Twin Flame Telepathy Signs During Separation

Twin Flame Telepathy Signs During Separation

twin flame telepathy signs during separation

You may have come across the uniqueness and purity of the twin flame connection and its various stages. Separation is the toughest stage of them all for obvious reasons.

If you are the chaser flame, the pain you would be going through is unimaginable. Not knowing what happened, how things went wrong, and what to expect next can tear you apart. You would be wondering what the runner flame is thinking, whether they still have feelings for you and if they are missing you.

In case you are aware of the twin flame connection, you should also know that you need not worry about any of these. Even if the runner flame doesn’t recognize it or admit it, they will continue to have deep feelings for you and will be missing you.

Though separation is traumatic and heart-wrenching, it is during this phase that you would be able to telepathically connect with twin flame.

This article explores the glorious yet esoteric world of twin flames and telepathy between twin flames during the separation stage.

What is twin flame telepathy?

Telepathy is defined as the transference of information and thoughts from one person to another without the use of regular sensory channels or physical interaction. 

Not all of us can connect telepathically with everyone else. You need strong bonding – an intimate connection and alignment of minds – to make this possible. Love is the strongest bond of them all. Among all relationships founded on love, twin flame connections are on a plane of their own.

Telepathy between twin flames is always there, even when they are together. As they love you unconditionally, they can sense each other’s moods, read thoughts, and their expectations. In fact, it is telepathy that brings them together. 

This invisible communication is something that keeps them connected during the separation phase. Most often, both twin flames are not even aware of this power they possess. Distance and other distractions cannot diminish the intensity of telepathy between them. This skill may lie dormant for a while but gets stronger as the end of the separation stage nears.

Twin flame telepathy: Facts vs fiction

Psychic abilities and telepathy have been given an aura that goes way beyond what it actually is. Movies and social media are replete with tall claims about telepathic communication. This has given telepathy a bad name and doesn’t do anything to help it.

The reality about telepathy is way more subtle and subdued than what is projected everywhere. The information shared through telepathy is not similar to the contents of a call or a message. It will be understated and low-key. Such as, you get an inkling of how the other person is feeling or what they might be thinking. Not with so many details and clarity.

However, telepathy is one of those skills you can improve with constant use. The more you rely on telepathy, the better it gets in accuracy. 

Twin flame telepathy: How does it work?

Twin flames, being two halves of the same soul, have a better bonding than any other human relationship. The Universe also plays a huge role in acting as the intermediary in bringing them together and helping them stay connected. 

Most often, twin flames themselves are not aware of their special connection or the power of telepathy they have. They just take it for granted and move on with life without giving much thought about any of this. 

Unlike in others, for twin flames, the telepathic connection is strong and doesn’t need any more improvement. Telepathy is what brings twin flames together. It is what keeps them together. Again, during the separation phase, telepathy is what keeps them connected unknowingly and ultimately nudges them to get back together and reunite.

Unaware, the telepathic skill grows in the twin flame over time. They get better at sensing each other’s moods and feelings. The distance, both physical and mental, that is forced on the twin flames because of the separation phase, heightens their telepathic abilities. 

Signs of telepathic communication during separation

When you part ways with your twin flame during the separation phase, it can last for years. After the initial heartbreak, things settle down and both may find their own lives. However, the Universe, being the ultimate match-maker for the twin flames, will not let it end like that.

The Universe will continue its efforts to bring the twin flames together for a reunion. To this end, it will keep sending telepathic messages between twin flames. Some of the common signs of telepathic communication are:

Having the same dreams

Twin flames, though they are separated and miles apart, may share the same dreams. You may become aware of this only if you are communicating with twin flame. Maintaining a dream log can help you compare your dreams. And, you will be surprised by their similarity.

Dreams are usually considered an extension of life. In this case, this is not true. Because the twin flames are not together anymore and leading their own lives. The only plausible explanation for similar dreams is telepathy.

Synchronized communication

You dial each other’s numbers at the same time or send messages concurrently. Or else come online at the same time on the more modern method of communication, the social media platforms. The reason is simple.

When one of you suddenly thinks about the other, the communication reaches them through telepathy. They try to reach out to each other through the most familiar and commonly used mode of communication.

Having the same feelings and thoughts

Twin flames become aware of this only if they communicate and share notes. But this is the workings of the Universe to reunite them.

Even if there is no communication during the separation phase, twin flames get this strange feeling that their twin is also having the same thoughts and undergoing the same feelings. This knowledge will draw them together and ultimately result in their reunion.

Symptoms of telepathic communication during separation

With telepathy, you may experience the feelings, thoughts, and emotions of your twin flame. You may also experience physical touch and pain even when miles apart.

Physical touch: You may experience the touch of your twin flame, including hugging, kissing, and caressing. You may even feel the weight of their body with twin flame telepathic lovemaking.

Emotions: You may feel sad or happy for reasons unknown during separation. The reason may be that you are experiencing the same emotions as your twin flame.

Physical pain: Whether the pain is emotional or physical, twin flames can experience the same. When you fall sick for no apparent reason, look no further.

Bottom line

Twin flame telepathy helps strengthen their bond and brings them together when they are separated. It is important to understand that the telepathic twin flame communication during the separation stage is not enough on its own. It can be the stepping stone for the reunion.

Physical togetherness is most vital in a relationship. Telepathy can only be used to make this better. Telepathy can in no way replace the physical presence of your twin flame.

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