How to Deal with Twin Flame Runner Depression in 6 Steps

How to Deal with Twin Flame Runner Depression?

twin flame runner depression

The twin flame runner depression is the hallmark of the twin flame separation stage in this intense relationship. 

It’s indeed strange that the twin flame runner is the one feeling this more than the chaser. This is often considered the aftereffect of the soul shock experienced by the runner. It’s important for the survival of the twin flame connection that both view the twin flame separation stage as a natural course of events and not as a fault of anyone in particular. 

Twin flame runner depression is a fact and not a work of fiction. This means both twin flames need to figure out a way to deal with twin flame runner depression and not ignore it. 

This article explores the complex world of twin flame relationships and comes up with a few suggestions on how to deal with twin flame runner depression. 

What is twin flame runner depression?

Among twin flames, the breakup is not the same as in a regular relationship. As it is a soul connection, the relationship transcends lifetimes. This means the twin flames come together after every rebirth. Even during a lifetime, if they break up, they will reunite, offering each other unconditional love. Meeting twin flames is the design of the Universe.

Twin flames possess two halves of the same soul, making them mirror souls. They are meant to give each other unconditional love and support. However, as in any relationship, things may not pan out the way it is meant to. When they part ways, each will feel it as a loss of a part of themselves. This will be a traumatic and unbearable experience for both, especially the runner. 

The runner was already experiencing pain and agony in the twin flame connection which made them run in the first place. Adding to this, the twin flame separation pain will cause unimaginable suffering to them. Moreover, the twin flame separation pangs affect the runner and chaser in different ways. While the chaser will feel inclined to blame, the runner usually experiences confusion and anxiety and tends to self-blame.

As the emotions felt by the runner is negative, it will obviously cause chakra blockage and imbalance. The energy flow within and amongst chakras will be affected severely. If there is no intervention for an extended period, this can create undesirable situations for the runner.

All these may lead to soul shock, which is heartbreak multiplied many times over. This results in high levels of anxiety and depression. Twin flame separation depression is a common malady during the twin flame separation stage along with twin flame runner regret. The physical manifestations of this condition are irritation, restlessness, and insomnia.

Here are some of the common causes that lead to twin flame runner depression.

  1. Spiritual and psychological immaturity
  2. Lack of self-love and self-esteem
  3. Insufficient spiritual awakening
  4. Suffering from twin flame runner regret
  5. Need for more healing
  6. Underprepared for the twin flame relationship
  7. Unsuitability of the present moment for the twin flame connection

Twin flame runners who are better prepared may escape depression altogether.

6 steps to deal with twin flame runner depression

Depending on the level of maturity and preparedness of the twin flame runner, the effort and time required for recovery from depression may vary. Come what may avoid self-blame and practice self-love. The rest will fall into place if given time. Just remember that this too shall pass.

As a twin flame runner experiencing depression after the breakup, you may take these steps to get back to your normal self.

Step 1: Understand the reason for the breakup

You may think of this as irrelevant as you already know the reason for running away. But often we tend to see and understand only what we want to and don’t bother to look at the whole picture. Leave your ego, judgment, and preconceived notions aside. Try to look back with honesty.

Unless you know the real reason why you ran away, you won’t be able to figure out a way to get back to your twin flame. You should focus on learning lessons from the episode to help you become a better person and more spiritually awakened.

Step 2: Admit that you’re stronger now

You have indeed suffered a lot in the twin flame relationship and after breaking up. After all, the strongest steel is forged by the fires of hell. Just look at you now. Haven’t you learned lessons and grown stronger after the separation?

Although twin flame separation is a difficult time for the twin flames, especially the runner, it also offers the opportunity for them to grow stronger and become wiser. It’s these kinds of incidents that shape the personality of an individual. 

Step 3: Let the emotions come out in the open

Expressing emotions and mourning misfortune are steps that we rarely take even when we are suffering. We prefer to maintain a stoic exterior to project the image to the world that all’s well. We suppress our emotions and distract ourselves to manage the situation. 

Maybe in milder cases, this will work but in extreme cases of depression, as in this case, it needs more intervention. You need to let out the negative emotions to heal yourself. You need to feel the emotions consciously. Journaling is highly recommended for this purpose.

Step 4: Convince yourself that your pain doesn’t define you

You’re much more than the twin flame separation pain and suffering you are going through at present. When you are depressed, it is easy to lose track of your life and drown yourself in sorrow and pity. All you can see is darkness around you and no way out of it.

No matter how bad the situation may seem to you at this point, tell yourself that there is always a way out of it. You just need to have the patience and perseverance to search for it and persuade yourself to take the path. This is just a phase and this too shall pass.

Step 5: You are not responsible for the happiness of your twin flame

Don’t beat yourself up that you are making your twin flame unhappy. Remember that this is not your duty or responsibility. The goal of twin flame relationships is to help each other become the best versions of themselves. Neither do you make each other complete nor are you indebted to each other in any way.

Step 6: Practice what you learned

Learning from this harrowing episode also includes integrating the lessons learned in daily life. Try to go with the flow and accept the experiences that life is bringing you. It’s when you resist that you feel miserable. 

This may look easier on paper than to practice. Treat yourself with kindness and compassion. Don’t be too critical of your lapses and failures. Take it in your stride and try to do better next time. 

Bottom line

The twin flame separation stage is one of the most difficult periods twin flames may have to endure in their lives. The twin flame separation depression is hard to deal with. Though harrowing, you can use this stage to raise your energy vibrations and get more spiritually awakened. 

You can also use this time away from your twin flame to focus on your personal needs and self-improvement. You can utilize this break to prepare better for your reunion.


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