Twin Flame Synchronicities during Separation

Twin Flame Synchronicities during Separation

Twin Flame Synchronicities during Separation

If you have heard about twin flame relationships, you must probably know that separations and reunions are an integral part of it. 

When the two halves of the soul embark on a twin flame journey, the twin flames undergo the ascension process through the trials and tribulations of the relationship. The Universe also plays a huge role in all of this.

The path leads to the spiritual awakening of the twin flames through the myriad obstacles and challenges they face. Though the stages are trying and hard to live through, twin flame connections are considered rewarding experiences.

One such stage is the separation stage. Breakup in a twin flame relationship is as heart-wrenching as in any other relationship, maybe a bit more intense because of the soul connection the twin flames have.

The Universe, as always, is ready to offer a helping hand in dealing with the separation stage to bring you together for the reunion. This help is conveyed through signs and synchronicities. 

Synchronicities are meant to guide you through the difficult stage of twin flame separation and help you realize that you cannot have a better partner in life than your twin flame. 

This article takes you through the various twin flame synchronicities you may come across during the separation stage. If you know what to look out for, the chances are high that you will notice them when the time comes.

What is a twin flame synchronicity?

In a twin flame relationship, the intensity of the passion and energy is so high that it leads to breakups. Another contributing factor is the fact that the twin flames are mirror souls; they mimic each other. The time together for them is like living with a constant reminder of your own faults and weaknesses. This can be hard and may lead to separation.

When twin flames separate, one will be the runner and the other chaser. As the name indicates, a twin flame runner is the one who runs away from the relationship when the going gets tough. 

This stage comes with unique twin flame separation sickness and separation symptoms. The most common ones are low energy, lethargy, apathy, and physical pain/illness. 

The twin flame separation stage may last for days, weeks, months, or even years. The twin flames may start their lives with other partners and may even forget all about their twin flame. 

But the Universe doesn’t give up so easily. It creates circumstances to bring them back together, even if they went their separate ways for years. The Universe nudges the memories of the twin flames with thoughts and emotions about each other through synchronicity signs. 

The passion for each other is once more fanned with these signs and leads them to realize that they are meant for each other and destined to be together. This will make them leave their current life and get back together with their twin flame.

The cycle of breakups and reunions may recur many times in the lifetime of twin flames until they reach the ascension stage when their energy vibration reaches an all-time high and the spiritual awakening happens. With this, twin flames willingly surrender to the plans of the Universe and stay together.

Twin flame synchronicities have a major role to play in the lives of twin flames during the separation stage. These are the signs that lead the twin flames towards each other and help them in the spiritual awakening.

Examples of twin flame synchronicities

The dictionary defines synchronicity as “the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection”. It is the occurrence of “meaningful coincidences” that seem to have no cause.

Angel numbers are the most commonly occurring synchronicity during the separation stage. Angel numbers are repetitive sequential numbers you may come across in your daily life. Such as on the clock, phone, billboard, gas receipt, license plate, and suchlike. They are considered messages from the Universe to guide you.

Numerology assigns meanings to these numbers and all you need to do is to interpret them as per your life situation. The number 1111 may randomly appear in your life as 11:11 on the face of a clock or phone. It may come up on your supermarket bill as $11.11. You may see 1111 on a license plate or as the last digits of a phone number on the billboard.

The angel numbers can be a combination of different single-digit numbers like 1221 or 1010 or 2002. Once you notice these angel numbers, it is up to you to find their interpretation in your life and act upon it. 

While angel numbers are the most common among synchronicities and are easier to decipher the meaning, there exist more such occurrences that can awaken the thoughts and feelings of a twin flame towards the other. 

Dreams are another medium used by the Universe to convey messages and to remind you of your twin flame. The same dream keeps repeating until you sit up and take notice. 

Synchronicity signs can happen anywhere, anywhere. You may find an uncommon word being repeated too often by different people. Every time you switch on the car radio, the same song keeps playing. It may be a special song for you and your twin flame and may hold some significance. 

Or it can be something you see in a movie or a location you watch on the TV. It may not mean anything to others but for you and your twin flame, the appearance of such signs may have meaning. Or you may be listening to some song and you find yourself catching some meaning for you in its lyrics

Books are excellent resources for the Universe to convey messages. You pick up a book out of random and you find some message for you in it. 

Anything and everything can be the vehicle for synchronicities. The Universe has its own logic and reason for choosing these signs and is beyond our understanding. On our part, we need to stay alert to these signs of the Universe, notice them, understand and interpret them, and act accordingly.

However, for many going through the turbulent phase of separation, this is no easy matter. They will be too caught up in their own problems that fail to recognize the synchronicities. That would be a sad turn of events.

Final thoughts

The twin flame synchronicities may appear for one twin flame or both. It may be the same or different ones. As no twin flame relationships are the same nor are the individual twin flames, the way synchronicities appear also differ.

Synchronicities are more common for the twin flame runner. As they are the ones who ran away from the relationship and need more convincing to reunite, the Universe may be giving them more consideration. 

The twin flame journey is not an easy one. It is filled with pitfalls and hazards. Synchronicities can make it easier, at least by a little bit.

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