your twin flame feels that they are unworthy of your affection

Again, past experiences may be the culprit here. They may have been in an abusive relationship in which they were made to feel shameful and unworthy. This can scar their minds forever and make them believe all partners and all relationships as abusive.

It may need a huge effort to get rid of this thinking from their mind. You can help with this, though you need to be very careful about how you go about it. Not pushing them and showing patience are highly recommended during the twin flame separation stage.

9. Your twin flame feels scared of the passion they feel for you

This may sound strange but true nevertheless. Some people find it hard to cope with intense passion, both what they feel for you and what you feel for them. They feel that when passions run so high, failure is not far behind. They make up their minds that the relationship is headed for failure. This makes them turn away from you and choose twin flame rejection.

As the intensity of the feelings makes them uncomfortable, they find it easier to deny feelings for you and run away from you.

10. Your twin flame is scared of what you represent

Again, another weird reason why a twin flame runner denies feelings and runs away. But this is also true. 

You are so different in your thinking and lifestyle that your twin flame feels afraid that they too will change and will become similar to you. That is something they don’t want to happen, though they like you as a partner. 

This can be about your approach to life, career, finances, or even religious beliefs. Despite liking you for who you are, they don’t want to become another you. They want to retain their own identity. But they fear that by committing to the relationship, they will end up being your replica. 

What to do when your twin flame runner denies feelings?

These are the 11 steps you can consider taking when twin flames run away.

  1. Understand the reason for their behavior
  2. Become aware that you are complete as it is and you don’t need them to make you whole
  3. Convince yourself that if you love your twin flame well enough, you can let them go
  4. Focus on self-care and self-love
  5. Take steps to raise your vibrational energy
  6. Learn more about shadow work and try it
  7. Explore other avenues and opportunities
  8. If possible, look at the positive side of the situation
  9. Try not to slot or label your relationship. Allow it to happen naturally
  10. Resist the urge to glorify or idolize the relationship. This can be a nail in the coffin for your relationship.
  11. Be honest and realistic

Bottom line

Once you know the reason why a twin flame runner denies feelings and stays away from you, it becomes slightly easier for you to deal with the situation. You may even find a way to reassure your twin flame and assuage their doubts and fears. 

The only way to win twin flames over is by exercising patience. You may have to wait a long time for the relationship to come about, but, in the end, you will agree that it was very well worth the wait.


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