How to Deal With Twin Flame Separation Depression?

How to Deal With Twin Flame Separation Depression?

Twin Flame Separation Depression

Are you a twin flame? Not everyone is fortunate to be in a twin flame relationship.

Pure and unique, this beautiful soul connection comes with its own pitfalls. The most significant one is the twin flame separation stage. 

Even when your connection runs across lifetimes, you may have to go through the twin flame separation stage multiple times for various reasons. This can plunge you into the depths of twin flame depression.

This article attempts to explain the causes of twin flame separation depression and offers you tips on how to deal with it. Here, you will also find how you can get ready for the reunion phase and use it as a distraction to help with your twin flame sadness.

What is twin flame separation depression?

Twin flames are mirror souls created when a soul splits into two and inhabits two individuals. Being reflections of each other, you can see yourself in your twin flame. This includes both positive and negative traits. 

Living with your twin flame is similar to living with yourself. You cannot ignore your own frailties and failures because they are right there in front of you to see. This can naturally lead to friction in the relationship. Misunderstandings and conflicts are integral parts of twin flame relationships.

The direct consequence of such disagreements is a breakup. When you cannot stand the presence of your twin anymore in your life, you feel the urge to part ways. Twin flame separations are quite common. But that is not the end of the story. 

As the soul connection is strong, the twin flames will feel the pull to come back together at a later date. This is the reunion phase. During a lifetime, twin flames may go through multiple breakups and reunions. 

However, twin flame separation is different from the usual breakups we witness in conventional relationships. The intensity of the feeling is so high that the twin flame may fall into a deep state of twin flame depression. While you are still pulled towards your twin flame, you cannot bear to be with them. This feeling is hard to digest for a normal human being.

Why does twin flame separation depression happen?

Here are some of the common reasons for parting ways in a twin flame relationship.

1. Immature behavior

Sometimes, the twins meet before they are ready for the relationship. This may lead to clashes and unnecessary incidents. The prime reason for this turn of events is the immaturity of one or both twins. Immaturity can be either emotional or spiritual.

Low levels of emotional immaturity often lead to a lack of self-control, the ability to cope with feelings, and an inability to recognize the needs of others. Together with high levels of ego and stubbornness, this is a perfect recipe for a disastrous relationship.

We all know that there is no place for ego in a healthy relationship. The same is true for a twin flame relationship as well. The presence of ego in the minds of twin flames can create rifts in the relationship that tend to become wider as days go by. This will ultimately lead to breaking up.

2. Absence of self-care and self-love

One of the essential prerequisites to a healthy relationship is self-love and self-care. It’s impossible to love others without loving yourself first. The same is true in a twin flame relationship. More so because your twin is a true mirror of yourself. 

3. Lack of preparation 

Typically the Universe prepares you well for this soul connection. But at times, you chance upon your twin when you are not yet ready. You need to accumulate enough life experiences to deal with a relationship of this intensity.

The experiences you gain from friendships and other relationships will come in handy in a twin flame relationship. If you have accumulated only limited experience when you met up with your twin, separation is not too far away.

4. Time for healing

Twin flames are supposed to help each other in every possible way. But there are times when they are unable to help each other. They need to get away from each other to heal their emotional wounds. For this to happen, separation is inevitable.

5. Time’s not right

Twin flames are supposed to meet and bond when they have completed their learning process and the time’s right for both of them. When this is not the case, they may end up parting ways before long. The universe will bring them back together later when they are ready and the time’s right.

How to deal with twin flame separation depression?

Depending on the reason for separation, the intensity of depression during the twin flame separation stage varies. For some, it may take just a week or a month, but in others, the twin flame separation stage may continue for years. 

Here are some suggestions on how to deal with separation anxiety.

1. Understand why the separation happened

Often the answer lies in the question itself. Without knowing the reason why the separation happened, you may not be able to figure a way out of it either. 

While at it, be honest with yourself. If your actions or words lead to the split, be ready to admit it. There is no point brushing this under the carpet and thinking of yourself as the victim. Only when you know the real cause of the breakup, can you learn invaluable lessons from it. This will help you grow and mature as well as avoid the same mistakes the next time around.

2. Recognize the strength you gained

Do you know that there are positive aspects to the twin flame separation stage? Only when you are separated from your twin do you learn to stand on your own and manage your life. It actually makes you stronger. Besides, you learn so much from the twin flame separation stage in life and emerge more powerful, stronger, and braver in all the senses.

3. Allow yourself to express your grief

Each one of us has our own way of expressing sadness. While many of us prefer to keep it suppressed from others, some tend to hide or distract themselves to escape it. Even as these methods will help you overcome the grief, the healthier choice would be to feel it completely. Journaling is highly recommended for this.

4. Remind yourself that grief doesn’t define you

You’re much more than that. Often when we suffer from sadness and depression, we prefer to treat ourselves as the victim. This can only make us more depressed. Try to convince yourself that you aren’t defined by the sadness you feel. You are, in fact, much more.

5. Don’t make your happiness the responsibility of your twin

You are indeed in a special relationship. That doesn’t mean that you need to depend on your twin for your happiness. Or, you should blame them when you are unhappy. Recognize the fact that you and you alone are responsible for your happiness.

6. Practice what you learned

This is easier said than done. While accepting and learning things is much easier, you may feel resistance from yourself when integrating the same into your life. Surrender to the Universe and learn to go with the flow. Offer no resistance to what life brings you. When you can put this into practice, you will find sadness, misery, and anger vanish into thin air.

Bottom line

You should ideally use the twin flame separation stage to get ready for the reunion. You can learn from your mistakes so that you will not repeat them. You may work on the defects in your behavior so that you will be less annoying. In fact, you can identify your negative traits and work towards overcoming them.

Most important of all, you need to tell yourself that separation is not the end of the road for you and your twin flame. This is just a phase in both of your lives for you to catch your breath and come back together stronger and happier.


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