5 False Twin Flame Synchronicities to be Aware of

5 False Twin Flame Synchronicities to be Aware of

Twin Flame Synchronicities

A twin flame connection is the purest and strongest soul connection you may experience in your lifetime. Only the fortunate among us get to have a twin flame and enjoy the perks of a twin flame connection.

However, in your search for your twin flame, you may come across a false twin flame. You may be asking the question “How will I identify a real twin flame from a false one?”

At a glance, you may feel confused and may mistake a false twin flame for the real one. But before long you will get to know their real self. Then, it may not be hard for you to distinguish the real from the fake.

Your twin flame is meant to help you evolve as a human being and reach your potential. However, with a false twin flame, this doesn’t happen. You will be stuck where you are in all aspects of life including emotional development and spiritual progress.

Unfortunately, it’s part of the Universe’s plan for you to meet a false twin flame before entering a real twin flame connection. It is the Universe’s way of preparing you for the real encounter. Most often, as soon as you become aware of the presence of the false twin flame in your life and part ways with them, you will meet the true twin flame.

Now, coming back to the question about how to spot a false twin flame connection.

Twin flame synchronicities are often used for guidance in identifying twin flames. You can get help from false twin flame synchronicities to spot a false twin flame. In this article, you will find listed 5 hard-to-miss false twin flame synchronicities that you need to know to spot the fake one.

Unmistakable false twin flame synchronicities 

1. Unusual meeting place

If you have read enough about the twin flame connection and how the Universe brings the twin flames together, you should know by now that it happens organically. That means, you will be going about your life in the usual way and your twin flame would be doing the same. But you will come across each other by pure chance.

However, with a false twin flame, the meeting place holds great significance. You may be visiting this place which is not part of your normal routine. You met this person there and liked them. You found out that you have many similarities and embark on a twin flame journey with them. 

However, to your consternation, later on, you find out that this person has nothing in common with you. The odd meeting place is a red flag for false twin flame signs.

2. Need to prove yourself

This is one of the most obvious false twin flame synchronicities you need to be aware of. In the case of a real twin flame, there is no need for you to ascertain your personality. Your twin flame will be aware of who you are and will let you be yourself. You will feel the most comfortable in the real twin flame connection.

However, with a false twin flame, the story is just the opposite. Either directly or circuitously, they demand that you behave in a certain way to fit into their perception of a partner. They will deny you the opportunity to be your true self. All this will make you uncomfortable in the twin flame connection.

With a true twin flame, there is no question of discomfort or restriction to be your real self. This is a clear warning sign for false twin flame synchronicities.

3. Onus of adjustment is completely on you

With both real and false twin flames, there is a honeymoon phase when things will go smoothly. After this, the twin flame connection will hit a rough patch. However, with the true twin flame, it would be a joint effort to work on the differences and reach a consensus. 

A false twin flame will expect you to do all the work and may even blame you when things go downhill. While both real and false twin flame relationships may encounter difficulties that may lead to separation, the main difference is that the real twin flame will own up to their mistakes while the fake one won’t.

If you know what to look for, this difference is not hard to spot.

4. Feeling of obsession and jealousy

Both these are negative feelings with bad consequences for those involved. As such, they are not part of a true twin flame connection. It is typically dominated by acts of selfless love, care, sacrifice, and support. There is no place for negativity in one of the purest relationships known to us.

However, the story is not the same for a false twin flame relationship. In your twin flame connection with the fake one, you may come across a wide range of negative emotions such as infatuation, fixation, envy, and resentment. You may also fall prey to such behavior and get caught up in negative emotions. 

Whenever your head is clear and able to think on your own, you should be able to identify the false twin flame for who they are. This is one of the false twin flame synchronicities that you need to be aware of.

5. Separation phase will set you back

All twin flame connections will have to go through multiple separation phases during a lifetime. This is an integral part of the soul connection. Though separation is a painful process for both twin flames, it is an opportunity to grow as individuals and realize their own goals. Oftentimes, separation happens so that a twin flame will realize and correct their mistakes and mature as a person.

With a false twin flame, nothing good comes out of the separation phase. Like the real twin flames, the false ones also go through several rounds of separations and reunions. But all that comes out of it is pain, suffering, and negativity. You feel horrible all the time.

This is one of the easy-to-spot false twin flame signs. 

Some more false twin flame synchronicities

You can expect only conditional love from a false twin flame. Even while you offer unconditional love, you don’t receive the same in return. A twin flame comes into your life to heal your past wounds. But a false twin flame isn’t interested in your well-being and does nothing to make your life easier. 

With a false twin flame, you may find it hard to foresee your future together. You have no clue where your twin flame connection is headed. All you have is uncertainty. 

Awakening of consciousness is an essential part of a twin flame connection. In a true twin flame journey, both twin flames experience this sensation, helping each other out in the process. This is to help them both grow as individuals. However, in a false twin flame union, only you will experience it. But without involvement or support from your twin flame, this may not be productive. 

Final thoughts on twin flame synchronicities

Despite a false twin flame relationship not adding anything worthwhile to your life, you would be surprised to know that this also comes with a purpose. This is one of the Universe’s ways of readying you for the real one. This is something like a dry run in which you realize the mistakes and know how to iron out the troubles.

All kinds of experiences can help you stay clear of hazards and on the right path. In your relationship with the false twin flame, you gather enough knowledge to help you better manage your twin flame journey with the true twin flame. 

Unpleasant though it is, a false twin flame can help you have a great time with your real twin flame. You may be able to do a better job with your true twin flame with such experience in your kitty.

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