10 Signs of Unexplainable Connection with Someone

Explaining the Unexplainable Connection with Someone

unexplainable connection with someone

Have you ever experienced a deep and profound connection with someone you came across after a long time or met for the first time? An instant pull that defies logic. A strange attraction that is beyond reason. 

You may feel as if you have known them well for a long time; as if you are reconnecting with a long-lost friend. Or, you may feel the compulsion to connect with them and get to know them better even if you barely know anything about them.

You may or may not have met them before. Even if you have known them before, the circumstances were different, the bond or the connection was different.

That someone may have been part of your friends’ circle in school or college days or a teacher who influenced you deeply and made an indelible mark, or a colleague from the past, your ex, or even someone with whom you have had disagreements. The common thread here being someone with whom you have had personal interactions that left lasting impressions.

Or that someone may be a total stranger to you.

Soulmate, soul connection, twin flame, karmic connection – so many labels are used to describe the unexplainable draw you feel towards someone. And, each one of them comes with its own definition and explanation. 

This article is an attempt to understand this strange pull we feel towards someone we meet by chance and make sense of all the explanations offered for this unexplainable connection.

Signs of unexplainable connection with someone

We meet many people every day – those in our present friends and family circle, colleagues, old acquaintances, or total strangers. It would be a tedious task to search for a special connection among these daily trysts. Signs gain importance in this context. So that you can sit up and take note only if something stands out among these contacts.

1. They transform you on a deeper level

As you connect with the person, you sense a change in yourself. That little voice in your head will tell you that what you are experiencing is once-in-a-lifetime. And that you will never be the same again. You can sense a shift in your mindset that is reflected in your outward behavior.

You feel a surge in energy levels that would rearrange your relationships with others. That “someone” may not be aware of the changes they are inducing in your life. They may also be experiencing a similar transformation in their world.

If you dig deeper, you may be able to ascertain the reasons behind your shift in mindset. It may be something that the “someone” is doing, saying, or hinting, or it may be just their presence in your life. The influence may be overt or subtle. 

This connection may abruptly end just like it started but leaving an indelible mark on you and transforming you forever. Or, it may continue to flourish and last a lifetime.

2. They help you gain a better understanding of yourself

Elizabeth Gilbert writes in her famous book Eat, Pray, Love, “A true soulmate is probably the most important person you’ll ever meet because they tear down your walls and smack you awake… Soulmates come into your life just to reveal another layer of yourself to you and then leave”.

It is natural to think of that “someone” as the perfect partner you have been searching for all your life. That sort of makes sense but the truth is something else. They are your mirror, a person who will reveal your real self to you by showing you everything that you are concealing and keeping hidden from the world and even yourself.

These revelations may not be easy to handle and may even be disconcerting to you. If you learn to manage your emotions, you would be able to use them to heal your wounds and get ahead in life. If you spot good qualities in that “someone” it means either you have them yourself or trying to manifest. That can boost your self-worth as nothing else can.

3. You feel an energy connection with them

You feel the connection not just at a physical level; it goes much deeper. You feel as if your energies are interlinked. The proof of this lies in the fact that they continue to occupy your thoughts even when physically not near each other.

You often find yourself thinking about them when they are far away. Even if you wanted to, you find it hard to stop thinking about them, wondering where they are now and what they are doing. 

Some call it cosmic connection or telepathy, even from a distance you feel a link of energies. Through this energy connection, that “someone” would continue to influence you and carry on the good work they were doing when near you.

4. You know you won’t forget them

We meet so many people every day of our lives. It is impossible to remember each one of them even if you have interacted and spend time with them. However, these “connections” are different from the regular ones. They tend to be in your memory even after a long time and you have lost touch with them.

This is nothing short of a miracle as most of us can barely remember the people we met yesterday or last week. They leave an unerasable mark on your mind with their actions and/or words, directly or indirectly.  Most often this must be someone who contributed to your wellbeing in some way or the other.

5. You want to know them better

You may feel this way about many people you meet but you know from the onset that this curiosity to know everything about them goes beyond gathering information. Whether the connection is romantic or not, this feeling is an indication that the “someone” is more important to you than a casual acquaintance.

6. You complete each other

The “someone” would make you feel complete by filling in your blanks or compensating for your shortcomings. Let us admit it – none of us are perfect or complete. All of us come with some pluses and some minuses. At times we feel the deficits in ourselves more than others.

When working together, the two of you make a perfect pair. One compensates for the faults and weaknesses of the other. Nothing can be more reassuring than this sense of togetherness. 

7. You feel safe and stress-free

When you have just met a person, it is normal to feel apprehensive or on the edge as you don’t know the person well. However, with the special “someone”, it is different. You feel completely at ease in their presence, with no need for pretending to be friendly or enjoying their company. 

In reality, you like them and their companionship. In fact, you feel as if you can spend hours with them, not even feeling the need for a conversation to fill it up. You would even be reluctant to leave them.

8. There are no accusations or provocation

These are part of most relationships, even the best ones. At some point or other during a relationship, these ugly monsters rear their heads, wreaking havoc and at times destroying the bond altogether.

In the connection with that special “someone”, you won’t find negativity creeping in unawares. It would be smooth sailing all the way that would even surprise you. It would seem that there is a silent agreement between the two of you and understand each other’s needs and views perfectly. There is no need to spell them out in so many words. You two respect each other’s opinions and differences.

9. No jealousy or competition

Again, unlike most connections, there is no room for negative feelings of envy, resentment, possessiveness, suspicion, or rivalry in this connection. You feel as if the “someone” is an extension of yourself, a person who is there to make you feel whole and help you to be a better person.

The intensity of the relationship helps you feel safe and secure with no perceivable external threat to the connection. 

10. You are so similar yet so different

The idea seems conflicting and implausible yet true. The paradox becomes real for other connections as well but never as precisely as with this special “someone”. You two think alike and have the same views about most things in life. This makes it easier to get along and have a tension-free time together.

However, there are points of differences too but the special bond helps in understanding and accepting the divergent views of each other without conflict. “Agree to disagree” comes naturally in such relationships.

Some more signs of the unexplainable connection

  • You have immense regard for each other. Mutual respect helps in defining boundaries, giving each other full attention, and the benefit of the doubt without ego, judgment, and other forms of negativity coming into play. 
  • You would happily go that extra mile for each other. You are willing to offer help, protect, defend, stand by them, or offer moral support if need be, without being asked for it and without expecting anything in return.
  • You feel happy and relaxed in their presence. You don’t feel the need to be always on your best behavior or look the best. No need to dress up or put on an act. You feel comfortable to be yourself as you are accepted without judgment for who you are. No wonder this makes you feel calm and content.
  • You feel unusually drawn to them. This may sound like a cliche but true nevertheless. You find it difficult to pry yourself away from their company or unable to look away. It is as if you are in a trance – a good one at that. Your heart is overflowing with happiness and you don’t want to break the spell by moving away.
  • You are honest with each other. As you seem to know each other inside out and there is no conflict or judgment in the relationship, you don’t feel the need to project a perfect version of yourself or show them your best side. You are comfortable in your own skin and feel happy and confident to reveal your true self to each other.
  • You find conversation flowing naturally and in torrents. One or both of you may not be a great conversationalist and find it hard to strike up conversations with others, especially strangers. However, in each other’s presence, there never seems to be any hesitation. It is a different experience altogether. In reality, you find it difficult to stop talking.
  • You offer each other unconditional support. Seeing the other person succeed doesn’t evoke petty negative emotions such as jealousy. You are always by their side, supporting and encouraging them in all their endeavors. This raises the collective confidence levels because you have each other’s back no matter what.
  • Your values and morals are the same. Even if you have disagreements on superficial everyday matters, deep down you are perfectly aligned with each other. And, this is what matters more in a relationship than anything else. Having the same vision helps in working toward the same goal without feeling the need to compromise and sacrifice. 
  • You can sense that something is wrong. Call it telepathy or spiritual connection, you get a signal that something bad has happened without a word being said about it. Be it a bad day at the office or even worse, this is bound to strengthen the bond with that special “someone”.
  • You find a renewed sense of direction in life. New paths open up for you after meeting this “someone”. Or, you find that the obstacles in your path are disappearing and you can move towards your goal and live your life the way you want to.
  • You feel free to lead a separate life without issues. Unlike in a regular relationship in which you are expected to make major and minor life decisions keeping the other person in mind, this special bond allows you to choose your own path and goals but remain close together.

The list of signs can go on and on. If you have experienced such a connection with someone, there is no need to explain this further. If you have not, this would give you an idea of what to look out for when you meet that special “someone”.

So, was that a soulmate?

We often use the word “soulmate” to describe our life partners. Is that what a soulmate is? 

A soulmate is described as a person with whom you have a deep and natural affinity. The nature of this connection is hard to put into words. You feel it in your bones, you just know it.

It is believed that soulmates come together to remind each other of life’s purpose and show each other the way. Being mates at the soul or spiritual level, soulmates can shake things up and turn your life upside down before setting it on the right path. Soulmates are believed to inspire each other to do great things and realize their potential.

The general and vague nature of the above description makes it open to interpretation and distortion. This is why we need to look for signs to identify our soulmates. A point to remember is that soulmates need not be romantically linked or have a sexual connection. 

The signs of the unexplainable connection listed above are fair depictions of a soul connection. These signs can be used as guidelines to identify your soulmate but the best sign of them all is offered by your instinct. You would be able to recognize your soulmate right away by trusting your intuitive feelings.

Identifying karmic relationships

Is the unexplainable connection a karmic relationship?

Karmic connection or karmic soulmates are bonds that endure through lifetimes. Some religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, believe in life after death; that we are born and reborn until we find salvation and find deliverance from the cycle of rebirths. 

The belief about karmic relationships is that it is the fulfillment of a pact between two people in their past lives. After they die and are reborn, they tend to reconnect with the other. This kind of connection is best described as magical with a turbulent twist. Passion and pain co-exist in such relationships at the same time. 

Karmic relationships often do not last for long due to the intensity associated with them. They are meant to be learning experiences though extremely difficult to maintain. It would be unfair to view such relations with a negative connotation as they offer a chance for personal growth through self-discovery.

It is said that karmic relationships come into life without warning. You may not even be aware of its presence unless you are deep in it. Despite the damage it inflicts on both, they find themselves helpless to let go of each other. Typically, this kind of relationship would be a series of breakups and reunions. 

Karmic relationships are different from the healing nature of a soulmate connection. The typical signs of a karmic connection are an emotional rollercoaster and dependent and one-sided relationships. There is a constant fear of how the relationship would transform them and how it would end. They are also called “wrecking ball soulmates” for nothing.

Karmic relationships are looked upon as opportunities to learn and grow; to break away from the bad habits and learn to heal from the wounds of the past life. A twin flame connection is considered a type of karmic relationship.

Explaining the twin flame connection

A twin flame is believed to be an intense connection at a spiritual level and is also known as a mirror soul connection. A twin flame is thought to be your other half – someone you feel like you have known forever. 

The theory of twin flames is based on the idea that at times a soul gets divided into two and inhabits two bodies. So, in the consequent births, they try to reunite with each other.

The idea is that the twin flames had stayed together through the numerous cycles of deaths and rebirths, though in the present life, you have not met before. 

The most significant feature of a twin flame relationship is that it brings together intense positives and negatives into the same relationship, making it highly challenging at the same time healing. 

The mirroring aspect of a twin flame connection reveals your fears, insecurities, and darkest secrets that had remained hidden even from you until now. This can have a devastating effect on the relationship. However, the twin flame connection also reveals your talents, strengths, and desires that were unknown to you. 

Often you would need to look out for signs to identify your twin flame. As the basic nature of the encounter is tumultuous, it is natural for you to walk away from it without realizing its importance in your life. 

Some signs are similar to that of a soulmate connection, such as instant recognition, magnetic feeling, complementing each other, and pushing you to reach greater heights. However, the difference lies mostly in the negative aspects of the connection – a feeling of doubt and insecurity, too intense for comfort, and frequent breakups and reunions.

Unlike regular bonds or a soul connection, a twin flame relationship has distinct stages – yearning, meeting, happy or good phase, the emergence of challenges, testing of the commitment, separation and reunion, acceptance and surrender, and everything falling into place.

Ways to deal with this unusual attraction

When the Universe conspires to bring two people together for reasons that are beyond our understanding, we need to have a strategy for how to deal with them for our own good as well as for the benefit of the other person involved.

What you do with the connection depends on many things – the relationship, circumstance, goals, and needs of both the people involved. There is no simple solution or guideline to this.

It is best to listen to your heart – your inner voice or intuitive feeling – to find the way forward. If you are going ahead with the relationship, be aware of its positives and negatives. 

Everything may not always be what they seem as first impressions can be deceptive. It would be advisable to take one step at a time and proceed with caution. It could be a bumpy ride. In short, do not be blinded by the rosy picture.

There may be reasons for you to ignore this connection. For example, if you are already in a committed relationship, you would be jeopardizing that when you push on with this connection. If your present relationship is stable and steady, it would be foolish to throw it away for something that offers no guarantee.

How to make the most of this special connection?

Don’t go around looking for such connections, even if you are dying to meet your soulmate or the “missing half”. That would be time wasted. The Universe has its own plans for each one of us. Such connections appear on our horizon only when time is ripe and both are ready for the meeting.

Regardless of what you decide to do with the encounter, be prepared for turbulence in your life that is bound to leave a lasting impression. Though you may choose to disregard the connection, it would be a learning experience worth having. And, feel grateful for the opportunity to interact and reunite with someone connected to you at a spiritual level.

After all, trysts or unions like this do not happen every day.

Final thoughts

This article has tried to draw a detailed picture of a connection that is often described as unexplainable for want of a better word. You may be wondering why we need to be aware of the signs? Wouldn’t you be able to recognize the special “someone” when you meet them? After all, this bond is so different from others.

Sometimes we do identify the uniqueness of the connection from the word go. However, often in the mad rush of life, we fail to recognize it even if it stares at us in the face. It would help to spot such connections if we are aware of what to expect.

Unable to recognize the special bond may result in you brushing it off as a strange encounter or weird happening. When you can gain so much from these unexplainable connections, can’t we invest some time and energy in it so that we are better prepared for that special “someone”

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