Twin Flame Separation Sickness: 5 Common Physical Symptoms

Twin Flame Separation Sickness: 5 Common Physical Symptoms Explained

Twin Flame Separation Sickness
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    Ever since you parted ways with your twin flame, you have been feeling lonely and desolate. Recently, you have been feeling physical pain. Are these two related?

    Maybe you are experiencing twin flame separation sickness and its accompanying physical symptoms. 

    After a breakup, you expected to feel emotional pain like sadness, despair, and mood swings. When you start noticing physical symptoms, you consult a general physician, thinking you are actually sick. However, the diagnosis came up with nothing wrong with your body. 

    Now, you are confused. This is when you heard that twin flame separation sickness has physical manifestations as well. Your search to know more about this led you here. Don’t worry, you have come to the right place. Read on to learn more about this phenomenon.

    This article explores the topic of twin flame separation sickness and the physical symptoms associated with it. Here, you will find some of the common physical pains explained in detail, along with ways to deal with them.

    What do you experience during the twin flame separation stage?

    Every twin flame journey is predestined to go through multiple rounds of breakups and reunions. Being mirror souls, this is bound to happen. The separation stage is inevitable doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. Twin flame separation is intense and extremely painful.

    Often we associate breakups with emotional suffering. It is natural to experience feelings of loss, yearning, abandonment, resentment, and anger. Low energy and mood swings are the emotional fallouts of the separation stage. You feel empty and incomplete.

    However, this is not all. Twin flame separation also leads to physical and spiritual setbacks. While spiritual symptoms act as a wake-up call to get the twin flames back on track, the physical symptoms alert them to what they are going through.

    The separation stage may not affect the twin flames equally. When a twin finds it hard to handle the dynamics of the relationship, they become the runner. However, the other twin wants to continue the twin flame journey and becomes the chaser. The runner-chaser saga is an integral part of every twin flame separation.

    The runner feels the pain of separation much more than the chaser as they are also running away from the pain. They try to escape the pain rather than deal with it. This is bound to heighten the suffering multifold for the runner.

    The chaser feels heartbroken to be abandoned. Depending on the events that lead to the separation and the characters of the runner and chaser, the pain goes beyond the emotional trauma. The intensity of pain is so high that it will manifest in the body as physical pain. 

    The physical symptoms of twin flame separation sickness are somatic in nature. This means they are not related to actual ailments but the after-effects of extreme mental torture. However, if ignored or left alone, it can get worse and turn serious.

    If you notice physical symptoms after twin flame separation, you need to consult a doctor to rule out the possibility of real sickness. Moreover, you may need assistance to get over these somatic symptoms.

    What is twin flame separation sickness?

    This general term denotes all kinds of pain experienced during the twin flame separation stage. As the energy associated with a twin flame relationship is intense, their physical separation results in their body experiencing unbearable levels of pain – emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

    The pain is primarily felt emotionally. The common symptoms are a sense of loss and longing, rejection or abandonment, anger and bitterness, melancholy, and mood fluctuations. If these symptoms are neglected, it can lead to low energy and fatigue. This will slowly affect your physical health and it will turn into more severe symptoms.

    The most common physical symptoms of twin flame separation sickness are:

    • Tiredness and lethargy
    • Lack of sleep and drowsiness
    • Headache and nausea
    • Lack of appetite, stomachache, and other digestive disorders
    • Upper, middle, and lower backaches
    • Pain in arms and shoulder
    • Pain in feet, knees, and ankles

    At times, the separation sickness will become evident in the spiritual plane. Synchronicities and frequent dreams reminding you of your twin are the most noticeable spiritual symptoms. You may also feel their presence or get the feeling of being watched by your twin. 

    There is no need to despair if you notice any of these symptoms during the separation phase. Separation is a chance for you to understand the importance of the twin in your life. The pain is only there to grab your attention and help you focus on the mending process. 

    It helps with the healing if you understand the meaning of the symptoms. Let’s make sense of the common physical symptoms experienced during twin flame separation sickness.

    5 physical symptoms and their meanings

    The breaking up of this high-intensity relationship is as physically jarring as it is soothing and comforting when coming together. Again, being in a twin flame relationship, you should know that the journey is filled with ecstasies and hardships. 

    When you are torn apart from your twin, it is natural to be emotionally disturbed. This can also lead to physical discomfort and pain. Some of the most common are headaches, chest pain, and back pain.

    Let’s understand the physical symptoms in detail.

    1. Discomfort/pain around arms, shoulder, and upper back

    This indicates blockage or imbalance in the heart chakra. This is a direct consequence of your twin flame relationship falling apart. 

    When things go awry in a relationship, one of the noticeable outcomes is heartbreak. You will feel pain radiating in all directions from the heart. The nearby areas are the most affected, this being shoulder, arms, and the upper portions of the back.

    You may have heard about the 7 chakras or energy centers in the body. The heart chakra is the one covering this area of the body. If your actions hamper the energy flow within the chakra and outside it, it can lead to blockage and energy imbalance. This will impact your physical health as well.

    One of the reasons for blockage in the heart chakra is loss of confidence and inability to love and appreciate yourself. After a breakup, this is understandable and considered one of the prominent physical symptoms of twin flame separation sickness.

    The remedy is to relearn to love yourself and believe in yourself. You need to convince yourself that ups and downs are an integral part of a twin flame journey. Just because you are in the separation phase now doesn’t mean this will last forever or you have to abandon yourself. 

    You need to reassure yourself that whatever is happening in your life is not your fault. Your twin didn’t run because you did something wrong. The breakup is predestined and so is the reunion. 

    Use this opportunity to reconnect with the Universe and get your life in order. You will notice the pain disappear eventually.

    2. Lower back pain

    This is one of the most common ailments affecting people and can be easily ignored as a symptom of twin flame separation sickness. If you notice this suddenly appearing after your breakup and your doctor finds nothing wrong with you, it most probably is associated with your separation.

    After parting ways with your twin, you must be feeling dejected and uninterested in the world around you. You must have lost interest in activities. Your passion is gone. The lower back pain without supporting evidence in your body is a sign of a lack of happiness and passion.

    When you go through the trauma of a breakup, you may experience energy blockages in all your chakras. The only way to restore good health is to turn your focus on yourself and let go of the painful experience. Self-love and self-care can get you back on your feet in no time.

    3. Digestive issues, stomach pain, and pain in the middle back

    Your emotional health will have a direct consequence on your solar plexus chakra. So in the event of a breakup, it is natural that the chakra energy is affected. This will reflect in the abdominal area.

    You may have experienced the positive effects in this area at the beginning of the twin flame journey. Haven’t you felt butterflies in your stomach when you met your twin for the first time? Or felt the heart in your mouth every time you saw your twin? So, when you are breaking up, you can expect trouble in the same area.

    Nausea, stomachache, and all kinds of digestive disorders are to be expected. The chakra imbalance may also affect your lower back. 

    The primary reason for the same is your breakup. As a result, your self-worth must have taken a hit. You must be feeling resentment and anger. Take steps to calm yourself down and get rid of these negative emotions. The more positive you feel, the less painful it is for you.

    4. Pain or discomfort in the lower extremity

    After the breakup, you may neglect your body and health. You may stop taking good care of it. You may forget to give it the kind of workout it needs to keep fit. The natural outcome is a pain in your legs. You may notice cramps and muscle pulls. Your knees and ankles may get stiff and freeze up. You may have trouble with your feet.

    The issue is with your root chakra. At the time of your breakup, you lost your stability and balance. You no longer feel grounded. When you ignore your well-being, you can expect such consequences. Unless you take good care of yourself and your health, you cannot expect a reunion.

    Consider these as warning signs of what is to come. Before things get too bad, take action to restore balance. Take steps to improve your mental as well as physical health. Accept the situation and work towards a better tomorrow.

    5. Lack of sleep, lethargy, and drowsiness 

    When you forget about your health and wellbeing after a breakup, you can expect an imbalance in the chakra energy flow. This can affect your entire body and overall health. The direct fallout is tiredness, low energy, and lack of enthusiasm. If ignored, this can lead to sleeplessness, drowsiness, and other sleep-related ailments. 

    Being the chaser, you may be investing all your energy to pursue your twin and win them back. You may feel that if twin flames lose touch with each other, they may never be able to reunite. In this process, you must be ignoring your own well-being. 

    You need to remind yourself that yours is no ordinary relationship. In a twin flame relationship, there is no chance of losing touch with each other. Even if there is a temporary physical disconnection, your spiritual connection will remain intact because this is a soul connection.

    In the separation phase, all you need to do is take good care of yourself and allow the Universe to do the rest of the work. The reunion will happen when the time is right. 

    Bottom line

    After breaking up, you may find your world shattered. All you can feel is pain – emotionally and physically. The pain is merely a symptom and not the cause. It is a reminder for you to take care of your health. 

    A point to note here is not to neglect the physical symptoms during the separation phase. You are not sure whether these are symptoms of the separation sickness or not. Better safe than sorry. Consult a general physician and rule out any serious health problems. 

    When you are on the path to recovery, you may feel numbness or a tingling sensation all over your body. This means the tide is turning and the Universe is letting you know about it. This is a sign of your twin flame thinking about you. The path to the reunion of twin flames is being unveiled.


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