Twin Flame Separation Stages With Signs - How to Deal With?

Twin Flame Separation Stages & Ending Signs

Twin Flame Separation Stages

Do you want to know about Twin Flame Separation Stages?

You may have heard about twin flames and how real and true a relationship it is. Though inevitable and pure, the twin flame relationship is filled with pain, hardship, and heartbreaks.

Separations and reunions are predestined in the twin flame journey. As the emotions and passions are more intense in twin flames compared to other relationships, the pangs of separation are also felt deeper and harsher.

This article takes a look at the reasons for twin flame separation, how it pans out, and what leads to the reunion.

What is twin flame separation? Is it avoidable?

At times, a soul separates into two and inhabits two people – twin flames. As the twin souls survive lifetimes, in all rebirths twin flames have a natural tendency to unite. The relationship need not be romantic and can be platonic as well. Such as friends, siblings, or even parents.

Not everyone has a twin flame. This means you may miss meeting your twin flame if you are not on the lookout for one and are not aware of the signs of twin flame reconnection

Even if you recognize your twin flame, at some point in the relationship, it gets too passionate and intense that separation becomes inevitable. The trigger for separation may come from one person or both.

Just like the twin flame relationship is preordained, the breakups and unions also come as part of the journey. During a lifetime, twin flames are bound to have multiple separations and reunions. This is because every time twin flames break up, they can’t resist getting back together. And, when they are together, they can’t avoid breaking up.

Twin flame separation is neither a bad thing nor avoidable. For more details, see our guide on how to know if someone is your twin flame.

What leads to twin flame separation?

Twin flames being mirror souls, they are exact replicas of each other. Often this itself is the reason for the outbursts and aggression in the relationship. 

You may be able to ignore and escape from your own shortcomings and inadequacies but when you see the same in your twin flame it becomes too unbearable to tolerate.

The purpose of twin flames coming together is to help in self-discovery and to help in scaling new heights and realizing their own potential. In relationships, there is always a chance for things to go downhill when the partner is getting too involved.

Sometimes, the separation is amicable with the mutual respect intact. More often than not this is not the case. As passions run high in twin flame relationships, the separation can also trigger extreme outbursts of anger. 

When one twin triggers the separation, they will turn out to be the twin flame runner. And, the other one becomes the chaser.

The separation stage will be brutally painful and will last longer if both twins carry lots of negative emotions from the relationship. However, if one or both manage to recognize each other as twin flames and can view the separation stage for what it is, the breakup will be shorter and the reunion smoother.

Though things are going great in the twin flame relationship, you should be able to recognize signs of imminent separation. Though no two twin flame relationships are the same, it is possible to find some common thread for this scenario. Such as too much familiarity and pushing each other too much.

Even when both do not recognize each other as twin flames, reunions do happen eventually.

How to deal with twin flame separation? 

Whether you triggered the separation or are partially responsible for it, how to deal with twin flame separation is important. It decides how long you two stay separate and how fast the reunion happens. When you take a lot of negative baggage from the relationship, the separation is bound to last longer until the negativity wears off.

If you are the spectator in the separation fiasco, all you can do is accept the breakup as a temporary phase and show patience and understanding. Just remember that you gain nothing by resisting the breakup. Because that is part of the twin flame journey.

All you can do is maintain a positive outlook with self-love, meditation, and affirmations. Getting guidance and support can help you reunite with your twin faster.

You may also want to take a look at our post on seeing 1111 during twin flame separation.

What happens during twin flame separation?

Once twin flames separate, the universe will be at work to bring them back together. In this endeavor, both of them will go through many experiences that drive them back towards each other. 

There is no guarantee that all twin flames go through all these experiences. Sometimes it can also be a combination of more than one. 

4 Signs twin flame separation is almost over and ready for the reunion

1. Feel the physical presence

Even when you are physically far apart after the separation, you can feel the physical presence of your twin. You may be going through the normal activities of the day and suddenly you are reminded of your twin and can actually feel that they are right there with you.

This may sound creepy and weird but it is a very common happening during the separation phase. You may feel happy, safe, and secure and reminded of the good old times together. 

2. Dreams

You go your separate ways and forget about each other. Then out of the blue, your twin flame will make an appearance in your dreams. Usually, these dreams are connected to happy occasions and your twin may be delivering a message to you.

If you are the kind of person who can remember their dreams, don’t write it off as a crazy thing. Consider this as the method employed by the Universe to get the two of you back together. You can consider the dream as a cue to get back in touch with your twin. Whether this will lead to reunion remains to be seen.

3. Telepathic connection

Spooky and eerie, you may have a proper conversation with your twin in your head as if they are standing right next to you. You may feel confused and perplexed by the conversation and why your twin is making an appearance in your life, albeit in your imagination.

Instead of shaking it off as a trick played by your mind or the effects of a terrible hangover, you should sit up and take note. This is a not-so-subtle way the Universe is using to get you back together with your twin.

4. Intense thoughts

For no apparent reason, you will find yourself thinking about your twin flame. Certain things or events in your daily life remind you of your twin. Initially, this may occur once in a while and then too often that you will find it hard to ignore the tactics of the Universe.

There is no need to feel angry, frustrated, or guilty about thinking about your twin. You just need to realize and accept that it is beyond your control. You are more like a puppet in the hands of the Universe.

5. Separation blues

After separation, you have found your own way and are happy and content in life. Then, for no reason, you start feeling sad and depressed. You may feel lonely, isolated, neglected, or misunderstood in your current setup. This may trigger a yearning for your twin in you.

When you experience this overwhelming feeling of sadness combined with a longing for the presence of your twin in your life, look no further. Take the cue and get back in touch with your twin. 

Concluding thoughts

Calling them twin flame separation stages may be a misnomer, as they are more like hints or suggestions to reunite with your twin flame. And, separation and reunions happen too often in the lifetime of twin flames. However, the signs for reunion may be different each time.

Twin flame relationship is a unique experience for both the people involved and not everyone is fortunate to experience the most genuine of all relationships. If you are one of the lucky few, make the best of the opportunity to feel the purest form of human relationship.

Have you ever wondered how to Know if two souls are connected? , see our article signs your twin flame is communicating with you for more information.

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